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The Joyful List: Taking Life Slow And Easy

Image: Woman holding coffee and book on the Joyful List blog bits and babbles
Good morning Y'all, I am back with another edition to the joyful list. But, this time it is all about taking life slow and easy. Let me be the first to say I am never on track when it comes to laying low and relaxing until now.

My New Floral Dress And Book Store Ramblings

Image: Woman showing off new floral dress, shoes and handbag for bits and babbles blog
Oh hey, Y'all so glad you could join me on today. I am feeling super happy because my girls are about to start school. And you know what that means I can sleep one extra minute before I have to head off to work evet day. 
That will be amazing if it happens. :)
Also, have you guys noticed I have been playing around with prints all summer long. 

Get Layered:The Basic Girl DIY Necklace

Image) Today is wild card DIY Wednesday. I will be sharing how to make layered necklaces
Wow, we are already moving super fast in August.  I spent the last week getting my girls all prepped for school. They are excited, and so am I. Hopefully on my days off I will have more time to work on my hobbies. Nonetheless, today is another Wild Card DIY Wednesday. Today it's all about the layered necklaces. 

Old Shoes That Changed My Mood

Image : Woman holding orange shoes for blog post

Making Room For A New Attitude Chat
When I buy shoes, I am often in a particular mood, or it may be an impulse buy. Either way, I have some feeling or feelings attached when I make a purchase of any kind.

My Southern Gumbo Recipe: That Is Family Approved

Image: The result of gumbo in the kitchen

I know we are not in the winter season as of yet, but it is never to early or late to have a big ole' bowl of three meat Gumbo. And I have a quick recipe that will have you and your family enjoying the taste of New Orleans right at the dinner table.

A Few Beauty Pick Ups That I Am loving

Image: Woman shaping up her nail bed with clippers
Good morning Y'all I hope today is off to a fantastic day for you and your family. I am doing my usual at home mani and pedicure. 
Nonetheless, last week I ran out to two of my local beauty supply stores, Sally's and Ulta with a list of things only to veer off my list just a little. Yes, I got the stuff I needed but I purchased a few other unique items, and I am glad I did. So, today I will be sharing my beauty pick up's that have made their way to my love list. Let me know in the comments if you would have tried any of the beauty bits I've chosen? 

Finding WorkOut Gear That Fits My Pear Shaped Body: The Struggle Was Real

Image: woman shopping for workout gear
A Little Shopping And Real Life Try-On

Sometimes I have to face the music my body just doesn't look the way it used too back in the day. But, hey that is ok because I am rolling with what I have now. Since starting a light workout regimen lately, I've realized I needed and wanted a few cute workout pieces to wear when in the gym or out walking in my community. So, I hit several stores in search of the perfect fit of my pear-shaped body, let's just say the struggle was real and the truth really hurts sometimes.