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Obsessions: Stepping Out On The Wild Side With A Few Spring Accessories

Image: Earrings from Target on floor. Woman is sharing her obsessions for spring
Obsessions: Stepping Out On The Wild Side With A Few Spring Accessories

Oh Hey Monday: This Is How I Plan To Kick Your Oz Today

Image: pie on table with flowers. Woman sharing her morning babbles on Monday

 Oh hey Monday: This is how I plan to kick your Oz on Today. It's been a minute since I've not done my morning babbles in a while  I thought I would jump right on in with a bit of motivation.

Accessorizing And Restyling For A Mature Date Out Look: Vintage Inspired

Image: Woman sharing vintage inspired look. By accessorizing and restyling. Vintage Inspired Lookbook

Oh, can I shout and dance because it's the weekend already and I am ready to relax and enjoy every bit of it? Yes, I am one of those people who make plans for the days that come right after signing off on Friday. So, when that day comes, I do not want to use up my time shopping and trying to find something for date night and any other activities I have going on for my two days off. So, today I will be sharing how I accessorize and restyle one outfit for a mature date outlook.

Our Holiday Breakfast Prep: Starring A Double Decker Bacon Stack

 Image: Couple pouring tea. Sharing how to have a easy holiday breakfast. And make a double Decker bacon stack. Bits Of Food
Oh, good morning beautiful people and Happy Valentines Day. There are so many things going on right now, and I do not know where to start. 

I do know today is Thursday, and most of us should be at work right about now. So, spending a whole day with your loved one may not be possible because the majority of the world have to hit that 9 to 5 button. 
I also know my household is split down the middle. It's ok because I have learned over the years how to bring in a bit of tradition that will not require time away from work or school.

Today on the blog I will be sharing my great double-decker bacon stack with a twist.

Beauty Items I've Currently Tossed Out Of My Life + Building A Better Makeup Kit

Image: Makeup bag with items coming out. Foundation, lipstick, blotting pads , eye shadow, and lipstick

Hello, my name is Tangie, and I am a recovering hoarder. I've shared this story so many times, but it's true. I have a problem tossing out things even if I know it needs to go poof in the wind. You will not believe I purchased new makeup recently, but I have not tossed out the old things that the new stuff came to replace. 
It is excruciating for me to throw my stuff away, but I am making a much-needed sacrifice. Three days ago I gathered all the items that I need to toss out, and I am working on building a better makeup kit.

Weekend Bits And Favorites: All About Trying Something New

Image: Plants In a Window .
This weekend was all about trying new bits and buying stuff that made my favorites list feel all grown up. I do not know about you guys but Friday, Saturday and Sunday went by faster than Superman passing an airplane. The funny thing is I had a half of day start before the end of the week got started, but it doesn't feel like it.

I Will Never Try This Again At Home: Bleaching Eyebrow Fail

Image: Woman trying to bleach her own eyebrows at home. It was a fail
I Will Never Try This Again At Home: Bleaching Eyebrow Fail

What is the craziest beauty thing you've tried to do yourself?

I am one of those women who thinks she can do it all. You know that woman who says she can cook any and everything, clean the house and fly a 345 jet across the world and back. Yeah that's me, and I am not going to toot my horn, but beep beep. Ok, maybe I am a bit dramatic, but I can do two out of the three things listed above.
Nonetheless, its no secret I am not a stark raving blonde girl although my pictures show otherwise. Don't worry its just a little shade lighter than the natural brown head I really am. Unfortunately, with my hair being one color I wanted my eyebrows to be that same tone as well.