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A Day In The Life With A Cat In The Brain

Image: Of statue in Oak Cliff Dallas Texas, taken my tangie bell
Good afternoon Y'all, I thought it would be fun to share a day in the life with a cat in the brain post. Yep, you read that right I went old school and got my boogie on until I realized my back couldn't handle all that wack Oz fun! :)
I do not know about you guys, but I love taking a day to unwind and get myself together so I can regroup for my weekly real life. SideNote: It is crucial that I take a full day or two that is dedicated to the things I want to do, which sometimes amount to doing much of nothing.

Now, my daily routine change from day to day and even week to week but I've learned how to tweak it here and there so it can fit my real lifestyle. So, let's jump into it, shall we?

Image: Pillows on bed at Tangie Bell's house. Shared on Day In the life. Seen first on bits and babbles blog
Since I have one small toddler, it is normal that I rise up early every morning. Since I am not going to the gym today, I made up my bed, cleaned my room, and lit all the candles. 
I got it smelling good up in here Y'all. I love lighting my candles because it starts my day off with a sweet smell, and that puts me in a good mood. 
Image: Planner and coffee with lit candle in background. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
After I do my skincare, I fix my coffee and sit with my toddler, then I will schedule new hair clients or pay bills. I always have something to do in the morning before work and on my days off.  Oh, I forgot to mention this is my day off, yes I get two in a row. I do hair, and I can control my schedule, love being a stylist.

After I got everyone out of the house, I started on my morning skincare around 10 am, and that was pretty late for me. But, I took my time to pamper myself since the weather has been so muggy here in big Texas.

 My breakfast consists of a simple plate of fruit with a side of yogurt and a big ole' glass of ice water. For some reason, if I have coffee before breakfast, I can never eat a full meal, so watermelon and strawberries were the perfect meal for me. If I had to go into work, I would have eaten a full meal, maybe even oatmeal. But I knew my husband was going to take me out, so I wanted to keep all my

By noon I was getting myself dressed, and I have a video on Youtube that you guys can see of all the jewelry I really wore. It was a massive overload. The video will be linked below so don't miss it.

Image: Picture taking at top ten records in Oak Cliff Dallas Texas
 My husband Rico planned me a simple no stress day, and I loved it. At 5pm, I was at our favorite record store browsing for records and jamming to a local band playing some cool tunes. It was an old school jamming at it's finest.

Image: Woman( Tangie Bell) enjoying music at top ten records in Oak Cliff Dallas Texas with her husband Richard Bell and other people.
I was jamming and flipping through all the records, CDs and old cassettes. Whew, it was a hilarious and fun cat in the brain night. The music was limitless, and I did but some new songs and some old songs. I got Rhiannon because I wanted to support the icon she is as a woman.

Right now the girl is smashing the game, make-up, clothes, and music, wow she doing her thing, Then my hubby got me Miles Davis and his soulful trumpet, oh I was so happy to relax to that great sound in my truck.

Image: Man painting scenic wall in the city. Oak Cliff Dallas Texas

By 9pm I was still out being and acting grown, lol jk I was giggling as if I was a teen set free from my parents. Since the weather was so beautiful, we decided to walk around the block for dinner.
Image: Cheese toast sandwich shared on Bits and Babbles blog . Tangie enjoyed it for dinner

 Who knew eating a grill cheese sandwich would be so good. I will be making this one at home. I had a cheese toast sandwich stuffed with jalapenos, bacon, and ooey-gooey cheese with some type of special sauce. I am only ten minutes away from this place so my booty will always be sitting there
Image: Richard and Tangie Bell laughing at dinner seen first on Bits and babbles blog. Day In The Life
 I took the time to eat good food, and laugh out loud without offering any apologies at all.

Image: Getting Ice cream from man at a creamery in Oak Cliff centered in Dallas Texas

Now I can't deny I had ice-cream that topped off the night and made my whole day in the life complete. 
Image: Scenic view driving through Dallas Texas
It was around 11pm when my husband and I cut a couple blocks around the city so we could enjoy the fresh sounds of Miles Davis playing the jazz and trumpet sounds. When I got home, I crashed after a hot shower and PM skincare. There you have it a full day in the life with me.

How has your day been?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie

Rest Relax Repeat: This Weekend I Will Not Take A Bath!

Image: Tangie Bell ( Woman sitting on sofa drinking coffee, strolling the net and sharing her rest relax and repeat ideas
Just a quick Morning Babbles

Good morning darlings did somebody just say rest, relax and repeat? Oh my, I am so down for that type of Friday therapy. Who else is with me? 

I have three things on this Friday's agenda, and that is everything I've named above. 

This will be my first three day weekend in a long time, and I plan to take full advantage of it all this time. I usually have plans to run errands and do things with my family. So, technically when I have a day off, I always feel more exhausted when returning back to work.

Oh but not this time, because I have my own secret plans that are foul proof even my family can't mess it up.

If you want free time to do absolutely nothing, then stay and hang with me a while. SideNote: It is ok not to feel guilty if you do not bathe for a day or feed the family. Lol (YOLO) yep, you only live once :)
But make sure you have some type of leftovers that the littles can consume while you catch back up your mental and beauty rest.

Yall know I am just kidding about the family, but bathe at your own discretion.
I am not here to judge, and I will never smell (oops I mean tell nobody).
Image: sign outside bookstore in deep ellum. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
 Now, that it's the weekend let's plan something to do that requires a do nothing list to tackle.

I really do want a little bit of peace and quietness over the next few days. Since I knew I was going to be enjoying my time off, I decided to stop at my local book store and grab a few books to read.

Image Book bought by Tangie Bell at Bookstore in Deep Ellum Texas
I purchased the book MoonBath, but I have not read it yet, so I am not capable of giving a good review at this time. But when I do read it, I will come back and let you guys know about it. But for the record, I was going to buy myself a cute and cozy book, but I got sucked in by a local book writer who was selling books at the table when you first walk in the door., So, I had to support a dream. 

Yep, I did one good deed thus far before starting my weekend of do nothing. :)

Image: Tangie bell sharing her smoothie mix on rest relax and repeat

I got myself some more smoothie mixes so I can at least flush away all the junk food I am about to consume. Yes, I got myself some, chips, spinach dip, and coca cola. Ahhh the good life at it's finest. Did I mention I have Hulu set up to play movies on repeat, you know back to back. By the time you read this post, I would have gotten the last bit of lurking (oops I mean strolling the internet out of my system). 

To get rest, I have to turn my phone on silent or airplane mode. That method helps me get the best sleep ever!

Image( Bracelets made by a woman named Tangie Bell) she is sharing how to make as a hobby

I know my plan may sound crazy, but it actually works. If at any moment I start to feel as if I want to go back to work one-day early, I will just pull out my beads and make myself some jewelry. 

Bammmmm now who has a better rest and relax routine than me? That's my 2 days off, and I am sticking to that story. LOL lighten up I will bathe before my 24 hours are up. Just kidding (lol) or am I?

Ok, all jokes aside life is to short not to enjoy it with a little bit of peace, love, and laughter.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

Enjoy your weekend by any means necessary:) Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)

You can also catch me on Youtube Click video below and follow!

My Eczema Prone Skincare Routine: What I Use Before Having A Flare Up

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her eczema skincare routine. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
My Eczema Prone Skincare Routine: What I Use Before Having A Flare Up
I wish I would have known.
Oh, honey, I thought I was in the clear when I became older. Because most of my young childhood, I dealt with acne. Oh and yes it was gross, I think I had the worst and ripest bumps ever. Although every teen in the world thinks that. Trust me, I know because my girls think they have the worst skin and they are the only ones who want to stand in the mirror and pop them all for none other than self-satisfaction.

Yep, that is my life on repeat. (insert roll eyes right here).

Enough about my girls because each one of them finds a way to be in the beauty section buying products for this and that.

But, back to me being 40- something has bought on a different set of challenges with my skin. Who knew I would wake up one day and have to deal with adult acne, or shall I be more straightforward, I deal with eczema from time to time.

If I had to chose I would take a red bump over having a face full of dry and scaly irritated skin that requires special creams, and/or a steroid shot. Yeah, that sounds so gross, but my Dr. ran a test and believes it was triggered by the products I use at the salon.

Yes, I was one of those careless hairstylists who never used gloves. (Insert dumb donkey emoji right here). :)

This has been a hard lesson, but over the last few years, I have been in pursuit of finding new and soothing ways to treat my skin long before I have a breakout.

One thing I've noticed is when my face and hands start to feel dry and prickly that is when I start working on myself immediately.

I am not a physician, but I've learned a few things that have saved me time and money. 

I use three things that help soothe my skin quickly.

Aloe Vera Plant
One Egg White 

You can see the full details of this frothy mixture and a good girls conversation linked in the video below.

Do you suffer from dry or eczema prone skin?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie

Girl, I Am Embracing My Aging Fears! Just Kidding I Am Accepting It

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her thoughts and tips on embracing her aging fears. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
Oh, honey, I have so much I can say about aging. But, I am still accepting the fact that I am severely over the hill. One thing I do realize is a new journey for me has just begun. So, honestly, I am in a new stage of learning new things about myself as I age.

But, if I had one thing I wanted to say to any woman in this world. It would be to embrace your fears and change what you can along the way. Life is to short to be counting down to your golden years. 

I am a realist, but I am more of a doer and live my life for every moment I am gifted by the Grace of God. And  I am finally happy where I am in my life at this point in time. 

Having confidence, laughing and joking, learning how to style myself fancy. Yes, Y'all there is another part to life that requires us to adjust to the things that will happen as we get on down the yellow brick road of life and living.

I thought I knew everything when I was younger just to discover I knew nothing. Not a darn thing as my momma would say. :)

But, hey you live, and you learn and grow as you go! That is my motto, and I am sticking to it.

So, if you are wondering how I came to this conclusion check out my newest video below.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

5 Things I Learned Last Week While Eating Boiled Eggs, Shrimp, Snow Crabs & Fried Cat Fish

Image: Fish, Corn, Boiled Eggs, Shrimp . Tangie Bell is sharing on her blog Bits and Babbles
5 Things I Learned Last Week While Eating Boiled Eggs, Shrimp, Snow Crabs & Fried Cat Fish

Rise Up 5 am: My Over 40 Morning Routine + Workout (Less Than 30 Mins A Day)

Image: Woman in picture is Tangie Bell. Getting ready to share her 5 am morning routine. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

Rise Up 5 am: My Over 40 Morning Routine + Workout (Less Than 30 Mins A Day)

Hey guys what can you do every day that will help you live longer in peace love and harmony? I am sharing how I wake up and start my day off by 5 am.

I Bought My Own Mother's Day Gifts: Anthropologie, Francesca's & More + Last Minute Ideas ( Haul)

Image: Tangie Bell holding up shopping bags to share what she bought herself for Mother's Day. She is also sharing a haul with last minute ideas to buy for your loved ones.
I Bought My Own Mother's Day Gifts: Anthropologie, Francesca's & More + Last Minute Ideas Haul.

Hey Ladies, can you believe we are two days away from enjoying the one person that really runs the world. You know who I am talking about some of us call her Big Mama, Little Mama, but at no matter what we call her she is still Momma. And I am ready to celebrate others as well as myself. 
Yep, this year I went on a shopping spree for myself, and I am not ashamed to share it with you guys.