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Obsessed:Winter Staples Mixed With Bold Colors

Obsessed:Winter Staples Mixed With Bold Colors
A few winter staple pieces that have become my favorite or shall I say my complete obsession.
This year I am going to add more bold prints and colors to my wardrobe. In 2018 I will be dismissing the perception that older women such as myself can't wear a younger and hipster style of clothing. So here are a few staple pieces I have added to my winter collection. Let's wear what we want too as women this year. 

Good News! I Am Facing My Fears About Getting Wrinkles

I was afraid to admit I have wrinkles until today. There you have it one of my biggest fears was dealing with my new found crow lines. A few weeks ago, I noticed a few lines across my forehead and just recently a few more around my eyes. I honestly do not know what is next. I had major panic attacks, not to mention I was asking my husband thirty times a day if he could see my aging lines. He swore he saw nothing. Lol :) Great answer babe. 
Over a few days, I was doing a massive amount of research online. I just want to know does having wrinkles mean my life is over or do I need botox? I was beginning to hate life, and this phase that comes with age. Yep, I was going a little loopy. But, wait there is more I went to my local beauty store to buy cream for my new found woman issue, and this is what happened. 

Judge My Style

Image: Judge My Style

 The word style is over-rated, and I  have a love-hate relationship with my style. I can't tell enough people how many times I wanted to buy something and put it down because it looked age appropriate for a twenty-something woman, not a forty-something gal like me. Not to mention the blogger articles I have read shows all the things a forty plus woman shouldn't wear. OMG, it's enough to drive a woman insane. So, I will be starting a new series of Bits and Babbles where you can be the judge of my style. Oh yes, and it starts today!

The Products That Saved My Dry Itchy Eczema Skin

Skincare For Dry Itchy Eczema Skin

Winter is in full swing, and so is my dry, itchy, and eczema-prone skin. I've tried everything over the counter, under the kitchen counter, and lastly, prescriptions from  Dr. money counter. Every year my skin seems to worsen from the itching and peeling from overexposed dryness. When I was younger, my skin was very irritated. Now that I am older, eczema has moved to my scalp, around my lips and fingers. The winter weather has made my symptoms go mad this year. I am not an expert at skincare. But I can honestly share with you the products that saved my dry, itchy eczema skin. I use different things for dry scalp, lips, etc. 

Why Buy A New Coat When You Can Restyle The Old One For A Fresh New Look

Restyling Your Coat With Handbags, Scarf, Earring and Shades for a fresh new look

Why Buy A New Coat When You Can Restyle The Old One For A Fresh New Look 
After getting over a three-day fever and cold. I knew it was time to pull out my winter coat. I also realize winter is the worse season because everything I put on to wear ends up looking frumpy. For most women, it can be tough for us to look stylish in our winter coats. The weather here in Texas changes often. One minute it is 49 degrees in the morning by lunchtime; it's 79 degrees, Sheez the weather is never-ending. I've decided to add a few accessories that will make me look fancy in my coat this winter. When it comes to amping up your coat game, the possibilities are endless.

Why I Am Giving Myself A Holiday Self Care Kick And Why You Should Also

Self Care Holiday Tips

 Why I Am Giving Myself A Holiday Self Care Kick And Why You Should Also  

It is getting closer to Christmas. In fact, we are 14 short days away. I know most of us are still buying gifts for everyone we can think of. The list of things to do and buy can become overwhelming and very daunting. Last week I was coming home after work feeling extra tired. I finally realized what the problem was. My plate was filled with everything I wanted to do before the end of the year. By the end of the week, I had to do a stop drop and roll by clearing my plate of unnecessary things to do. Yes, it is the holidays, but I can not overwork myself to the point it will become no fun. I have listed a few self-holiday care tips that all women can enjoy.    

Three Ways To Tie A Head Scarf For Bad Hair Days

Today I am sharing my top three ways to tie a scarf for bad hair days. Lately, I have wanted to try different hairstyles; sadly none have been a wow factor for me. Last week I wore super long hair extensions that I ultimately removed them seven days later. But, hey, a girl can change things up, right? Nonetheless, I am going to wear my headscarves to give my hair a complete break. Listed below are my top three head wrap styles to rock.

Five Things I Learned After Trying Red Lipstick

I've been into makeup since I was a teen. I love picking up my lipsticks from local stores such as Walgreens and CVS. Back in my day, I never knew about Sephora or Ulta. The beauty selections have broadened since I was a kid. Nowadays you can find everything from the rooter to the tooter. When it comes to my lipsticks, I stick with my natural pink color. I have every shade of pink from the lightest to the darkest color. But, today, I am stepping up my game and my shyness about trying the color red. I've always wanted to rock red, and today, I am going bold and vibrant. My first reaction after trying on red lipstick wasn't natural. Nonetheless, here are five things I learned after trying red lipstick.

Sometimes I Feel Like Thrift Shopping And Hauling Some Stuff

Image: Thrift Shopping and Haul for Inspiration

Some of my best moments in life are when I can go vintage or thrift shopping. I know most people don't like to sift through old clothes and artifacts. But, I find it to be relaxing and emotionally calming. On Wednesday's at the thrift store,  I can find the best stuff from name-brand handbags to weird coffee cups and downright ugly things. My last thrift shopping trip, I scored a super cute Michael Kors Leather purse. Today was no different; I hit the jackpot by snatching up a few vintage pieces to wear. Thrifting is fun, and sometimes I really do feel like thrift shopping and hauling some stuff home.    

Accessories Women Can Say Yes To

Hey, Y'all, today I want to talk about fashion accessories. Are you limiting yourself to the accessories you wear because it may not be age-appropriate? If so, you are not alone, I go through the cycle of age appropriateness every time I shop. The older I become, the more I feel as if fashion is trying to push us older women into mommy clothes. No pun intended. I love my comfy clothes and minimal jewelry sometimes. But, sometimes, I want to look snazzy and jazzy also. Today I am coming out of the closet talking about accessories older women can say yes to. 

Easy At Home Date Night With Homemade Pizza, Wine And A Movie

Making Pizza and Movie night ideas at home : weekend Bits and Favorites
Who says a good date night has to be out at a bar or hanging at the late shift movie. Although I could go for a 2 dollar martini at happy hour. But, after 48 hours of work weekdays, sometimes the hubs and I just want to chill at home. Relaxing at home is fine with me as long as I do not have to cook a five-course meal. 
This weekend Rico and I will be having a relaxing date night with homemade pizza, wine, and a movie. It only took twenty minutes to whip this quick meal up. 

I Thought I Hated My Body In Denim Jeans

I Thought I Hated My Body In Denim Jeans. Just saying that phrase gives me chills. I can not speak for any other woman, but finding the perfect pair of jeans can be very hard when you are over 40. For the most part, I rarely wear jeans at all. My everyday wear consists of cute long dresses, slacks, or crop pants. The reason being is I can never find a pair of jeans that don't make me look like a sausage squeezed between two slices of bread.
Please don't get me wrong; I love every inch of my different shaped body. I just want a good pair of jeans that fit me and my life entirely. 

Restyling Last Season Accessories With Old and New Pieces

Last chat about Restyling Last Season Accessories With Old and New Pieces.
Yesterday I restyled some of my old and new accessory pieces from my own jewelry box. Sometimes I like to spruce up my old jewelry to make them look brand new without spending a ton of money. Today, I will be using old and new pieces I've found from the craft store to give my jewelry a fresh and clean modern look. You will not believe how easy it is to change the look of things you already have at home. Also, I will share how you can make a pair of bomb studded earrings in 30 seconds flat.

How I Highlight My Face In 2 Minutes

Easy quick tips to highlight your face in two minutes. Apply Run and Done

How I Highlight My Face In 2 Minutes 

Do You Wear Make-Up?
 Do You Highlight Your Face To Achieve A Natural Glow?

When I was younger, I wore a massive amount of make-up. Some of my family members may argue I was the original Bozo the clown. Seriously I wore all the blues and yellows that came on the .99 cent make-up palette. Not to mention whatever lip color I wore on my lips suddenly found it's way onto my cheeks and eyes. So, you can only imagine the horror I must have looked considering metallics and frost colors were my favorites to wear.

Cut The Crap And Start Enjoying Life

Oh boy, here it comes again another enjoy life post. Yep, you are right because I will never understand what took me so long to stop and enjoy every moment of breath I have been given. It is so easy to wake up with a ton of complaints and trust me. I have my share of things I want to sit down and complain about. But at the end of the day life is too short and I have already lived 46 years of the 90 to 100 I may have left. #Prayerfully. So, here are my two cents on how to cut the crap out of your life so you can start enjoying your best life NOW!

My Anti- Aging Evening Skincare Routine

 The best part of my whole day is when I can come home and remove all my makeup from the hustle and bustle of work and running errands. The older I become, the more I realize I need to take better care of my skin, and it starts with better-taking care of removing my makeup every day. Today, I will be sharing my anti-aging evening skincare routine for mature skin in a day in the life.  
  Winter is slowly creeping in, and this is the time of the year when my face becomes sensitive, dry, and sometimes very irritated.

Decorating Our Small Apartment For Thanksgiving

Hi Guys! It's time to get festive and decorate for Thanksgiving. Rico and I decided to pull out last year's decor and decorate our small apartment as we do every year. Thanksgiving is the best part of the year for us because we love to cook, and our family gets together to laugh and share real-life thoughts of thankfulness. Life is very short, and to be honest, I have so much to be thankful for every day. 
I remember growing up as a child, my grandmother, my mom, and all my aunts would get the whole family together with lots of food and laughter for the holidays.
 As the years have passed by, everyone has grown up, and most of us live in different states. We don't get together as much as we did when we were younger. But, I believe the wholesome family tradition must go on. Our apartment is small; nonetheless, I stand firm that you can make any place big, small, or tiny, a cozy and comfortable place to enjoy family and be happy. By all means, home is where the heart is, and I am thankful for where my heart is at this moment in time. 
I must warn you guys my favorite color all year round is orange, red, and brown, so we look festive all the time, so we added our holiday touches, and it all fell into place. 

Should I Wear This Nude Lip Color! Help Me Decide?

Ok ladies, I need your help, Should I Wear This Nude Lip Color! Help Me Decide?  I am the first one to admit when it comes to lipsticks I will wear the same color by the same company forever. It is tough for me to find something that doesn't make me look like a hot stripper or a washed out wall canvas.  (lol no pun intended)
I can never find balance in picking out my lip colors. Besides, I really want to try a nude color for a wedding event I will be attending in two weeks. It doesn't matter the brand I just want a really cute velvet looking color for my skin tone. So, I need your help, how do I look in this nude color? Is it a Yay or Nay?

12 Things About Getting Old

Image: Tangie Bell is sharing 12 fun and crazy things about getting old. On Being forty-something

Good morning!  I wanted to do 12 things post about getting older. Some things may be funny, but it is the weird things that make up my reality while aging happily. Yes, this is my crazy forty-something life, and I am happy about every bit of it.

#1 I can't for the life of me walk in high heels anymore. 
No matter how cute I want to look, a tall heel just doesn't cut it anymore. Besides, I do look ridiculous, trying to walk in 8-inch heels, and I would prefer saving my feet from the humiliation of tripping over my clumsiness.

Midlife Notes: Why I Choose To Enjoy Life!

Enjoying life is not a one size fits all solution to ending the world of sadness. What I am saying is I spent way to much time dealing with the grief of tomorrow instead of living for today. I robbed myself and my children.  I just want to breathe and enjoy the freedom to be happy.   As I have gotten older the things in my life that used to make me sad, have placed them in my don't care stack.
Midlife Notes
I can give 10,000 reasons why I choose to enjoy life, but I will stick to a few. There are no easy ways or popular hashtags to teach anyone how to live a good and happy life. I have learned you just have to grab life by the horns and just live. I was in tears when I wrote this post, and I didn't want to post it. When I think about my life and where I am now.
I ask myself daily, why did it take me so long to exhale and not wait for my life to happen?

OMG Is Halloween Over Yet

                 OMG!  Is Halloween over yet, because I am so over Halloween at this point in my life. LOL( No pun to Y'all good ole' folk ) who may love a good scary pumpkin and beer brew, but as for me I am so over it.        

It's The Simple Things In Life That Helps With My Anxiety

It's the simple things in my life that help me balance happiness and borderline anxiety. Anxiety in adults is one of those things most older people like myself never want to talk about because when you get past 40, you supposed to have everything in life together. That is the biggest misconception about getting older, is life should be a fairy tale walk in the park. The fact is the "fairy tale" part is not real life, although I wish it were  
But, what I find so fascinating about my life is I can re-direct the way I feel by looking and addressing the simple things in my everyday lifestyle. Anxiety affects so many people in the world, and I do not take it lightly, this is my journey without any medical advice, just woman to woman love because you are not alone.

I Make Cute Stuff When I Am Bored !

I make cute stuff when I am bored, to be precise; I love to make my own wearable jewelry. The older I get, the more things I find to do in my free time. Over the last seven years, I have become obsessed with arm candy and the many designs I can make. Arm candy is only a term used to decorate your arm with two to seven, even more, bling and thing bracelets. Most people that wear arm candy will most likely have a full sleeve of bracelets on at one time. Nonetheless, Arm candy is beautiful, but it can become costly the more you add to your arm, so I self-taught myself to make my own. 
When I get bored, I just go to any local craft store and grab all the charms I can find. It is so easy to make until  I have decided to share my five-minute arm bling secrets. Shhhhh don't tell nobody :) (just kidding ..tell everybody you know)

OMG! I'm Older, and It's Ok

OMG! I'm Older, and It's Ok
This sounds so crazy that I am over forty-something, and I feel really cool about it. #yayme
A few weeks ago, I turned a whopping 46 years old, and I swear time has fast-forwarded faster than Mr.Spock transporting to another world on the movie star track. My family plans a little house party typically for Rico or me, and I will go out of town to Vegas or Galveston, Texas. This time I really wanted to sit back and do something simple. Yes, something simple, stress-free no invites sent out to a party nor additional money spent on things I don't like anyway. I just wanted to have a no-fuss peaceful day. I needed to take in and absorb all the feelings I have had bottled up inside of me. I am getting older, and there is nothing I can do about it. Getting old is going to happen to every person in the world. It's called the cycle of life. To be honest, I was really scared out of my mind about turning 46 until I decided to ...

My Life As An Older Mama

Yep, this is where I am right now in my life making airplane sounds with my five-year-old daughter Moriah. But, I will not complain because girls rule the world and we can definitely fly a plane. Having a baby at forty surely has changed my life. Moriah only wants to play with cars, trucks, planes, and anything that makes a lot of moving noise. 
Today, I can finally admit to myself I am an older mama, and this is my life. Last, week Moriah had a chance to see the Disney movie Planes. Every single moment of that day, she wanted to see it again and again and again. So, her dad decided to get tickets for her to go see real planes. To my surprise, it involved the whole family. We all went with joy and happy hearts. The very day we went, I started to tear up because I felt an emotion that I missed with my older girls.