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My Anti- Aging Evening Skincare Routine

 The best part of my whole day is when I can come home and remove all my makeup from the hustle and bustle of work and running errands. The older I become, the more I realize I need to take better care of my skin, and it starts with better-taking care of removing my makeup every day. Today, I will be sharing my anti-aging evening skincare routine for mature skin in a day in the life.  
  Winter is slowly creeping in, and this is the time of the year when my face becomes sensitive, dry, and sometimes very irritated.

My day starts at 7am in the morning, but I am off today, so I will be starting at 11am per usual. If I do a full face clean at night, I will do warm water wash the next morning. Nonetheless, I will always start putting my makeup on right after my morning moisturizer sits for 2 minutes or less.

I missed having my morning coffee and eating a balanced breakfast, so I grabbed a banana and a few breakfast bites on the go. Since I need to stay hydrated, I decided to fill my water can up with water and ice.

After breakfast, I quickly wrote down a few things I needed to pick up for dinner, ultimately my plans changed once I made it to the market. 
After leaving home, I grabbed a quick caramel drizzle with whip cream, and  I almost missed the train into town. Besides, the weather was a little breezy and windy, so I opted to catch the train today. I do not do this every morning.

Surprisingly I was on the train all by myself so, I used my alone time to read, listen to music, and surf the interweb. 

       After 6 hours away from home, I finally made it back with shrimp, cabbage, sweet potatoes and all the trimmings for tonight's dinner. This took maybe two hours to prepare.
When it comes to my evening skincare, I want to accomplish the in and out method. In other words, get in, remove my makeup, and get out so I can enjoy the remainder of my evening.  When I was younger, I struggled with my skin feeling rough, and I could use anything over the counter on my face.
Since I have aged a little, it is time for me to use less on my face. I strive to keep my skincare routine for around 10 minutes. 
The first step I do is wrap my hair, so I do not have to worry about any products getting into my hairline. 

I wear eyelash extensions, so I am happy when I can remove them from my face.
Before I continue, I must stop and clean my eyelashes so I can reuse them. No one cares if you are a repeat eyelash wearer. I use alcohol or micellar water to gently clean all the oils and eye glue off my lashes, then I gentle reshape them around the little lash tray. Voila! I have clean and new looking lashes to re-wear on tomorrow. Sidenote I can do this method at least three times, depending on the brand I use. 

Before I use a spin brush or towel on my face, I  always use rosehip oil, coconut oil, or African oil to pre-remove my make-up.
               Pre-makeup removal is an essential step because makeup can become resilient and stick to your face, especially after wearing all day. After removing my lashes, I put a few drops of oil in my hands and rub all over my face, to loosen up my makeup, this method is perfect when it comes to removing eye makeup. I let this sit for 3 to 5 minutes, then I apply a warm towel and wipe all the makeup off. My skin instantly feels smooth, moist, and ready for my next step. Cotton balls work better around my eye area.
When it comes to my face wash, I like to use,  Laroche Posay Foaming Gel, because of its soft and creamy texture. This step will remove any residue left on the face. 

Although I do not use my spin brush often due to my sensitive skin, I have noticed I have a few breakouts, so tonight, it will be fine. When I have tiny bumps, occur, I will use the body shop tea tree cleansing foam and tea tree toner to treat any breakout that I have.

The best part about using the spin brush is it gets deep down and gets any remainder of oils and makeup that may be trapped in the skin.
At the end of my facial, I love to rinse with cold water. Sometimes I use a night moisturizer, and sometimes I do not. Tonight is one of those days where my skin feels really smooth and refreshed. Because I have a few pimples, I want my face to breathe without any oils or night creams added.

This will conclude my day in the life and evening skincare routine. In conclusion, I am having a Netflix and chill with a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and fresh bananas.
All items purchased by me.

How do you do your evening skincare routine?

Until next time...Goodnight! 


  1. I love my spin brush as well! I only use mine about two times a week because I never want to overexfoliate! I have noticed a difference since I have been using that method!

    1. I just cut back from using mine so much...but it sure will remove deep makeup and oils off the face.


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