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OMG Is Halloween Over Yet

                 OMG!  Is Halloween over yet, because I am so over Halloween at this point in my life. LOL( No pun to Y'all good ole' folk ) who may love a good scary pumpkin and beer brew, but as for me I am so over it.        

It's The Simple Things In Life That Helps With My Anxiety

It's the simple things in my life that help me balance happiness and borderline anxiety. Anxiety in adults is one of those things most older people like myself never want to talk about because when you get past 40, you supposed to have everything in life together. That is the biggest misconception about getting older, is life should be a fairy tale walk in the park. The fact is the "fairy tale" part is not real life, although I wish it were  
But, what I find so fascinating about my life is I can re-direct the way I feel by looking and addressing the simple things in my everyday lifestyle. Anxiety affects so many people in the world, and I do not take it lightly, this is my journey without any medical advice, just woman to woman love because you are not alone.

I Make Cute Stuff When I Am Bored !

I make cute stuff when I am bored, to be precise; I love to make my own wearable jewelry. The older I get, the more things I find to do in my free time. Over the last seven years, I have become obsessed with arm candy and the many designs I can make. Arm candy is only a term used to decorate your arm with two to seven, even more, bling and thing bracelets. Most people that wear arm candy will most likely have a full sleeve of bracelets on at one time. Nonetheless, Arm candy is beautiful, but it can become costly the more you add to your arm, so I self-taught myself to make my own. 
When I get bored, I just go to any local craft store and grab all the charms I can find. It is so easy to make until  I have decided to share my five-minute arm bling secrets. Shhhhh don't tell nobody :) (just kidding ..tell everybody you know)

OMG! I'm Older, and It's Ok

OMG! I'm Older, and It's Ok
This sounds so crazy that I am over forty-something, and I feel really cool about it. #yayme
A few weeks ago, I turned a whopping 46 years old, and I swear time has fast-forwarded faster than Mr.Spock transporting to another world on the movie star track. My family plans a little house party typically for Rico or me, and I will go out of town to Vegas or Galveston, Texas. This time I really wanted to sit back and do something simple. Yes, something simple, stress-free no invites sent out to a party nor additional money spent on things I don't like anyway. I just wanted to have a no-fuss peaceful day. I needed to take in and absorb all the feelings I have had bottled up inside of me. I am getting older, and there is nothing I can do about it. Getting old is going to happen to every person in the world. It's called the cycle of life. To be honest, I was really scared out of my mind about turning 46 until I decided to ...

My Life As An Older Mama

Yep, this is where I am right now in my life making airplane sounds with my five-year-old daughter Moriah. But, I will not complain because girls rule the world and we can definitely fly a plane. Having a baby at forty surely has changed my life. Moriah only wants to play with cars, trucks, planes, and anything that makes a lot of moving noise. 
Today, I can finally admit to myself I am an older mama, and this is my life. Last, week Moriah had a chance to see the Disney movie Planes. Every single moment of that day, she wanted to see it again and again and again. So, her dad decided to get tickets for her to go see real planes. To my surprise, it involved the whole family. We all went with joy and happy hearts. The very day we went, I started to tear up because I felt an emotion that I missed with my older girls.