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I Make Cute Stuff When I Am Bored !

I make cute stuff when I am bored, to be precise; I love to make my own wearable jewelry. The older I get, the more things I find to do in my free time. Over the last seven years, I have become obsessed with arm candy and the many designs I can make. Arm candy is only a term used to decorate your arm with two to seven, even more, bling and thing bracelets. Most people that wear arm candy will most likely have a full sleeve of bracelets on at one time. Nonetheless, Arm candy is beautiful, but it can become costly the more you add to your arm, so I self-taught myself to make my own. 
When I get bored, I just go to any local craft store and grab all the charms I can find. It is so easy to make until  I have decided to share my five-minute arm bling secrets. Shhhhh don't tell nobody :) (just kidding ..tell everybody you know)


On my days off, I can spend hours in my local craft store. The first thing I always do is gather all the charms and beads I want to add to my arm candy. Then I shift my focus on to my mood and the style I want to achieve with my charm choices. In this particular style, I am going for a simple modern vintage faux look.
Yep, I made that all up. There are no rules for making arm candy; that is why I use charms, beads, stretchy cord, and sometimes I use metal bracelets because I can add jewelry pieces quickly.

This project is so easy and fun to do with family and friends. So, I take my charms and slide them in place on my metal bracelet until I have the perfect effect that I desire. There are no limits on the styles and designs you can find when it comes to making your own arm candy.


When it comes to beads, I like to use pre-strung beads because they are usually the best fit for average wrists. All I do is snip the end of the preset beads and then string each bead onto my stretch cord., honestly, that is it.
I do a three tie knot for security, and I am ready to rock and roll.

      The end results are always amazing to me because I can do this any time of the day or night.

Getting old does not have to be boring; that is why I find cute stuff to make instead of twiddling my fingers and thumbs. I am determined to age gracefully, peacefully and happily. Are you with me?
When you get bored, what do you like to do?
If you make your own let me know below so I can come to see how you rock your arm candy?


  1. I wish I was this good at making stuff! This turned out so good! I think I’m going to try and make a few things since my wrist is so small!!! The I could have something that’s my size!

  2. I love this DIY
    Thank you

    1. You welcome thank you..hope you make you a few or two:)

  3. Nice! I am going to try this. In my spare time I read but its not very often. I like to watch DIYs for the home and arm candy.. I do more watching and wishing than anything.

  4. Thank you and give it a try. It is super easy. Once you do one set you will not stop.


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