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OMG! I'm Older, and It's Ok

OMG! I'm Older, and It's Ok
This sounds so crazy that I am over forty-something, and I feel really cool about it. #yayme
A few weeks ago, I turned a whopping 46 years old, and I swear time has fast-forwarded faster than Mr.Spock transporting to another world on the movie star track. My family plans a little house party typically for Rico or me, and I will go out of town to Vegas or Galveston, Texas. This time I really wanted to sit back and do something simple. Yes, something simple, stress-free no invites sent out to a party nor additional money spent on things I don't like anyway. I just wanted to have a no-fuss peaceful day. I needed to take in and absorb all the feelings I have had bottled up inside of me. I am getting older, and there is nothing I can do about it. Getting old is going to happen to every person in the world. It's called the cycle of life. To be honest, I was really scared out of my mind about turning 46 until I decided to ...

Exhale, I decided to stop waiting for life, stop worrying about being, and just live my life. I have been waiting to exhale for so long, I almost sent myself into an overload of anxiety. Please believe this feeling is so real for so many women and men. But, today, I stopped everything, even my thoughts from wondering about getting older.  
Life is changing, and I just need to buckle down and break with it. I decided to let go of anything that was holding me back, including the fear of getting grey hair. 
I was thinking about my future, my kids' future, and even death. In reality, none of those things mean anything if all I am going to do is worry about it. Don't get me wrong it's ok to plan your future, but not fear. I believe worrying speeds up the stress and aging process way too soon. I am not a Dr. it is only my opinion. 

My fear is gone and has been for a long time before I wrote this post. Today, I let my balloons float away, along with any concerns about aging. I am choosing to live my best life now.
And Ya'll, that is a good feeling to have. Why worry about tomorrow when I am walking, talking, and breathing right now. As my number 46 blew away in the sky, I couldn't help but thank God, because I am still here and I am still in my right mind. My eyesight is a little off, but it's nothing a good pair of glasses can't fix. :)

As I have gotten older, I have positively been enforcing the rules of mowing my own backyard before harvesting somebody else. No, for real, I rarely talk on the phone or read harmful online garbage. Because I am on purpose of protecting the energy I received and put out. This may sound lame, but if I put my power in negativity or gossip, it will drain the life out of me. I am just saying I look for ways to keep a healthy thought system going through my body. I am not getting any younger, so why waste any of my extra energy on things that are not important. So, if sister Mary still shaking with Johnny Boy, that is none of my business. :) (No pun just kidding) 

I did exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday, and that was absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing. I can't believe I didn't go shopping and buy a bunch of stuff. But, I really had no desire to do that this year. I really wanted a quiet and straightforward day, reflecting on the right parts of my life past, future, and present. Do any of you remember when life was so easy-going?
I can remember living with family, we didn't have much, but we were a family. I was telling my husband how I used to run out with the change to buy ice cream off the ice-cream truck for ten cents, and I had no worries about anything in life. If something was going on with my mom, who was a single mom, she never showed it to us as kids. And I know the struggle was real, but we made it, and I have to keep those same values by living a worry-free life. In other words, I take care of what needs to be taken care of and do not worry about what I can not do. I am all for living a stress-free life, that is why it is called life, deal with it, and keep moving. 

 I tried to have a quiet and straightforward cupcake date with Rico before he dashed off to work, but as you can see, he wanted to play and make jokes. So, we just laughed and talked for two hours. I got what I asked for a no-fuss day. My words can never express how good I really feel, Y'all I usually am trying to do something big, with the results of just tiring myself out. I'm just saying when I get old crazy parties just didn't matter anymore. Being with the ones I truly love is what matters.

You know I couldn't end my day without sitting down with my oldest daughter Carey. Since the others, girls were all in school, so we decided to grab a latte and chat it away. Can you believe we think the same way about life? It is all about grabbing life by the horns and just living. I just can't stress that enough, to my kids. It's not about material things, but we thank God we have those things, but those things can not and never will make anyone happy. It feels good to finally start living for the moment and enjoying all that extra stuff stress-free.

              So, cheers to a happy and productive rest of my happy life!

From this point on I will be living life on my own terms, and that is why I am ok with getting old:)
It's time for us old folk to start treating ourselves to a perfect simple life. And, that will be enjoying every inch of life that is left!
                        Let's keep this conversation going. How do you plan to enjoy the rest of your life?