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OMG Is Halloween Over Yet

                 OMG!  Is Halloween over yet, because I am so over Halloween at this point in my life. LOL( No pun to Y'all good ole' folk ) who may love a good scary pumpkin and beer brew, but as for me I am so over it.        
For three weeks straight Moriah has worried me about getting her costume for Halloween, not to mention the letters that have been coming from her school about getting her scary costume to paint pumpkins and take pictures with has been insane. I am not the last-minute person, but Halloween was not on my top radar list. 
Nonetheless, I came through for all the pumpkin madness. Yep, I did the ultimate I bought a costume for Moriah's class and one for our family to attend trick or treating at the zoo.  Hear me out, she was going to be painting pumpkins at school, and just as I suspected, she came home dirty. So, at this point, I am glad I got that extra costume for her and don't worry, I hit the clearance rack at the costume store. 
After work, I drove two hours to attend trick or treating night at the Dallas Zoo, and I am glad I did. The night was fantastic, it was so crisp and refreshing and safe for the smaller kids. We all enjoyed roasting s'mores by the campfire, but it was hotter than popping firecrackers in the summer heat.

Moriah was not to amused by her s'mores looking burnt and I wasn't delighted about my hair sweating and changing textures. Lol ( natural girl problems). 
So, Moriah and I were in this hot situation together enjoying our sticky burnt s'mores. She may hate the way it looked, but she was undoubtedly licking her fingers.

 It looks terrible, but it was so worth it. 

I spent three hours walking around the zoo with my girls, we laughed and cracked jokes on one another. 
Halloween may not be my favorite time of the year, and to be honest, I could have skipped it altogether. But, deep down, I think the younger kid side of me enjoyed every inch and moment Hallowing with my kids. We only have a short time to enjoy life, so any moments like these that bring joy and laughter to my family is priceless.

A family is the most critical thing in the world, so kiss on them and love them any chance you can get.

On a lighter note: There is more to life, and it is never too late to start over!

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  1. Thank you for sharing moment with your family!

    1. Good morning, you are welcome :) Have a blessed day!


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