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What's Life Without Family, Faith and A Bit Of Fun!

What's Life Without Family, Faith and A Bit Of Fun?
 Although I really want to talk about my back aches and how I really want to crawl under my bed and sleep for another 9 hours. I can't and I won't because Rico is off today and Moriah wants to jump and yell about how Daddy promised her a family day out. Nonetheless, I know in about 
two more hours my whole family will be up bouncing, laughing and talking very loud.

So, to keep my nerves at a fresh set of about 10 below average. No joke I try to remain on 10, so I will not jump to 100 at the drop of a dime. For me to stay calm, I have to rise up at least two or three hours before my family does.  By, doing that I can make my coffee, open up my bible or read a full scripture from my bible app. I am not a bible professional, but I notice when I get a good steaming cup of coffee and read a book I feel so much better. It is like getting a calm spirit before the storm of loudness hit the house. No, for real my family is loud :)
My mornings get crazy with everyone calling my name all at once. When it comes to my faith, I try to listen to my inner voice, the part of me I know God talks too. I am not a professional Bible scholar.  But, I can surely promise anyone who reads this blog, I would not be where I am today without my faith. I have nothing else to hold onto so when I can get up in the mornings and breathe fresh air and walk around in my kitchen humming that old church hymn. If you are from the old school, you will understand that humming we do right before we break out in praise and worship. 
( I see y'all smiling)
 So, after my morning talk with God over coffee, I feel fully energized and ready to tackle the world and my family. For the sake of being fair to you guys, after my meditation, I do not always get up in a good mood, but I do try to keep feeding myself the right word so I can keep my faith in check.
The older I get, the more I realize I need my own personal space and an excellent place to hide for peace of mind. At the beginning and end of every day without family, faith and a little fun in between

Moriah is awake now and ready to roll, so am I so let's go!

When it comes to family, I am learning to love all over again. Life can be tricky, and I am always looking for any doorway to enjoy a happy life. My family brings that to me, not because they are good but because  Rico and I  try to keep our family tradition going. I realize I am older now, and I want to spend more time enjoying family instead of neglecting family, life, and myself. Trust me I do not just do it for my family, I do it for my own well-being and longevity in life. I find no satisfaction in not living a good life on purpose. 

It is a good thing I woke up early today because Rico just informed me we will be driving three hours from home so Moriah can enjoy the wax museum. Yep, I'm excited...too bad Y'all can't see my face:)

The struggles of getting myself together were so real because I needed to switch into something more comfortable. Don't worry it is a method to all my madness...lol ( I think).  
Low key I thought we were going to be hiking or doing something outside like we usually do:) 
It was a quick 5 minutes to get out my jeans and slip on a dress so I can be free to jump around with my family.

Let me point out, upon arrival at the wax museum Moriah pointed out this wax figure. She so gently said this wax man looks like you mommy in the mornings.
Everybody in front of us and behind us thought Moriah was so stinking funny. I prayed this morning, so I did too. :)
But, for the record, my hair cut looks better.
Although I was tired, I could not get past all the happiness and laughter we shared on this day. My family faces just made me forget about myself and remember what is most important (#family)
You can see Carey, Mori, Moriah, and Chloe making the cutest faces. I just had to grab this picture for memories.
If I could cry, it would be right now. When I am with this man, I feel so alive and happy.  Rico was tired, and I know it. He works long 14 hour days, but he is a man of his word. Rico promised Moriah a week ago that we would have a family adventure day. He came through better, yet we all came through as a family. Moriah counted down every day and every minute until we left the house this morning.

       The joy of aging happily with my girls is enough to keep me going, and I believe it's enough to keep Rico going also.

   I wonder if I would look good with this green look. lol( I need a make-over)

     I got out of my comfort zone and rode a 7D ride, and it was terrific. I think I may have had more fun than any of the girls. Rico and I were jumping around like two little love birds that fell out the robin's tree.
     I guess it is safe for me to say, this has been the best family day ever, and I made it until the end without falling asleep. Oh and for the record Moriah said I do look better than that ole' grumpy looking wax man.
       Ahhh I forgive her....it is so funny how kids act nowadays.

So, that was my take on Family, Faith, and Fun.          
In conclusion, I can't see myself without neither of the three. 

Do you start your day early with prayer before your family wakes?
Let us know below?

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