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12 Things About Getting Old

Good morning!  I wanted to do a 12 things post about getting older. Some things may be funny, but it is the weird things that make up my reality while aging happily. 

#1 I can't for the life of me walk in high heels anymore. 
No matter how cute I want to look, a tall heel just doesn't cut it anymore. Besides, I do look ridiculous trying to walk in 8-inch heels, and I would prefer saving my feet from the humiliation of tripping over my clumsiness.

#2 I collect random and crazy stuff
No, seriously I collect things I may never use or keep. It started when I was younger going to flea markets and thrift stores. Now I think everything that was made back in the day looks good today. Sometimes I look like a crazy lady with some of the stuff I bring home. 
I bought these vintage coke bottles, and I do not know what possessed me to do such a thing. 

#3 Alone Time Is Top Priority 
This may sound a little coo but I can sit all by myself because I have discovered I can talk to myself and entertain my own self. I am not an introvert it's just I do not desire to be apart of large crowds anymore. Oh, but if you invite me to something I just may show up and show out. I still know how to have fun in moderation.

#4 The Need To Know Why 
My life would be so much easier if I didn't need to do everything. Why does my husband smack when eating dinner?   Why do my kids call me mama? Why Why Why Just why? I may never know why I wonder why all the time?  

#5 Coffee Madness
It is true I have a coffee addiction, and I need help. (lol) nope, not today!
At some point in my life I will stop, but for me to act sane for the day, I have to have at least one cup of coffee. Trus me it is a method to all of my madness. :)

#6 Plumbing Stay Backed Up
Yep, its real sometimes I just need individual yogurt or some extra fiber to keep my bowels going full speed ahead. Can't tell you when my plumbing slowed down I only know prunes are now my best friend. 

#7 Hot Girl Flashes
Now, look here; I do not know what hot flashes really mean. All I know is when I have one I want to strip out of everything including my drawers. No joke I turn into a crazy acting nut case of a woman. Lol :)

#8 Over-Doer 
No lie I overdo everything from taking care of the house to cooking a simple meal. My family loves simple meals sometimes, but I am a country girl with a little southern mix breed tied in. My mom never cooked simple so I can't cook a simple. So, when I prepare dinner, it may consist of fried shrimp, fried chicken, sweet taters, cabbage, and hot butter muffin cornbread. Now that is simple to me:) #sorrynotsorry

#9 Early Bird Gets The Best Rest
9:00pm for bed is too late for me, at my age I need 12 long hours of sleep. I do a lot, so I need an equal balance of rest. Although I can never seem to master this part of my life. But, by the time I turn 50 years young, I will have conquered my personal life and sleep.
Watch me work it, girl:)

#10 No Noise Allowed
Oh, no noise allowed at all allowed when I am home. My girls know I can hear a pin drop and I can not stand a lot of noise. I blame it on my nerves I just love peace and quiet now in my life. 

#11 Sometimes Life Can Be Funny
Over the years, I find everything funny now. I just don't care about the little things. I take care of the things I have full control over, and I laugh about the other stuff I do not have power over. No kidding the older I become life is just funny like that:)

#12 No Really I Do Not Care
No, yeah I do not care about getting old because we all have to age someday. So, since I wasted so many years of my younger years, I am spending the rest of my older life enjoying it by any means necessary:) 

So, Y'all that wraps up my 12 things about getting older. 
What are your plans for getting older?

You can be of any age to answer this question.

See You in my next life bits!


  1. I'm 27 and I can relate to all of these! Does this mean Im in the old folks club with you? lol! #8 is most definitely me!