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Accessories Women Can Say Yes To

Hey, Y'all, today I want to talk about fashion accessories. Are you limiting yourself to the accessories you wear because it may not be age-appropriate? If so, you are not alone, I go through the cycle of age appropriateness every time I shop. The older I become, the more I feel as if fashion is trying to push us older women into mommy clothes. No pun intended. I love my comfy clothes and minimal jewelry sometimes. But, sometimes, I want to look snazzy and jazzy also. Today I am coming out of the closet talking about accessories older women can say yes to. 

Let's face it. I may be older than the average 20-year-old, but I ain't dead yet. I have discovered I love fashion, and I love sharing my own personal style. My style is not for everyone because most of the time, I never match nor coordinate my pieces perfectly. But, hey, who really has a perfect form. Nonetheless, here are a few accessories I think is age-appropriate for an older woman who wants to add a little small spice to their life.

Let's start by saying yes to a clutch bag because we all know a cute clutch ain't never hurt nobody. Clutch bags are trendy and very fashionable, sometimes you only need one to add a little spunk to any outfit day or night. I am not big on trends because I go for what I like even if it is out of season. Sometimes fashion can be overrated because all the cute clothes and accessories are stuffed in the teen section of the stores. So, I find myself sneaking and look for beautiful earrings and handbags with my 20 something year old whenever we go shopping. When I turned 46 years, I decided it was time for me to start dressing the way I want to look and feel. The best part was learning no one really cares what I wear, but if I wear it with pride, people will love me in whatever I wear. So, next time you are shopping, go ahead and grab yourself a cute clutch. 

I love a fancy pair of tassel earrings, but let's face it; they can become tricky to wear. My best advice is to find a couple of tassel earrings that give you the WOW factor to purchase them and wear them. It really is that simple. Show off your style; besides the right outfit, you will look and feel fabulously young. Whenever I wear bold earrings, I will not wear any other jewelry. Or I will wear minimal pieces on my arm or neck. So say yes and go bold by adding a tassel or two to your earring collection. 

I will never shy away from pearls and chains because they are my absolute favorite style to wear. Once again, chain earrings can be worn all by themselves; they will make a bold statement when entering a room. I have learned what works for my style and what doesn't. Sometimes when I see a cute pair of earrings, it will appear they were designed for a younger woman. It doesn't matter who makes the earrings are who is the target audience. The best life lesson I have learned is if I want to wear it, then buy it. There are no rules to style, as a matter of fact, forget the rules. So, say yes to a cute pair of chain and pearl earrings. 

A confident and grown woman can never go wrong with a good pair of big round circle shades. I can't give a name because it doesn't matter; I will rock cheap chic and affordable. In other words when I shop if I like it I will buy it with or without a label on it. But, don't get me wrong sales are always better, and it is very exhilarating when I can make something cheap look chic. So, next time it will be ok to say yes to a big ole' pair of shades. Go ahead, girl, and stunt on these young folk you ain't dead yet.

 I have faux pearl necklaces everywhere, and honestly, they all look the same. But the pair I am styling today is faux pearl with metal links in between, so you already know I had to strut with these on. All jokes aside, faux pearls can complement any outfit dressy or casual. No kidding; if you stay tuned, I will show you how it can be done. So, say yes to adding faux pearls to your style collection.

Last but not least, when it comes to styling accessories, there are no rules and no age limit. If you like it, buy it and rock it. And no matter what, say yes to whatever you want to wear.

Let me know if you like bold or straightforward accessories?

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Until next time!
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  1. TFS good info.. I love bold accessories esp necklaces

    1. Thank you ..yes to bold accessories:) Have a good day!


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