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Decorating Our Small Apartment For Thanksgiving

Hi Guys! It's time to get festive and decorate for Thanksgiving. Rico and I decided to pull out last year's decor and decorate our small apartment as we do every year. Thanksgiving is the best part of the year for us because we love to cook, and our family gets together to laugh and share real-life thoughts of thankfulness. Life is very short, and to be honest, I have so much to be thankful for every day. 
I remember growing up as a child, my grandmother, my mom, and all my aunts would get the whole family together with lots of food and laughter for the holidays.
 As the years have passed by, everyone has grown up, and most of us live in different states. We don't get together as much as we did when we were younger. But, I believe the wholesome family tradition must go on. Our apartment is small; nonetheless, I stand firm that you can make any place big, small, or tiny, a cozy and comfortable place to enjoy family and be happy. By all means, home is where the heart is, and I am thankful for where my heart is at this moment in time. 
I must warn you guys my favorite color all year round is orange, red, and brown, so we look festive all the time, so we added our holiday touches, and it all fell into place. 

We decided to start with our dining room area first because this is where our family meet and eat dinners and play our family games. 
The original table setting was orange, but we decided to add a new set of tri-color placemats to spruce up the look a little bit.
     I placed a small pumpkin candy dish on the countertop to add a nice pop of color. I use my pumpkins until Thanksgiving is over.
 The new placemats added a beautiful and simple southern charm to our upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, and you never know I may keep these for the rest of the year as decor. We did not want to do much for our table area, so our focus was to switch out the placemats. As you can see, the placemats also match our orange curtains that are hanging up next to the table. Orange is my favorite color, and it really can go into summer, spring, fall, and winter.   

This is the complete look, what do you think? 
 Rico and I decided to get out of our old decorations from last year, we started with string lights and decorating the fireplace. 

The more decorations we hung, the more it was beginning to feel like Thanksgiving was in the air. 
We used our fall letters to hang onto a chalkboard. I also made a bow to place in the upper corner.

The fireplace was an easy task because the lights and leaves brought everything together. With a few small touches, we were able to transform our fireplace into a warm and cozy place to sit and have hot cocoa or coffee:).
You can never have too many pumpkins out, right? We have had these two pumpkins for years, and we always place them on our table for a lovely festive feel in the room.

You can never go wrong with a throw cover on the sofa. So, we are changing out the brown one for our orange one. Just a quick switch around made a world of difference on our couch. The color orange, brown and/or red changes well from season to season. 

There was no need to change out the pillows, we only added two burlap sleeves to two of them.

The burlap sleeves spruced up the look of the pillows we already had. You can find these at any craft store or home goods. If you want these now definitely try Hobby Lobby or Michaels's craft store. 

We love to eat gourmet popcorn, so we decided to add yellow and orange popcorn in a glass container on our sofa. This is a perfect touch to our movie nights doing the holiday season.

This will complete the decoration of our small apartment. Let us know what you think and are you decorating for Thanksgiving? 

In conclusion, Thanksgiving is not about decorating as much as it is about being thankful. Decorating our apartment is just another way we are grateful for where we are at this moment in time. I used to wait to be happy, but now I can be happy and enjoy life no matter where I am. I used to wait until I buy a house, we bought a house and then we sold it and downsized and moved to Texas. So, were in an apartment, and it is still home. As a wife and mom, I feel it is my job to make it feel like we're in a mansion living nice and cozy. At the end of the day, life is what we make of it, and that is what I am most thankful for. I am not where I used to be, so I might as well enjoy life where I am now at this moment in time.

If you would like to spruce up a little bit for the Thanksgiving holidays. Here are a few quick last-minute tips.

   #1 Try To Buy Off Clearance Racks
If you can add simple pieces to what you already have to go to the holiday clearance area. You can go to any craft store and grab some colorful leaf branches. Use Christmas lights to wrap around the leaf branches. You can find inexpensive lights at any store.

                                                      #2Keep your old Halloween Pumpkins
Pumpkins can be used for decorations, pies and you can keep them out all through the holiday season.
If you need ideas, try placing them on the table, sofa, and it will add a lovely festive look to any area in your home.

#3 Decorate With Non-Traditional Items
If you cant, find Thanksgiving items try decorating with neutral colors beige, brown and orange. Use candles that are festive looking. I have seen a lot of festive candles in bath and body works.

Even if you do not decorate your home this year, always keep a big smile, lots of hugs, and joy to spread a!

Until next time I will see y'all later :)


  1. I LOVE THE WAY THIS TURNED OUT! The fireplace is my favorite part! So cozy!!!!

  2. Another friend of mine recently told me that something similar happened to him that happened to my first friend.


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