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Easy At Home Date Night With Homemade Pizza, Wine And A Movie

Making Pizza and Movie night ideas at home : weekend Bits and Favorites
Who says a good date night has to be out at a bar or hanging at the late shift movie. Although I could go for a 2 dollar martini at happy hour. But, after 48 hours of work weekdays, sometimes the hubs and I just want to chill at home. Relaxing at home is fine with me as long as I do not have to cook a five-course meal. 
This weekend Rico and I will be having a relaxing date night with homemade pizza, wine, and a movie. It only took twenty minutes to whip this quick meal up. 
 When it comes to pizza night, we love to go all out and make them gourmet or at least appear to be gourmet. To make things easy, we place all the pizza ingredients neatly in small cups, so it will be easier to add the toppings that we both love. Our favorite toppings are pepperoni, pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and oregano.   

Instead of using the traditional pizza dough, we love using pita bread. 

We love to pile on the love and toppings, then bake for 10-15 minutes.
Step One: Add any basil or desired sauce
Step Two: Pile on those toppings - Have fun  with your food
Bake according to your oven 
Step 4: Grab a red wine or beer whatever you love 
 My husband loves a good glass of wine. As for me, I am not picky; I just want to eat and unwind. We will have Pinot Noir red wine with our pizza tonight. 
While our pizza cools off, we spend another 20 minutes talking and laughing about life and our jobs. Quality time has become our top priority. 

   The movie of choice tonight was Kong Skull Island. I will not give the storyline away, just know the action was absolutely fantastic. All I will say is Kong was shaking up some stuff and snatching lives from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed every inch of Kong. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give Kong a 10 because I and the hubs enjoyed the entire movie together.  Let me know if you saw this one?  

Last-minute date night thoughts:
Life is short, so anytime you can unwind with a loved one, do it.
All work and no play is tedious.
Sometimes it is ok to have a quick date night at home.  
You do not have to dress up for at-home date nights. 
Quality time has to be an effort, not a chore. 
Grown-ups need a day without working or thinking about planning a long night out.
You have to create your own happiness. Date nights are essential for a good and healthy relationship.
Find quick and straightforward, no stress things to do on date night.
Pizza and a movie are the quickest, but there are so many other natural options to try. Have fun, and keep the hot and fiery fun on your date nights. 

What do you do on your date nights? 

                         Until Next Time ....Have a Great Date Night whenever the time permits.



  1. I love it!! Spending time with family is crucial! Continue to inspire us with your ideas for date night!!

    1. Thank you Stephanie and I will...have a great weekend:)


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