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How I Highlight My Face In 2 Minutes

Easy quick tips to highlight your face in two minutes. Apply Run and Done

How I Highlight My Face In 2 Minutes 

Do You Wear Make-Up?
 Do You Highlight Your Face To Achieve A Natural Glow?

When I was younger, I wore a massive amount of make-up. Some of my family members may argue I was the original Bozo the clown. Seriously I wore all the blues and yellows that came on the .99 cent make-up palette. Not to mention whatever lip color I wore on my lips suddenly found it's way onto my cheeks and eyes. So, you can only imagine the horror I must have looked considering metallics and frost colors were my favorites to wear.

Now that I am older and a little more toned down. I want to wear a beautiful glow. Not mention I want it in 2 minutes or less. 
If you are anything like me, timing is everything. So, I need a method that will enhance and have me out the door, so I can drop kids off at school and carry on with my daily workload.

I am not a beauty guru, but I can show you how I get a natural looking glow at home.

Gather Items:
First, pick and choose the item or items you want to highlight with. I am using the NYX Illuminator and the Carli Bybel Palette. Both of these were bought by me from Ulta. You can find them at most beauty supply stores.
Side Note: You Do Not Have To Use Two Different Highlighters. The same look can be achieved with only one.
It took me several tries with different products until I learned how to get the look I desired. After trial and error, I fell in love with the creamy textures and the powdery ones. 

First Step

I squeeze a dollop of my NYX onto my fingertip. Starting at the tip of my nose, I lightly stroke up in between my eyes. I apply a small amount onto my forehead before gliding gently onto my cheekbones.

Second Step
To add a matte look to my cream texture, I grab my cheekbone brush and choose the highlight powder I want to use. Most days I prefer the darker bronze, but today I will mix it with my lighter shade.

Third Step
Repeat the same steps as with the cream highlighter. I start with my nose, and I also do a fishbone technique with my lips. When I make fish lips, it gives me a precise look at my cheeks. Then I glide my brush in a quick and swift direction. 

I use a small mirror so I can see how I swiftly swipe my cheeks, I swipe will do it. Sometimes I am extra, and I will move the brush around until well blended. The illuminator always gives me a perfect balance and reflection on my highlight.
I always do my nose first and a little on my forehead.
Last Step
I never miss this step, but it is not necessary. I grab a blending brush and gently tap in lightly sometimes circle motion to give a beautifully blended appearance. 
Veolia that's it

In Conclusion
When it comes to makeup, I want simple basic and straightforward. I will do a full makeup look in another post.
Most women are busy and are looking for something that looks natural and doesn't take 30 minutes to apply. With this look, I  have on foundation, eyelashes, and light pink lip color.

On days I don't wear a base I will add a small amount of my powder highlight to have a bare and natural look. 

Hope you enjoyed this simple look and I will have a reference video down below.

See You In The Next Post!

xoxo Tangie Bell