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I Thought I Hated My Body In Denim Jeans

I Thought I Hated My Body In Denim Jeans. Just saying that phrase gives me chills. I can not speak for any other woman, but finding the perfect pair of jeans can be very hard when you are over 40. For the most part, I rarely wear jeans at all. My everyday wear consists of cute long dresses, slacks, or crop pants. The reason being is I can never find a pair of jeans that don't make me look like a sausage squeezed between two slices of bread.
Please don't get me wrong; I love every inch of my different shaped body. I just want a good pair of jeans that fit me and my life entirely. 

For years I have struggled with my weight even as a child. When I was younger, I was very skinny, and I looked just like the character Olive Oyl from the  Popeye movie. Trust and believe I have had my share of thin girl jokes and comments. For years I wanted to be thick and fat with a big ole' booty like the celebrities I would see on TV. By the time I was a teen, I would walk with my butt poked out, yep I was looking real crazy. No matter what I wore, nothing fit me in all the right places. Somewhere along the way in life, that is when I became obsessed with gaining weight. So, I started eating a lot of junk food, but nothing helped me gain even one pound. It was after my third child was born is when I picked up a mass of weight.
I am not sure why it took so long for me to gain weight. The more I think about my life, I wonder why I wasted so much time on the foolish things in life, such as my weight. Honestly, I could have been doing something fabulous with myself instead of worrying about my body changing. As I gained weight, the other side of judgment from people came pouring in. After I gained weight, I couldn't find one pair of jeans that looked good on me. It was so easy to play the blame game on myself and on others.
Nonetheless, there is no one to blame except myself for allowing my self-esteem to become so low. On the flip side, when I was a kid, it was easier to blame others. But, in reality, I am an oversized grown-ass woman who should by now be very happy in my own skin. Life comes in cycles one minute we are skinny, big-boned, extra toned, and super lean. It doesn't matter where a person is in life; what matters is if they are happy with themselves on the inside. I am taking a new leaf in my life, and I am not turning back. I have style, and I plan on flaunting it in my imperfect ways.
Jeans have become my least favorite thing to wear, until now. I thought my body never looked good in any pair of jeans. The older I become, it becomes harder to find some cute and sassy looking jeans. One reason being is most jeans is made of stretch material. I feel as if stretch jeans for me look ridiculous. I am open to giving them another try. Life is too short for me to hate anything about my body, especially my body being in a pair of denim jeans. 

Today's life lesson for me is not to waste time on things I can fix. My weight is something I can fix. How I feel about my body at this moment in time can also be adjusted. Loving myself right now is in my control, even if I change nothing on my body. I love all my curves, dimples and dents. Yes, I do, and I can finally say that out loud. How about you? 

Two weeks ago, I decided to try on a pair of jeans from my local Target. To my surprise, the jeans were long enough, a little baggy, and most importantly, they fit. So, I bought them with a cute yellow top. The yellow top fits cute, and I love the way it looks slouchy and crinkles, just like my real life.
I am pairing both items with my vintage handbag I found while thrift shopping. 

Of course, I popped on my cute little baby doll shoes that I also bought from Target. I may be able to wear taller heels in a moment.:)

I am no longer afraid to strut in my denim jeans with pure confidence.
Not to mention, I love a cute pair of earrings, and I am wearing 4 tier drop down faux pearl earrings from H & M.

Today I am taking back my power to wear my own style, how I want to, and the way I want. I have a new found love for denim jeans, and you will see a lot more of me wearing them around this neck of the woods.

When it comes to style, everyone has an opinion as to what body shapes look the best in denim jeans. I encourage anyone who follows my journey to stop and love the body you are in. If you are a grown -Oz woman, I am rooting for your body to look and feel fabulous in your denim jeans.

                             Just a few of my own personal tips when looking for jeans.

Plan Ahead: Shopping for jeans can take all day, so you may need one good day to focus on your jeans. So, plan a day just for denim jean shopping. You can find tops to match at a later time.

Focus On What You Want: It doesn't matter if no one likes you in your jeans. Try to focus on how the jeans make you look and feel. No one has the perfect body for jeans, not even Beyonce.  Go ahead and flaunt your stuff and stay focused on what makes you happy and wear it.

Buy In Bulk: If you stumble upon that perfect denim fit and you purchase them. I encourage you to buy at least two pairs. There is nothing worse than buying a good pair of jeans that fit, and you go back to the store for another couple of jeans, but the jeans have been discontinued. It may have taken years to find a good pair of jeans, so you may want to pick up two just in case. Lol :)

                                                              Until Next Time!
                                      Build Your Own Body with Confidence Today!

                                   Have you ever hated your body in denim jeans?

                                                  Let's keep this conversation going.


  1. That's so funny! I hated my body in jeans because I am too small! Now I embrace everything about my small butt and slim legs! #bodypositive

    1. I know right.... if only we all could embrace where we are at any given moment in time. Life would be perfect.


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