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Restyling Last Season Accessories With Old and New Pieces

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Yesterday I restyled some of my old and new accessory pieces from my own jewelry box. Sometimes I like to spruce up my old jewelry to make them look brand new without spending a ton of money. Today, I will be using old and new pieces I've found from the craft store to give my jewelry a fresh and clean modern look. You will not believe how easy it is to change the look of things you already have at home. Also, I will share how you can make a pair of bomb studded earrings in 30 seconds flat.

 First, I gathered all the materials I wanted to use. I have a craft area because I make my own jewelry from time to time. The reason being I will go to the store and purchase the same style of jewelry I already have at home. 
Shopping for and restyling my accessories have become one of my favorite things to do.
It is no secret that I love faux pearls, and there is no shortage of them in my home, from long to short.
It is so easy to restyle a single pearl necklace by adding a jump ring and any charm of choice. I love vintage style lockets, and this cutie was stored away in my junk pile of trinkets.  No fear if you ever want cute charms, try your local craft store, and you will be amazed at the small and simple things you can create or recreate by using charms and a single pearl necklace. Also, not to mention the money I save by doing this myself.

It's the simple touches to sprucing up jewelry that will change the look of any outfit. In my personal opinion, no matter how cute a long pearl necklace looks when you add a simple locket to it, the watch will change drastically.
Although charms are a great way to spruce up any jewelry pieces. There are so many other ideas that can also be used. Burlap is another one of my favorite choices to use. I love to use already premade pieces. Trying to make a burlap flower just ain't my thang unless I am selling something and that is not the case, :)
A little hot glue and some premade burlap will change the look of any chain necklace or pearl necklace. I use hot glue in case I want to change the style again. Tip: The hot glue will hold for a very long time.

 When it comes to restyling my accessories, I love it when I find things at the craft store that I can quickly slap a jump ring or earring hoop on. Nothing tickles my fancy more than premade jewelry. Not to mention, I can find things in season, on-trend, and by doing it at home, I saved some big buckaroos.

There is nothing sexier than rocking a cute pair of leather earrings with rhinestones or spikes. But, we all know that can set you back 19.00 to 99 dollars or more. Not kidding at all. :)
No fear you can run right on into your local craft store and grab some premade ones.

The craft store carries all types of premade jewelry, and all a person will need is a little imagination to make something beautiful.
I found some adorable leather trinkets with flat metal stones on a cord. So the idea to make earrings came straight to my mind. 
 Quickly added an earring hook and viola in 3 seconds I had a pair of cute earrings.


Honestly, these earrings were so cheap to make you could quickly sell them if you were into jewelry for sale.
Sometimes all it takes is a little time to re-evaluate your old accessories. Summer is gone, but I have no plans to toss out last season's jewelry. No one cares if you are re-wearing out of season accessories; just add your own twist to make them look your own. 

Extra Tips When Restyling Old Accessories

#1 Shop crafts store, flea markets, and thrift stores
#2 Look for charms and other items on sale use coupons when and if available
#3 Stick to a style and theme you love instead it is wild and crazy or rocker chic
#4 Wear and Design what you like
#5 Out of season is always in season 
#6 Never toss out old jewelry -You can still remake it into something else
#7 Anything can be transformed
#8 So have fun and Do You!

Until next time stay motivated and inspired to restyle your old and new jewelry pieces.

The next post will be up on Tuesday!