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Should I Wear This Nude Lip Color! Help Me Decide?

Ok ladies, I need your help, Should I Wear This Nude Lip Color! Help Me Decide?  I am the first one to admit when it comes to lipsticks I will wear the same color by the same company forever. It is tough for me to find something that doesn't make me look like a hot stripper or a washed out wall canvas.  (lol no pun intended)
I can never find balance in picking out my lip colors. Besides, I really want to try a nude color for a wedding event I will be attending in two weeks. It doesn't matter the brand I just want a really cute velvet looking color for my skin tone. So, I need your help, how do I look in this nude color? Is it a Yay or Nay?

A few days ago I went on a nude lip color shopping spree, who knew I would run into at least 12 different shades of nude. Not kidding at all, some were matte, and some had a frosted look. The process was long, and I could not decide on a specific color nor texture. Who knew I needed to choose between velvet, glossy, or chalky. I just want a pretty nude lipstick that goes on smooth and stays all day.
 I went to several stores high end, low end and one in the back end streets of nowhere land. (not even kidding).

After several tries, I bought one color that I thought was everything I wanted a nude lip to be. But, after getting home, I realized my top hand was a different color and different texture from my lips. In my opinion hand swatches of color is not the same as trying the lip color on. I may have made a poor choice by swatching the color on my hands and not actually trying it on.
When I swiped the color on my hands, I was in love, so I bought it. After, getting home my feelings changed as I looked in the mirror and saw how it really looked on my lips.

Yep, by the looks of this picture I look like a deer in headlights. Not to mention my 5-year-old said I look like Bambi. At this point, I am not feeling the nude at all, but I really want to keep it.
One thing I did notice is this nude color blended in with my skin, and it moves on the lips, couldn't quite get it to stay in the center of my lips. Every time I talked it looked as if I did not apply a full lip. I also tried to add a little gloss on top, and that made me look ridiculous. 
Usually, I wear pink lipstick and trust me I have every shade imaginable to mankind.
Honestly, I just want to try something a little different. 
The older I become I find I wear the same thing over and over until my look is just the same every day.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking the same every day I just want to spruce up my lip color. 
I love this nude color, but I don't think it looks good on me. What do you think? Leave me your honest opinion or suggestion? Nude colors can be very tricky to wear, but I stepped out of my comfort zone to try something I lowkey have always wanted to try. 
Yes, we are in fall, and everyone is going with the fall colors of red, orange and grey. I'm a basic woman, and I have never tried the darker colors. To be honest, I am petrified of trying a red, but if you would like me to try another color let me know below?

Just a few tips for you if you decide to go nude lip shopping.

#1 Dress comfortable, it was very hot walking and trying on different lip colors. 

#2 Be in the mood: If you are not in the mood to swatch lots of colors, you may pick up what you later do not want. 
#3 Ask question and I mean ask lots of questions. There are no dumb questions just un aked ones. I did ask a lot of questions. For example, what is the best nude color for mature older women?  What is the best nude shade for black African women?  Those are good questions. I do not want a color that is made for a 14year old young person. I know I can not wear a nude shade that is for pale skin tones. It is terrifying asking those questions, but you will find most attendants at the make -up counter are there and are willing to help with those types of questions.

#4 Be prepared to shop at different stores.
 No joke be prepared to stop at the big chains, the little chains, the grocery stores, the pharmacy and anywhere that sells lip colors. It may sound funny to read this, but yes, I picked up a nude color at my local grocery store while trying to check out. 

#5 Be prepared to spend money or ask for a sample to try before you buy.
When it comes to my makeup or choosing a lip color, I am ok with spending a little more money. The product needs to be worth it, and it needs to be good quality.
Ladies, do not be afraid to ask for samples. You can try on makeup before you buy it. Some places will allow you to buy and try at home and if you do not like it return it. Keep in mind sometimes returns can be a hassle, nonetheless, that is a great option. Besides, who doesn't love a good return policy? Sometimes I just may not like it even if I tried it. 

#6 Try On Do Not Swatch
If you can avoid the hand swatching, by all means, do it. If you are going to try on lip colors, do not to apply anything on your lips before leaving home. Do a quick lip scrub at the house and go shop for lip colors on a bare lip. Trust me you will achieve better results in the long run. Your lips will show the actual color.  

Although I am asking for you guys suggestions, I want to reaffirm no matter what color a woman chooses to wear on her lips she is always beautiful. If a woman decides to wear lipstick doesn't mean she is more than or less than a woman. I am not my make-up I just love to make-up. 

Hope these tips help

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!


  1. I like the nude! I can never find a good chocolatey color for me! Maybe I'll try one from a small chain!!

    1. I can not find one that doesn't make me look washed out. I will keep looking and thank you:)


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