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Sometimes I Feel Like Thrift Shopping And Hauling Some Stuff

Image: Thrift Shopping and Haul for Inspiration

Some of my best moments in life are when I can go vintage or thrift shopping. I know most people don't like to sift through old clothes and artifacts. But, I find it to be relaxing and emotionally calming. On Wednesday's at the thrift store,  I can find the best stuff from name-brand handbags to weird coffee cups and downright ugly things. My last thrift shopping trip, I scored a super cute Michael Kors Leather purse. Today was no different; I hit the jackpot by snatching up a few vintage pieces to wear. Thrifting is fun, and sometimes I really do feel like thrift shopping and hauling some stuff home.    

When I go thrifting, I never judge a book by its cover because the ugliest books are where all the good stuff is hidden. You know those gems everybody wants but don't want to look for. Not me, I am all in for the madness. I will scorer every inch of the store, and I literally can spend hours shoveling my way through every item. 

One thing I love to look for is cute watches. Honestly, I want a Michael Kors watch surprisingly I had no luck finding one on this shopping trip. No matter what I am looking for, I never give up because I see cute and affordable stuff I can decorate my home with or wear.  

Nonetheless, when I head out to a thrift shop, I always psych myself up to find something to bring back home. On this trip, I put together the cutest outfit that could be worn out to brunch or to attend a girls' event. 
 First, I found a new leopard watch for 4 dollars by Geneva. The detail on the wristwatch is pretty, and I bought it at a reasonable price.   

My next score at the thrift store was a cute little beaded multicolored purse. When I saw this colorful handbag, I  instantly thought of the 90's style full of color and beads. I found the condition of the bag to be in perfect shape without tears or snares. So, I bought it straight off the rack, because I absolutely love the color. 

I could not resist my next purchase because I fell upon an Iman faux fur vest. 
If I find new things or name brands, I always pick it up, look at every inch of the item, and if it is in excellent condition, I buy it. I believe a woman should never walk away from a good deal, right?  :) 

To be fair without tooting my own horn, but beep beep. I was getting blessed with all my good finds at the thrift store. Just before heading to the front of the store to pay for the purchases, I stumbled across a rack of camo pants. I felt so blessed to find two pairs were in my size. 
Without thinking about it, I grabbed my blessing and twirled straight to the checkout counter. The best part of this whole deal is I got the camo pants for 3 buckaroos. 
So, let's do the math: Camo 3 dollars, watch 4 dollars, Iman vest was 8 bucks. I also got an everyday brown fake leather bag for 2 bucks. This whole trip cost me a total of 17 bucks. Oh yeah, I am winning, or shall I say I won on this thrift trip.    

By the time I got home, it was time to wash my new thrift clothes and sterilize my new watch. I can't believe I am wearing a full thrift store outfit.
 Can we all just take a moment and shout savings and affordable. The shoes I paired with this outfit are Jessica Simpson. Yes, I believe you can mix no-name brand clothing with name brand items. Besides, I am not a fashion blogger, so I don't have to go by the rules. :)

                          Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!


  1. You are rocking those camo pants! Also can I Borrow that Handbag?? Love it! You really did find some good pieces for a head to toe outfit!


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