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Five Things I Learned After Trying Red Lipstick

I've been into makeup since I was a teen. I love picking up my lipsticks from local stores such as Walgreens and CVS. Back in my day, I never knew about Sephora or Ulta. The beauty selections have broadened since I was a kid. Nowadays you can find everything from the rooter to the tooter. When it comes to my lipsticks, I stick with my natural pink color. I have every shade of pink from the lightest to the darkest color. But, today, I am stepping up my game and my shyness about trying the color red. I've always wanted to rock red, and today, I am going bold and vibrant. My first reaction after trying on red lipstick wasn't natural. Nonetheless, here are five things I learned after trying red lipstick.

Number 1: Choosing The Right Red That Fits My Style
Picking the right color was my most significant dilemma. Who knew red came in so many different shades and textures. I tried on several different forms, from glossy to matte. The lipstick struggle was real, and it took me several tries and several days to find my perfect fit. Seriously I tried on the low end to high-end lipstick. I even tried a dollar tree red lipstick, well, the verdict was a little sketchy on me. No shade against dollar lipstick, but I wanted a deep red. And the dollar red lipstick didn't deliver on this go-round. The red lipstick that was a hit with my skin tone was a super matte that last all day long. The end result is impressive on my skin, and I love the look. If I could another a piece of advice about picking the right color red lipstick. It would be to take your time so you can better choose the right red color lipstick that fits your personal lifestyle.

Number 2: It's Ok To Line Your Lips
Here comes the scary part about wearing a red lip. The color will sometimes bleed if not applied right. Applying the red color was my number one struggle. If I weren't careful, the red lipstick would have a smudged look. When I tried to wipe the lipstick off or fix it. My lips would look uneven, and the color stained my lips. After many tries, I finally picked up the perfect pencil to line my lips. I know many people who say don't line your lips. But no way Bueno I had to step up my game and by a lip liner to control the red when filling in my lips. I did purchase a lip liner that slightly matched the red lipstick I chose.  The results were terrific when I lined my lips before applying my new rich and vibrant red color.

Number Three: Less Is More
Oh boy, this was a huge one for me, reminding myself less is more. I am a  gal who loves to pile on my lip colors. Because red is so vibrant, I learned quickly one swipe across my lips did the trick. I was not about to back down from using my red lipstick, so I  practiced several times by putting it on and taking it off. Depending on the red, a woman chooses to wear, remember practice makes perfect. Last but not less, when wearing a bold red lip, most of the time, I can skip adding eyeshadow.

Number Four: Older Women Can Wear A Bold Lip Color
I know the older women like to stay more toward neutral colors but not this gal. I love bold. Age has nothing to do with what color an older woman wears on her lips. My motto: If it looks useful to you, then wear it. If you like it, then buy it. Who cares about age, just do you Boo and be happy. Age ain't nothing but a number when it comes to wearing lipstick. So, I suggest Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj need to move over. I know older women can rock the reds and the pinks when it comes to lipsticks. I am saying bye for now to neutrals and hello to my big and bold red lips.

Number 5: Forget The Rules That The Beauty Gurus Tell
If I was planning to rip the runway in a fashion show may be what Tyra Banks recommend would really help me. But, I am just a regular ole' hairstylist living in Texas. I just want to look pretty without all the fuss and the extra steps it takes to wearing a cute lipstick color. No pun to all the great beauty gurus out in the interweb. The biggest problem I had while shopping for one tube of lipstick. In one particular beauty store, I was told I needed a special $15 brush just to apply my lip color, and I needed to add concealer. My head was spinning in circles, trying to find something I wanted to try. One beauty attendant suggested I buy all high-end lipsticks so my lips could look expensive. I laughed so hard on the inside. My advice to any woman would be, do not believe the hype buy according to what you love and purchase only what you need to get the job done. Buying expensive make-up doesn't make a woman pretty, and buying cheap make-up doesn't make a woman look ugly. So, forget the rules and buy what you want to wear even if it comes out to be expensive or no just plain ole' affordable. Be happy with your purchase and have fun. Also, I will be talking about my new protective hairstyle come back tomorrow!
                                                                           Until Next Time! 
I would like to try a few other red lipstick colors, please leave me some recommendations?  High end and Low-end lipstick choices? What are your favorite red lipsticks to use? 


  1. Let me tell you something.. I didn't start lining my lips until this month! I always thought it was a 90's things and that it wasnt needed anymore! But since I like dark colors, I will say it helped my lipstick stay in place longer and no i'm making it a staple piece!

  2. Yes I agree it helped keep my lipstick on all day. Red can be tricky so lining them helps.


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