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Good News! I Am Facing My Fears About Getting Wrinkles

I was afraid to admit I have wrinkles until today. There you have it one of my biggest fears was dealing with my new found crow lines. A few weeks ago, I noticed a few lines across my forehead and just recently a few more around my eyes. I honestly do not know what is next. I had major panic attacks, not to mention I was asking my husband thirty times a day if he could see my aging lines. He swore he saw nothing. Lol :) Great answer babe. 
Over a few days, I was doing a massive amount of research online. I just want to know does having wrinkles mean my life is over or do I need botox? I was beginning to hate life, and this phase that comes with age. Yep, I was going a little loopy. But, wait there is more I went to my local beauty store to buy cream for my new found woman issue, and this is what happened. 

 I just knew this was going to be an easy task. No kidding I planned to run into the store ask the clerk quietly for the wrinkle cream section and boom I was going to be on my way to have lunch with Rico. Yeah, right three hours later and 120 dollars out my clutch purse. I was more confused about myself than ever. I just wanted to buy wrinkle cream, but I discovered I may have wrinkles coming in many other places.

 I saw creams, gels, and masks for everything, including lips. Oh my goodness you mean my lips are going to shrink more than they already have. I already use lip plumpers. What's next? This journey wasn't comfortable, and it sure wasn't easy for me to ask for help. This getting older phase in my life is teaching me a new way of adulting. No, seriously, I am becoming an old adult. Somebody, please catch me. I am about to faint.

 After walking around for hours looking around and reading every label on each package. I felt dumber than two left shoes. Each product did something different, I couldn't find anything thing that did everything. Don't judge me I need easy does it face creams. I just do not want to deal with five-step wrinkle cream programs. I have very little patience. Don't worry, I finally asked for help.

Although I got a  lovely young lady, who helped me. She was half my age. I just felt all alone at that moment. Her skin was nice and tight, yet I was asking for something to fix my droopy skin. I almost wish she was using something magical.

 Honestly, we both looked confused, but we read labels together. This was an experience that was worthy of mention in 2017. You know why because I have decided to close that fear chapter in my life about getting wrinkles. I am aging, and it is ok.  Yes, I bought a lot of stuff from the store some was good and somethings I purchased I will never buy again.

Nonetheless, I learned a lot about myself, getting old is scary, getting wrinkles is even more terrifying. But, we all will face this problem at some point in life. I am going to do my part to preserve my skin, but today I am letting go of any fears dealing with wrinkles, crows feet, or getting old. Life is short, and I am just about to start living and enjoying my time left on earth. Ahh, it feels so good to let go and grow in wisdom.

In conclusion, I am not an expert with wrinkle creams, but I do have a few tips that may ease the anxiety if you have them.

1) Wrinkles do not discriminate with age nor gender. At some point, we all will have to face the aging factor in life.

2) Seriously it is ok. If you begin to see signs of wrinkles, start making a few changes in life to help slow the look of your lines down. Such as a better diet, shucks a better everything in life.

3) Talk to other adult people who may have gone through this scary stage in their life.

4) Take someone with you when shopping for creams. The buddy system will save you time and money.  Teamwork!

5) Don't spend too much time worrying about no stinky ole' wrinkles, fix yourself up, and keep moving forward to a healthier and happier YOU!

6) Stay off the internet looking at other photos of other people with wrinkles. Please don't do it. You will go insane, trying to compare your skin to someone else. The people they show you on online will make you just give up on life. Trust me, it's not that serious. We will all age differently.

7) Last but not least. Don't be so hard on yourself there are more important things to deal with in life.
How will you deal with your wrinkles?

                                                    Well, that is all for now....Until next time!