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How We Have Fun As A Family Without Spending Money

 Today may have been the last day of warm weather here in Texas. I can not believe we are in full December, yet the weather feels like a chilly, crisp day at the beach. My family and I took advantage of this great weather by heading to the museum to look at old homes.  
I got a late start, so I was hard-pressed to find something free and fun to do with my family. No matter what free stuff is always a good idea for families, Not only can a family have fun, but you can create a few good memories.  

This is Us Our Crazy Family
Being the oldest of five children myself, I've learned how to scout the city for free stuff to do. Going to parks and museums have always been a fan favorite of ours. When it comes to a family day out Rico, and I like to try the free stuff first.  After a coin toss-up, the family decided to walk around at our local museum. 

 Creating Family Memories
 As I get older, I am learning day by day the importance of cherishing the simple and happy moments. Although my girls are growing up very fast, I am focusing on our family laughs and making memories. Visiting the museum is not the only way to gather family memories. But it is a right ole' free way to enjoy a tremendous family outing. Collecting memories with my family has become a tradition I plan to do forever. 


Spending Time With My Husband
  The museum is not only for kids. It can also be for adults to walk and talk, have a quick memory lane moment. Rico and I found an old church to sit down and talk. Before I knew it, we were laughing about the hours we spent in church as kids. Church back in the day lasted for hours and hours. Those were good ole' times dancing and singing in the church choir. 

Spending Time With Family Is Quality Time
As we approach the Christmas holidays, I will continue to look for things that will be simple and relaxing for us to do as a family. I guess it is accurate quality time is the best time. Having family fun doesn't always have to cost one red penny. Besides, I notice my family has more fun with free stuff, and they waste a lot when we pay for stuff. No matter what time is moving very fast and I want to do as much as I possibly can to build a healthy and happy family. 

                                                                Last Minute Family Tips
                      If you want to find free things in your area, type into google and ask for Free things to do in your city. Trust me, you will be absolutely amazed by the free stuff to do in your area. With the holidays coming up who wants to spend a lot of money doing pleasant things with the family.

Nonetheless, I learned quite a few things this weekend, including how much I love being a wife and mommy.

                                  How do you spend your free time with your family?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Free is my favorite number! Ha! But you're right, there's no need to spend so much money through the holidays when you can find nice things to do with your family for less!

    1. Now you said a mouth full see ya in the next post:)