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Obsessed:Winter Staples Mixed With Bold Colors

Obsessed:Winter Staples Mixed With Bold Colors
A few winter staple pieces that have become my favorite or shall I say my complete obsession.
This year I am going to add more bold prints and colors to my wardrobe. In 2018 I will be dismissing the perception that older women such as myself can't wear a younger and hipster style of clothing. So here are a few staple pieces I have added to my winter collection. Let's wear what we want too as women this year. 
The first thing I am trying to do is add a variety of color to my handbags, such as yellows, blues, and greens. I usually lean toward neutrals or black. But this yellow bag caught my eye one late night while lurking on Amazon. The moment it arrived, it became my pop of color and newfound obsession. So, if you want to add a little color to your winter wardrobe, a yellow purse will definitely push you up a notch or two. 

Let's talk about the jumpsuit I am wearing.
My body is three different sizes small at the top, thick in the waist and tiny at the ankles. Lol :) Yep I am all woman. 
With that being said, I was skeptical at first about getting stuck in this one-piece jumper assemble. But, after trying it on and adding my fake leather jacket, I began to feel really fancy. 
Not to mention, the yellow bag played well with the olive green jumper. 

These boots were made for showing off. At one point in life, I stopped wearing heels. I think it may have started when I became a hairstylist my feet would hurt so bad after standing for hours five days a week. 
Lately, I have graduated from the flat shoe committee. I am not letting go of my flats, just adding a few heels to the mix. Let's start off with these galaxy styled boots I found at Target. Now I am not one to be floating around in mystery mix type boots the style paired well with my jumper and yellow purse. The fit is terrific and can hold my height and weight mighty fine. 

Moving to earrings. Winter can be a time when I pile on frumpy clothes and scarves. An excellent way to look stylish is to find cute earrings to wear when I am all bundled up in my coat or jacket.

 A pair of earrings can change the winter staple game. 

 I have been loving feathers and fluffy styled earrings. If you are looking for something to add a little pizzaz to your winter accessories, go wild with your earring collection. I got these from JCPenney.

Metals and abstract designs can be a great way to play up your winter wardrobe. You can never go wrong with adding rings, earrings, shades, and colorful boots to spice up your winter staples. This year I will be playing with lots of bold colors and prints. At the moment, getting bold with colors has become my number one obsession. The metal earrings came from Urban Outfitters over the summer.
There you have it all the things I am obsessed with this winter. If you want to see, more obsessions leave me a comment. Or just stay tuned for my next obsession to float your way. :)

In conclusion, age ain't nothing but a number when it comes to style. So, with that being said, get bold and try some new prints and textures for this winter.

Until Next Time!

Which staple piece was your favorite?

All items purchased by me.


  1. I love your choice of style and jewelry choice. You're never to old to show off that style, If I was in fit, id totally go buy that outfit :) but all jokes aside, the clash of the yellow and red REALLY make the outfit pop which is what I love a lot, I'm that one person that has to pop some type of way when it comes to outfit choices So definitely That outfit is a keeper👏

    1. Good morning that is why I love accessories it can change the look of any outfit. lol I am trying to keep my style up at my ole' age. So I understand your joke. Have a good New Year:)

  2. I cannot just pick one. All are my favs. Where did you buy the jumpsuit? You look amazing!

    1. Good morning I got it from Gap. It has no sleeves so I restyled with jacket, boots and all the other things I could find. Have a great Day:)

  3. I absolutely love your blog. It is truly inspiring, I personally am horrible when it comes to styling clothes. But, finding someone online who is very open when it comes to age and the maturing process that is a trait that is admirable! Love the personalized outfits and jewelry concepts! Please keep being you! <3

    1. Good evening and thank you for this beautiful comment I read this three times, I hope you stick around..more to come. Have a great New Year


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