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The Products That Saved My Dry Itchy Eczema Skin

Skincare For Dry Itchy Eczema Skin

Winter is in full swing, and so is my dry, itchy, and eczema-prone skin. I've tried everything over the counter, under the kitchen counter, and lastly, prescriptions from  Dr. money counter. Every year my skin seems to worsen from the itching and peeling from overexposed dryness. When I was younger, my skin was very irritated. Now that I am older, eczema has moved to my scalp, around my lips and fingers. The winter weather has made my symptoms go mad this year. I am not an expert at skincare. But I can honestly share with you the products that saved my dry, itchy eczema skin. I use different things for dry scalp, lips, etc. 

The battle for good skincare is always on my mind. I am focused on keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized from my scalp to my lips. Lately, I have been dealing with eczema flare-ups, so I am sharing my tips and tricks to combat that dry, itchy eczema-prone skin.

This has been my worse year ever. My skin has been in a stage of constant dryness, irritation, and inflammation. I have spent countless hours and money looking for the best products to give me a little relief. It took me some time to realize my skin needed to stay hydrated with oil and moisture. Listed below are my go-to products. I love to change them up because my skin becomes immune to them. These products are based on my personal experience, and the facts are based on my opinion and use only.
Image Aveeno  Itch Relief Used For Eczema
Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm
Hands down, this may be my favorite product for instant relief. When my skin flares up, I will grab Aveeno to lock in instant moisture with immediate itch relief.
After doing my research, Aveeno Eczema Therapy is dermatology approved.
My Dr highly recommends.
I also use it for my five-year-old daughter, who struggles with eczema.
After I give her a bath, I will rub her entire body down for instant comfort.
Other important notes:
Steroid Free
Clinically Proven
Effective when eczema flare-up
Leaves No Greasy Feels 
Locks In Moisture
On a scale of 1to 10, I give  Aveeno Therapy a 9
You can find this product over the counter at any store from Target to Wal-Mart
The price ranges from $14 to $17

Image African Oil For Dry Scalp Relief
 Africas Best Herbal Oil
Let's talk about the scalp. Although the Aveeno is right for me to use, to use cannot use it on my scalp. Sometimes my scalp will itch beyond words. I love to heat this product up and use it as a hot scalp oil. It helps with adding a balance of hydration to my dry, inflamed scalp. It may be beneficial for the scalp, but it is fantastic for adding a good shine when my hair becomes brittle from dying it blonde.
Side note: I do shampoo and condition my hair after 20 minutes of use to remove the oil buildup.
This is definitely my go-to for hot oil scalp treatments. 
Benefits: It has a blend of penetrating natural oils that revitalize dry, thirsty hair and skin.
On a scale of 1-10, I give it a ten for the relief of dry and itchy scalp.
You can find Africas Best Herbal Oil in most beauty supply stores and big chains such as Target and Wal-Mart.
Price ranges from $1,99 to almost $5,00 depending on location in which a person purchases.

Image Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Relief
Palmers  Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Oil
When I need to switch up products. This is my go-to for warm baths. A few drops in your water with give your thirsty itchy body a little relief. It is very oily, and when it comes to eczema, the more moisture you can add to your daily regimen, the better you will feel. Eczema thrives on dryness. When the skin becomes dry, the itching and inflammation get worse and become unbearable. I have found if I add oils to my bath, often, my skin will not dry out as often. The winter weather is harsh on my skin. 
Benefits: Vitamin E
Fast Absorbing
Lightly Scented
Moisturizes and Soothe Rough Dry Skin
Perfect For After Shower Use
Or add Drops To Bath
Available Nationwide
Price Range $4 to 6 dollars
This is my second bottle
It last a very long time

Image Rose hip Oil removes make-up
Rose Hip Oil
The other night I had a flare-up so I couldn't enjoy my night out with my husband and friends. 
By the time I made it home, removing my make up was a must. When my skin becomes irritated, I can't use a face wash first. I use rosehip oil to soften and loosen my make-up. When I wipe it off, its smooth and has a velvet feel. I follow up with a little mineral water on a cotton ball to remove excess make-up. This oil is perfect for the face. I also use it as a night moisturizer. It helps keep my face moisturized while I sleep. No, I do not wash my face with any other cleanser because it may dry out ore during my moments battling with eczema. 
My focus is and always will be moisture and hydration for my skin. If I allow my skin to become dry, I will itch really bad. Side Note: Use a warm white clothe. Colored towels may contain ink and could irritate your face. 
Benefits: Instantly Soothes My Face After Removing My Make-Up
Price Range $5 to 8 dollars
This product is definitely on my radar to continue to use

Image Rosebud lip balm for my dry cracked lips

 Rosebud Salve
Last but not least, let's talk about dry and flaky lips. Yes, your lips can become parched, cracked, and itchy. To keep my lips hydrated, I use rosebud salve. A little goes a long way when my lips are cracked and feeling dehydrated.
Benefits: Calms and Heals Irritation
Soothes Cracked Lips
No need to continually reapply
Absorbs quickly for instant relief
It relieves the dryness when applied to the lip area
It can be used on elbows and knees, I prefer to only use on my lips
The price runs around $6, and you can find it at Sephora, Ulta & other local beauty stores.

It has taken me years to get my eczema under control where I can live and stay active.
If I can share one main factor about eczema, stay moisturized.
If I am not having a breakout, I never take my skin for granted, I always keep my oils close by at all times.

What products are you using to combat dry itchy and eczema-prone skin?

Any more ideas that will help others, please let us know below?

Until next time have a blessed day :)