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Three Ways To Tie A Head Scarf For Bad Hair Days

Today I am sharing my top three ways to tie a scarf for bad hair days. Lately, I have wanted to try different hairstyles; sadly none have been a wow factor for me. Last week I wore super long hair extensions that I ultimately removed them seven days later. But, hey, a girl can change things up, right? Nonetheless, I am going to wear my headscarves to give my hair a complete break. Listed below are my top three head wrap styles to rock.

Headwraps or headscarves are not just for convenience. They can also be very stylish. The ways to wear them are endless. I love to wear mine in multiple ways, my favorite is the Front Roll Back. 
1)First, fold your scarf in a triangle.
2) Place thick part of the back neck and lower base of the head. 
3) Pull center flap forward
4) Take both sides and tie a knot
5) Take the remainder of scarf left out, fold back and tuck.  

The front roll back look is very sexy and chic. Sometimes when I am feeling really fancy, I will add a cute pair of shades to complete my style.
The Basic Twist Knot & Bow scarf style is another favorite of mine. 

1) Use a square scarf fold in half
2) Hold straight and twist until you reach your desired look
3) Place around your head tie a cute bow and go

Last but not least, the Classic Back Knot is a simple get up tie up your hair and go.

 No need to explain this one, but I will anyway.

Step One: Use a square scarf, fold into a triangle
Step Two: Place on head 
Step 3: Position scarf, pull to the back and tie into a knot or let the sides hang down

If I am having a severe bad hair day, I will always go for the classic knot pull back look. This look is for every age, even women over 40.

I have learned there are no bad hair days when I have a few handy head scarves lying around the house. 
Viola, this will complete my headscarf tutorial. Stay tuned for a lot more stuff coming your way on Bits and Babbles.

How do you wear your hair on bad hair days? Which one of these styles is your favorite? 

Until next time!
Have a blessed weekend