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Why Buy A New Coat When You Can Restyle The Old One For A Fresh New Look

Restyling Your Coat With Handbags, Scarf, Earring and Shades for a fresh new look

Why Buy A New Coat When You Can Restyle The Old One For A Fresh New Look 
After getting over a three-day fever and cold. I knew it was time to pull out my winter coat. I also realize winter is the worse season because everything I put on to wear ends up looking frumpy. For most women, it can be tough for us to look stylish in our winter coats. The weather here in Texas changes often. One minute it is 49 degrees in the morning by lunchtime; it's 79 degrees, Sheez the weather is never-ending. I've decided to add a few accessories that will make me look fancy in my coat this winter. When it comes to amping up your coat game, the possibilities are endless.

     When it comes to adding style to your winter coat, there are no rules. Let's just say you can wear it the way you want too. So, no rules only get as fancy as you wanna, girl. :) But, if you want a few of my know-nothing tips, then here goes everything I have to share.

Focus On Adding Color 
That's the right focus on that color girl. I like to go for deep oranges with pops of other colors blended. A color scarf will definitely change the game when adding a fresh new look to an old coat. When it very cold outside, I will grab a sizeable thick scarf, but for a un-frumpy l, ok, I love to wear a long skinny scarf. 

Colorful Handbags  
 Adding a bright purse, big or small, will make an essential black coat look very stylish and pulled together. By now, you guys know I love adding color to everything. I have tried to tone it down, yet I've failed numerous times.   
Try not to think about it too hard, go ahead, grab a little color to spruce up any and all your winter wear. 
Honestly, I am restyling a winter jacket I have had for three years. I paid 40 bucks for it, and I plan to get every nickel and dime out of my purchase.  

Ok If  You Must Style Neutral Colors
I am not a hater at all, but sometimes a cute neutral bag will find it's way into my closet. I mostly love a big oversized handbag with lots of bells and whistles. Ok, I am over exaggerating for the love of this blog post. In other words, I love a little razzle and dazzle, or maybe a few faux pearls added. If I wear a large bag, I will not add anything else to my accessories. Perhaps a small pair of earrings. So, go big or leave Texas. No jk:) but everything really is big in Texas. 

Speaking Of Earrings
A cute pair of earrings can make your winter essentials look stylish. A woman can make a statement by adding a sassy pair of earrings to any jacket, sweater, or cardigan. When I want to make a statement, I go for a medium-sized set of ear loops with a little flair and stare. A pair of small ones will also make an excellent impression on your winter look. If I wear a medium-sized or large earring, I stay away from large handbags. The focus must always remain on my ear because earrings can make a bold statement. 
Tip: Try to stay away from wearing big everything. The object is to appear stylish and not frumpy. Too many big pieces may look over-done or appear bulky looking. No matter what you do with your style, try to have fun, and keep the focus on your happiness. 

Add A Pair Of Cool Shades
Adding a pair of fresh shades can really change the game when amping up your winter outfit. I never know what I will put on every day, but you will never catch me without a cheesy pair of shades.    

How will you style your winter coat this year?
Which style was your favorite?
Until Next Time Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love a good way to style a coat! Especially during the winter months because I can easily start to look a little unkept lol! But this way I can stay stylish and chic!

    1. I know me too. But after getting sick from this weather I had to revamp some things. The looks came together nicely. Thanks:)


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