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Why I Am Giving Myself A Holiday Self Care Kick And Why You Should Also

Self Care Holiday Tips

 Why I Am Giving Myself A Holiday Self Care Kick And Why You Should Also  

It is getting closer to Christmas. In fact, we are 14 short days away. I know most of us are still buying gifts for everyone we can think of. The list of things to do and buy can become overwhelming and very daunting. Last week I was coming home after work feeling extra tired. I finally realized what the problem was. My plate was filled with everything I wanted to do before the end of the year. By the end of the week, I had to do a stop drop and roll by clearing my plate of unnecessary things to do. Yes, it is the holidays, but I can not overwork myself to the point it will become no fun. I have listed a few self-holiday care tips that all women can enjoy.    


I like to wake up early so I can spend 5 to 10 minutes in prayer before anyone wakes in my home. My focus is off if I do not get up first and meditate before starting my day. Most mornings, I like to find a personal scripture and read it. Meditating is based on how I feel. In other words, if I do not want to read, I will sit in a quiet, dark room and breathe. I encourage you to find a spot in your home where no one can bother you, relax, be still, and just breathe in and out. When looking for things to read, try to focus on happy books or books that motivate you to do something awesome in life. When I read really positive books and quotes, it keeps me calm and encourages me to do better for myself. I am much happier when I take care of my body, mind, and spirit.

 Forget The Breakfast Rules
We all know breakfast is a big part of a good day. But, sometimes I want a cup of coffee and a cheese danish. Let's face it, who is really eating avocado toast with pepper doing this holiday season. I mean, that's fine if that is what you love to do. Just remember it is ok to break the breakfast rules sometimes. Go ahead and have that little donut if you want too. I will never tell anyone you are a breakfast cheater. :)

Eliminate Everything That Doesn't Bring Happiness To Your Life 

Yes, it is indeed a part of taking care of you is eliminating everything that suppresses your happiness.
Removing things or people can be tricky. With the holidays fast approaching who wants to be alone.  This year I will be focusing on small and quiet things to do this year. Every year I throw a party, then I complain about being overworked and tired. Not this year, I am eliminating additional projects and things that drain me. This Christmas will be focused on the family. Yes, I will be making a traditional dinner, but no to the big massive entertaining I usually do. After our holiday dinner, I  will prefer to crawl up on my big comfy sofa and relax with a good movie. Perhaps sipping on a nice glass of red wine. A lot of times, I overload my own plate, but this year I am kicking the word overload to the curb. :)

What is the one thing you will be kicking to the curb this year?

Create A Relaxing Area In Your Home

When I am surrounded by a clean and cozy room, I feel good about myself and life. During holidays it's hard to keep things neat and organized around the house due to all the gifts and tree decor falling everywhere. One of my favorite things to do is find a spot where I can place items such as candles, candy, and magazines to read. Creating a relaxing area in your home can and will change your mood. There are days I will push clothes off my bed, light a candle so I can unwind before folding a stack of panties mixed in with towels. Tip: Surround yourself with a fresh and clean atmosphere. It will set the tone to have a great feeling of relaxation.

Invest In A Cooling Mask
Believe it or not, a cooling mask can be an excellent way to relax doing this holiday season. After I remove my make-up, if I am feeling exhausted, I will definitely grab a cucumber cooling mask. The benefits of using a cucumber mask can reduce dark circles and puffiness of the eyes. My love for using a cooling mask is the cold and refreshed feeling I get after each use. Next time you are feeling tired and drained, grab yourself a cold mask. Try to relax with your eyes closed for at least 20 minutes. Trust me, that is all you will need to feel refreshed and alive.  

Go Easy On Yourself
Go easy on yourself, after spending time alone and gathering your thoughts. Come out for fresh air. Find useful and positive things to laugh out loud about. Life can become overwhelming at times. So it is essential to make time for self-care, and it is just as necessary to create your own happy space. 

 It's ok to take care of others, but please take care of yourself also. Life is short, So, my goal for the remainder of the year is to focus on the right now moments.  
The right now moments that will include family and friends. The other moments will be my quiet moments where I take care of myself. 

Until next time I hope you guys are preparing for a beautiful holiday season with your family and friends.

How will you be taking care of yourself this holiday season?