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Morning Babbles, Goodbye January 2018 Hello February

Image:Morning Babbles, Goodbye January 2018 Hello February
Morning Babbles, Goodbye January 2018 Hello February
Poof and just like that January is gone. How do I know this? I am up getting February bills ready to be paid. Lol (:). Here is a recap of the quickest month on earth. Before going any further, I want you to know I set no goals nor New Year Resolutions for myself this year.  I waited 31 days to track how I did by living a loosey-goosey lifestyle without writing stuff down, and this is what I've learned. 

5 Things I Learned From Wearing Black And White To My Friends Wedding

Image:5 Things I Learned From Wearing Black And White To My Friends Wedding
Was I  Wrong For Wearing A Black And White Dress To My Friends Wedding?

Good morning lovely people. I need your help in judging my style? Last week Rico and I went to my friend's Michael and Michelle's wedding. No biggie, we were going to support two of the sweetest people I know. The invite was simple, it had the time, date, and venue. At the bottom of the invitation, it read to wear dressy yet casual clothing due to the fact the wedding and party will be outside. I also saw a spot that read P.S. wear any color you like except all white. Now, this is where I got confused.

The Joyful List

Image:The Joyful List
The Joyful List
It is the little things that matter.
Good morning darlings we have made it to this glorious Monday morning, and I am thrilled about that. I can not tell you how many times I hated the first day of the week because it meant a long week of work, work, and more work. It appeared the beginning was an endless effort of me trying to get to the weekend in hopes of doing something that would bring me some type of joy. As I have gotten older, I have on purpose set out to find the things that will bring joy to my life and those that are around me.

Challenging Myself, Comfort Zones, And New Book

Image:Challenging Myself, Comfort Zones, And New Book

Good afternoon guys. Can I be totally honest about something? The other day I wanted to scream run jump and shout for no reason. Phew, I am glad I got that off my shoulders today. No, seriously, it was for no reason. Life is so funny when I can find the craziest stuff to laugh at about myself.
I woke up with ten toes, ten fingers, and my weave was on straight, yet I wanted to feel sad about something. One thing I set for myself this year was new goals and challenges that were small enough a baby could accomplish them. When I start to feel anxiety for no reason, I have found a few simple things that have been helping me challenge myself and move out of my comfort zone.

Easy Ways To Beat The Game Of Aging Or At Least Fake It

Image:Easy Ways To Beat The Game Of Aging Or At Least Fake It

Ah, here we go again talking about that scary topic we call aging. I have to admit I am scared at times, but I am learning to play the game by embracing it. Well, no matter anyone's age, the fear factor of dealing with it will come sooner than later. I can remember when I was 20 years old. I acted as if I had plenty of time to do whatever I wanted in life, and I mean everything. But, that is another story and may tell one day. 
 As for me, my sooner came faster, and now I am in the battle of playing the game to beat the aging process. Yes, darling, I want to hold father time back as much as possible. Before we proceed with today's post. What you are about to read is only my opinion, and I can not promise you I will try to beat the game of aging. But, I do guarantee you a laugh and at least one thing that will inspire you to play the aging game of life.

3 Easy DIY Statement Earrings

image:  3 easy DIY Statement Earrings
Who cares about trends when you can make a statement.
It's finally here 3 DIY earrings you can literally make at home. When it comes to earrings and bracelets, I am a firm believer anyone can make their own. With that being said I've come up with three no effort at all statement earring ideas. No kidding so simple the blind boys of Alabama can make them. (no pun intended). 

Judge My Style In Boots, Should I Keep Or Diss?

Judge My Style In Boots, Should I Keep Or Diss?
Today is another judge of my style with a focus on winter boots. As we all know, it is freezing here in Texas. Ok, I am extra right now, it's cold but not freezing. Nonetheless, I have pulled out a few of my boots to wear daily. I've gathered three pairs, and only two are my favorite. So, I need your help should I keep or diss my booties for the winter. 

Try These Unproven Tips To Having A Stress Free 2018

Oh, hello, New You!  We have just embarked on a brand new year, 2018 has made its grand debut. Surprisingly this is the first time I did not write down twelve pages of self-inflicted resolutions. You know the ones that say I will eat right, and I will work out at the gym 8 times a day per week. Knowing doggone well, it's only 7 days in one week, right?  In other words, forget the bondage of keeping life rules. Try these unproven tips to having a stress free 2018.