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3 Easy DIY Statement Earrings

image:  3 easy DIY Statement Earrings
Who cares about trends when you can make a statement.
It's finally here 3 DIY earrings you can literally make at home. When it comes to earrings and bracelets, I am a firm believer anyone can make their own. With that being said I've come up with three no effort at all statement earring ideas. No kidding so simple the blind boys of Alabama can make them. (no pun intended). 
No more looking in magazines wishing you can have a pair of statement or stylish earrings.
The good thing about making jewelry yourself is no one will have the same creation you make. So, if it turns out ugly, you will have accomplished making your own statement piece for your ears. 
First, we will be doing Pearl Ribbon Earrings.
This project is so easy you just may get mad at me for having to read the steps.

All you will need is the pre-decorated ribbon. You can find it at any local craft store. It can also be used as a choker or headband. It is long and has two jump rings already attached. Find the ear wire you would like to use, the design is a personal preference. The last step is to fold the ribbon in half and cut into two even pieces.
Take each piece and add a little hot glue then fold together piece until each side looks the same.
Open the jump ring that is already attached.
Slide your ear wire of choice, then close the jump ring. Boom you have a cute pair of lightweight ruffle ribbon earrings with pearls.
Now proceed to your next family gathering and make a statement. Trust me someone will ask you about these strange looking earrings. If no one says a word, I promise they will be talking about you behind your back. Make these and get noticed or at least talked about. :)

Now, let's move on to my favorite. I must have something in the style of pearls. 

With this project, you only need a pre-bracelet chain. Yes, darlings, this is a bracelet. I removed one end to get to the loop section. I added a charm to each end and quickly popped on an ear wire and tada my own personal dangle earrings. Now this project was so simple I had to stop and brush my shoulders off. 

I am not trying to be messy but if you like to stunt at work. Make these so your haters can go online and try to search for them. But, if the Lord touches your heart and you want to bless them just send them this post so they can stunt on the job also. I am just saying be a blessing :)

Ok, last but not least. I feel bad showing this one because it's so stupid. Ok since you twisted my arm, I will share. I love Jim Holts trinkets, and they are perfect for a quick do it yourself jewelry project. All you will need is ear wire of your choice, add a jump ring, connect the ear wire and Boom girl you in business. No P.H.D required. 

There you have it three easy no-brainer DIYs. If you like, subscribe and share. If not come back Sunday for my next post:)

        Until Next Time!


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