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5 Things I Learned From Wearing Black And White To My Friends Wedding

Image:5 Things I Learned From Wearing Black And White To My Friends Wedding
Was I  Wrong For Wearing A Black And White Dress To My Friends Wedding?

Good morning lovely people. I need your help in judging my style? Last week Rico and I went to my friend's Michael and Michelle's wedding. No biggie, we were going to support two of the sweetest people I know. The invite was simple, it had the time, date, and venue. At the bottom of the invitation, it read to wear dressy yet casual clothing due to the fact the wedding and party will be outside. I also saw a spot that read P.S. wear any color you like except all white. Now, this is where I got confused.

Although I will wear colored clothes, I mainly wear something that is geared toward the black and white collection. I gave it no thought because I knew I wasn't going to wear all white. Besides, nothing on the invite said anything against wearing black and white. Honestly, I tried to find something in color, and I really did focus on the color wheel. It was so frustrating because I was going to a wedding. 
Image:5 Things I Learned From Wearing Black And White To My Friends Wedding

I know I could have just asked my friend, who was the bride. But, I did not want her to think I was loopy for even asking such a question. My co-workers said it was okay because my friend already knows my style. I really felt selfish thinking about my style instead of her wedding. This was really stressful because most ceremonies are inside a church with fluffy stuff hanging from the ceiling, and everyone is dressed as if they all will be flying to Paris to attend a fashion show. Seriously, on my wedding day, I wanted everybody to wear big poofy dresses with candy canes underneath.

Nowadays, most weddings are quick, simple, and the couple is ready to jet off to their honeymoon. If the event would have been inside of a church and the marriage was done traditionally. I would have dressed as if I was going to Sunday morning service. Not sure why I made my outfit choice outfit such a big dilemma. It wasn't just me; our other friend Mindy didn't know what to wear either, everything we chose, we both felt it was not appropriate. My mind was continually wondered what the other guest was planning to wear. 
Should I wear heels, or a long dress, is wearing tights permissible? Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah

I was driving myself insane. Not to mention, I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear. I felt as if I was planning my own show-stopping wedding. lol :) (insert laugh right here) 

By the time the weekend came, I was so over it. Rico and I started to get dressed for our two-hour drive to Fort Worth, Texas. I went to my closet and stared for ten minutes. I took the dress I bought from JC Penney and moved it to the back of my closet. I pulled out my black and white dress, a pair of thick tights, and my black shoes with a smile. I felt I was about to put on something that made me comfortable.  I got dressed and headed out the door. It was quiet in the car at first. Then I asked Rico if I looked prestable?
His reply Yes baby
Me: Do I look like I am going to a funeral?
Rico's eyes got big, and then he smiled and said no, baby.
Me: Would you wear this outfit I have on for a wedding
Rico: No baby 
Me: Bursting out in tears. What do you mean you wouldn't wear this outfit? Do I look ugly?
Rico: No baby, I am a man
Me: Ok, you better have said that because I was about to say take me home.

We laughed all the way to the venue. When we arrived, I saw every style and color imaginable. Everyone looked beautiful. I was making my rounds talking to other people at the wedding; we all were giving each other compliments. We were laughing and talking, and I discovered most of us didn't know what to wear. Everyone was casually dressed, and we danced all night. The bride and groom were happy, and the atmosphere was relaxed.

The 5 Things I Learned From Wearing Black and White To My Friends Wedding

1)  Ask If I was unsure about the dress code. I was afraid, and it was a simple question to ask? 

2) Plan ahead and not stress out. I didn't have to change my style; I just needed to plan out my outfit and move on to something else.

3) Relax, Relax and Relax 
There was no need to be so tense. After the wedding we had so much fun at the party no one cared about who had on what. In the last two weeks, I was probably more stressed out than the bride, and in reality, there was no need for that. 

4) I Am Good Enough
I need to accept the fact I am good enough. When someone invites me to a party or special event. They know who I am and how I dress, and they are already ok with that.

5) Overthinking
Plain and simple, there was no need for me to overthink that day. The invite clearly said dressy and casual. It never stated dress as if you are going to your senior prom. 

In conclusion. I was told by the bride I looked pretty, and she was all smiling. At that moment, I was all smiling. But, would I wear this outfit again the answer would be Yes? Especially if it is outside.

What I Wore
Black and White Dress
Black Tights
Open Toe Shoes
4 tier drop Faux Pearl Earrings ( black and white)

Would you have worn this outfit for your friend's wedding?

Do you think I was overly dramatic about choosing an outfit to wear?

Until Next Time...See Ya In A Bit!


  1. I would have worn something that is bright and makes me stand out! Ha, just kidding! Not trying to get kicked out! Also, the black outfit that you wore is so cute! I would have struggled to style that print but you were able to pull it off!

    1. Yeah get kicked out I started to wear bright but I can only wear black and white for now...I am going to amp up my colors soon. :)


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