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Challenging Myself, Comfort Zones, And New Book

Image:Challenging Myself, Comfort Zones, And New Book

Good afternoon guys. Can I be totally honest about something? The other day I wanted to scream run jump and shout for no reason. Phew, I am glad I got that off my shoulders today. No, seriously, it was for no reason. Life is so funny when I can find the craziest stuff to laugh at about myself.
I woke up with ten toes, ten fingers, and my weave was on straight, yet I wanted to feel sad about something. One thing I set for myself this year was new goals and challenges that were small enough a baby could accomplish them. When I start to feel anxiety for no reason, I have found a few simple things that have been helping me challenge myself and move out of my comfort zone.

I love a good monogram coffee cup that inspires and motivates. Lately, I have been on purpose surrounding myself with positive words and things that make life a little easier. 
I am challenging myself to be more vulnerable to other people and not feel as if I have to do everything in the world for everybody. Challenging myself to sit down and enjoy one day off from work and my kids. Taking one day at a time. 

The other morning I woke up cleaned our home, and put dinner on for when my family gets home from school and work. I noticed it was quiet, and I had nothing else to do with myself. I couldn't call my best friend she was at work, and my husband Rico doesn't get off until later that evening.
 I started flipping through the TV, but nothing sparked my interest at all. I could feel that anxious feeling I always do when I am alone at home. 

One thing I promised myself in 2018 is when I feel myself closing in, I will get up, get out, and do something. It sounds easy, but it is definitely a challenge for me. Nonetheless, I decided to get up and do just that. In 30 minutes, I was dressed with very little make-up on, and I was out the door with no planned directions to where I was going. I can't believe that it didn't stress me out because I love to schedule everything I do.

I only went five blocks away from home when I turned into our local bookstore. 

I usually go with my family or with my friends. But, today, it took me out of my comfort zone. It is ok to do things alone. 

As a matter of fact, I had more fun browsing books and walking around the store all by myself. Instead of listening to everyone talking and kids calling my name. I found myself relaxing and in an unselfish way.
The more I walked the store sipping on my caramel macchiato iced coffee, the better I was feeling. I stumbled into the most serene and quiet part of the bookstore.
I sat on the floor and read through some of the books such as Take the Lid Off by Smokie Norful, Live the Let Go-Go Life then I found the one Don't Settle for Less. Breaking the Uncomfortable to Become Unstoppable by  Sarah Jakes Roberts. There it was a book written to encourage and inspire. One that will feed the soul and comfort the mind. I spent three hours in the store finding new stuff that can challenge me by reading actual books and uplifting magazines.  I want my time on this earth to be meaningful, and I know God wants me to be at peace with everything in life. 

I am not sure if I have a problem with being alone, but I know I must deal with that issue and learn to challenge myself more and stay out of the comfort zone. 

After reading a few pages, I knew I had to purchase this book. I just kept reading the front portion Don't Settle For Safe. It was an eye waking moment in the store. I have built a safety net around my life. It goes like this; I am a mom, a wife, and I work. I cook, clean do everything my family needs. Repeat and Repeat again. I love doing these things, but what happens to me when they get there own life and move out. This is not about my kids leaving; it's about me learning to live outside the safe zone and do things all by myself. 

Sarah Jakes Robert's story is groundbreaking how she had to readjust her life. Although her story is different, I can relate to adjusting things and starting life over. She let go and Let God reposition her and her situation.

I want to continue to live by the three R's ..Relax, Relax, and Relax. If I can accomplish anything in my life, To relax by turning off my thoughts when needed. And when I turn my thoughts back on, I want to pray and focus on speaking positive, pure, love, and joy in my life and in others. 

In conclusion, I feel good about myself today because I did a small task, and I accomplished something today without fear. Life is about taking baby steps, and sometimes all we need is something little to challenge and push us out of our safety zone. Even if you get out of the house and go to your local bookstore. Remember it's free to read books at the bookstore.

I will continue to push myself. I encourage you guys as well to force yourself to do something you wouldn't usually do. Life is good, so get up get out and enjoy every moment of it. Here's to new challenges, breaking comfort zones and reading new books.

What have you guys read lately that has challenged a change in your life? 
Please let us know I would like to read it also.  I can never get too much inspiration.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!


  1. Let me tell you something, Im about to book some alone time for myself as well! I also need to get a new book to read! I might look around this weekend!

  2. Love the encouraging aspect because we never know what we can or cannot accomplish until we try it. Great read


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