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Easy Ways To Beat The Game Of Aging Or At Least Fake It

Image:Easy Ways To Beat The Game Of Aging Or At Least Fake It

Ah, here we go again talking about that scary topic we call aging. I have to admit I am scared at times, but I am learning to play the game by embracing it. Well, no matter anyone's age, the fear factor of dealing with it will come sooner than later. I can remember when I was 20 years old. I acted as if I had plenty of time to do whatever I wanted in life, and I mean everything. But, that is another story and may tell one day. 
 As for me, my sooner came faster, and now I am in the battle of playing the game to beat the aging process. Yes, darling, I want to hold father time back as much as possible. Before we proceed with today's post. What you are about to read is only my opinion, and I can not promise you I will try to beat the game of aging. But, I do guarantee you a laugh and at least one thing that will inspire you to play the aging game of life.

Believe it or not, I don't always wake up looking fab. I have plenty of days I want to scatch and cat gossip. But hey I have little time to waste I am 46 years young. If I can share one easy thing it would be
Let It Go:

Gif:Easy Ways To Beat The Game Of Aging Or At Least Fake It

Yes, honey, anything that is keeping you from getting up brushing your cat fur and bathing let it go.
There are plenty of things in life that can make you happy, so why not focus on those things. 
For example, if you have ten toes and ten fingers, jump up now and get happy or at least claw your way to the nearest ice-cream shop. No matter just let it go so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Focus On The Now Moments
We can't change the past, so let's try and focus on the right now moments. I know it is hard I've failed at this one a few times in my life. Ok. Many times before in my life.
 Yall just want to know all my business. :) I am a failure, but I have been practicing getting back up and starting over. #prayforme

Reinvent Yourself

I am not the type of woman to tell another woman to get a new hairdo or new shoes. Sometimes in life, we get used to doing the same thing wearing the same thing. We never notice, but others around you will see when you level up. Wear something different to work and watch how many compliments you will get. People notice when you change something even if its something small.

When it comes to the aging game, you have to try different things that you are comfortable with. 

Maybe a new cut or color. Perhaps a new scarf to restyle an old outfit. Reinventing yourself does not always require money. Sometimes just minor changes can make you look and feel better. 

Honestly, it's time to do some new things. 
Getting old does not have to be boring; just the slightest changes can make you feel good. Never worry about being, it girl try to focus on being a reinvented happy girl.
Yes, you can fake it till you make it. I am rooting for you.

That brings me to 
Evolve (YOU)

This is my favorite part of our conversation. One day I woke up and said I need a change. Over the next few years, I started making changes, and I am still reinventing and evolving into myself. 
You do not always have to stay in the same place in life. It's ok to change job careers, go back to school, or move to another country. It is easier said than done, but when you make up your mind (YOU) will get up and run.

When it comes to beating the aging game. It has never been about material things it has and always will be about finding that place where you can enjoy and ageless and fulfilling life.

How we all play the game will determine if we win at life. It doesn't matter if you have cute clothes, a big house. If we are not playing the game of aging right, we will utterly wake up at 85 and realize we shoulda, coulda, but we didn't.

Remember, we will all age at some point in life, but it is a good feeling if we age living a  purposeful and fulfilling life at this point in time.

So, perhaps it is time to make some changes. Do not be scared to close the door on some stuff that doesn't align up with you aging gracefully. 

Once you define yourself in life, then you will have won the game of aging.
Oh and the game is simple, start living your best life now:) 

Until Next Time .....
I hope you found a little laughter with me today. See ya in the next post:)


  1. Im about to be 28 this year and I am embracing my version of getting old as well!!!! I know 30 aint old but it feels like Im going up somebodys hill! Ha!

  2. lol no 30 is not are just starting. Thanks for this comment :)


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