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Judge My Style In Boots, Should I Keep Or Diss?

Today is another judge of my style with a focus on winter boots. As we all know, it is freezing here in Texas. Ok, I am extra right now, it's cold but not freezing. Nonetheless, I have pulled out a few of my boots to wear daily. I've gathered three pairs, and only two are my favorite. So, I need your help should I keep or diss my booties for the winter. 

It's no secret that older women, such as myself, love cute shoes. The struggle comes with what is comfortable more than what is age-appropriate. When it comes to shoes, I totally forget about my age.

When it comes to boots, I want a heel with a whole lotta style and comfort. The hardest part for me is looking for a winter boot that offers those two things. Not to mention, I prefer a kicking shoe that comes up to my knee. It's hard sometimes because most of the thigh-high boots I have tried on made me look as if I was preparing to glide up and down the stripper pole. No, seriously, where is the balance?
Also, I love shoes that can go with almost any outfit I pick out of my closet. For example, these brown knee highs go well with my black dress and my yellow dress. Tip: Always look for a fab shoe that can go with multiple outfits
 If you are wondering, I bought these right off the Target floor. So, is this look a keep or diss?
There are times I will buy something based on looks, and with this little half boot cut, that was the case. One day I was passing through the mall minding my own business. I had no plans of buying anything until I saw these purple suede and gold mirrored cute things calling my name. Usually, when I hear a shoe call my name, I keep going. But, my evil twin inside made me buy them. If you are wondering, they are pretty to look at, but they are hard on the feet. I can only stand for ten minutes. Got these from Charlotte Russe. Should I keep or Diss?

Last but not least, I can always find cute shoes from TJMAXX, and with this tri-colored bootie, it was a win for me. This baby gave me comfort and longevity with wear. You already know the question keep or diss?

I will be getting rid of one pair, can you guess which one?

Until Next Time!

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  1. The ones at the bottom are hot fire! I absolutely love those! They can be styled mutiple ways too, please send those my way! ha!

    1. lol thank you. I love the first pair that come up my legs...makes me look tall :)