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Morning Babbles, Goodbye January 2018 Hello February

Image:Morning Babbles, Goodbye January 2018 Hello February
Morning Babbles, Goodbye January 2018 Hello February
Poof and just like that January is gone. How do I know this? I am up getting February bills ready to be paid. Lol (:). Here is a recap of the quickest month on earth. Before going any further, I want you to know I set no goals nor New Year Resolutions for myself this year.  I waited 31 days to track how I did by living a loosey-goosey lifestyle without writing stuff down, and this is what I've learned. 

It was A-Ok Not To Make A Traditional New Me New Year List
I am the first person to say write down your visions and plans because we need something to refer to that will keep us on track to living a successful life. But do I really need New Me New Year goals?
Absolutely not. I wanted to try something a little different in 2018. 
Oh, boy, am I glad I did. 
You see, by not shouting out my goals and visions, I was able to do things in my life at a stress-free pace. 
 By not making a list, I got more things accomplished in such a short time. 

More Time With God & Attending Church
I added two more books to my reading list
Started A workout plan without being in bondage- Just simple walking, nothing major. But hey, it is a start.
Got Out Out And Did More On My Days Off- Instead Of Cleaning & Cooking All Day
Returned A Few Phone Calls- I actually Talked On The Phone
Cleared Out All The Social Medias I Didn't Need But Was Addicted To Using
Spending More Time With My Kids & Husband Without Interruptions - No Phone Nor Work Talk
Decluttered Things Around Our Home 

Letting Go To Grow
January 2018 has taught me a lot in such a short time. I let go of all the things I was trying to do before the New Year, and I focused on the things I knew needed to be done. 
I challenged myself to woman up and do what was needed to start my year off right. In other words, with or without a list, I knew those were the top things that I needed to focus on. Letting go of some stuff so I could grow was one of the hardest things to do. But, I did it, and I wanted to do some new ventures without telling everyone or shouting it out all over social media.

It was my goal to come into 2018 stress-free now I can focus on some new goals.

What's Next!
February is next. The month where we all can start something new or just start over. So, if you fell off track a little bit in January, remember you can always start over. Yep, that is where I am right now starting some new things.  January taught me not to overwhelm myself, and it is ok not to get everything done in one month. IT IS OK!

Hello February 
Now I am ready to write down three things I want to work on and accomplish in February. I encourage you guys to do the same. It can be simple. Just make a list for yourself.

For Example, My Plans Are:
Go To Lunch Once This Month With My Friends
Learn How To Play Pool With My Husband
Do A Family Staycation In Town

It is that simple to do small things every month that will bring joy into your life. Honestly, it can be even more straightforward.

Take A Day Off
Be A Couch Potatoe For 24 Hours
Eat Junk food all day- Hamburgers, cakes, and cookies

I am not joking; that was the main reason I did not make a list because what seems lame to me maybe just what someone else needs to have a happy and productive New Year. I learned a lot of new stuff about myself this month. One thing I know is I made it through the first part of this year without writing everything down. My focused stayed transparent on what was needed first, such as bills, etc. Then I added small things I wanted to do. It was easier to check off without being in a close-minded capsule. If you noticed, I never said write down bills or paying off debt. The reason being I have no need because those things are on paper already, and those are things that we must take care of every month. I wanted to focus on the things I neglect about myself that needed self-care also such as enjoying the one day I get off work. It's the simple things that need a little balance.

In Conclusion
I've learned I can never stop learning new ways of doing things.
 It gives me great joy to say goodbye to January because I came into 2018 with my plate cleared, and I added only what I wanted to consume. 
Starting something new is never easy, but adding too many things at one time is what makes life hard.
So, I will be starting what makes me happy and brings me joy. I hope it doesn't sound selfish because that is the only way I can accomplish making others happy by being a full and happy woman. So here's a big thumb up to not overwhelming ourselves this year.

I hope you guys accomplished every vision and goal thus far. But if not, tear the old goals up and start over by re-writing new ones. Always keep in mind, It is never too late to start over, and you can always start something new.

How was your January 2018?

Did You Make And Stick To A New Years Resolution List? 

Until Next Time... See Ya In A Bit!


  1. Well, my NEW YEARS Resolution was exactly this, hoping to make it into 2018 and I did. This was an eye opener though because you don't really have to make a list of changes you JUST DO IT!!

    1. So true and I agree Just Do It! :) Have a great weekend


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