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The Joyful List

Image:The Joyful List
The Joyful List
It is the little things that matter.
Good morning darlings we have made it to this glorious Monday morning, and I am thrilled about that. I can not tell you how many times I hated the first day of the week because it meant a long week of work, work, and more work. It appeared the beginning was an endless effort of me trying to get to the weekend in hopes of doing something that would bring me some type of joy. As I have gotten older, I have on purpose set out to find the things that will bring joy to my life and those that are around me.

Image:The Joyful List
The first part of my list consists of lazy days. No, seriously I have learned to pencil in a lazy day that will be all about me and my peace love and happiness. Once I fill my cup up with joy, I can spill all that love over to others. My favorite thing is sitting in the library or any bookstore in a corner, and I will dive into reading books and magazines. Honestly, I have found a new love for reading books. 

One of my recent discoveries is enjoying the simplest things in life. I can spend hours in a plant nursery. Only to come home with the smallest plant I can find. The time I spend, there is very relaxing, and it calms me down so I can enjoy something so little and unique. It is so easy to focus on the negative things in life. But, I challenge everyone to find one thing that will bring joy and happiness to your life. 

There is nothing more joyous when I see my oldest daughters love and teach their younger sister Moriah something. I am finding more peace in my life watching them grow up to be beautiful and caring young women. Life is not perfect, but I choose to create and gravitate to what's positive in my life at this moment in time.

Nothing brings me more joy than watching my kids make fun of me because I am a sore loser at playing family games. It's funny because I will play against them until I win. I feel great when I win, and they have to sit down and watch me gloat. Yeah, buddy, I am not good at losing. :)
It makes me smile when Rico sings to me before heading off to work. He knows I do not like his singing. I will never admit this. But, he sounds as if someone is choking a parrot half to death. 
He has been singing to me for so many years until I low key kinda love it now. He missed one time, and I noticed it. I did not realize until now how much his singing brings me joy.

I am beginning to feel as though my kids love to make fun of me, The other night I was shuffling through a few of our old pics and found some hilarious ones with my kids drawing on my face and having bunny ears on every picture I take with them. I will never admit this to them, but I love those moments so much.
One thing I love now is adding a few small healthy eating habits.  I didn't want to share this one, but I realize its a joyful point in my life. I wouldn't eat fruit or anything healthy now I am adding small things at a time day by day. 

I love creating DIY's and making things that are cute and unique. I can't explain to anyone how making stuff brings me the utmost joy.  I have experienced having a hobby, trade, or craft is an excellent way to enjoy life as we know it.
At the end of each day, I try to close my nights with a hot cup of tea.  No matter how tired I am when I get home, I will not go to bed without it. The warmth and nighttime sipping relax me, and I find the peace that helps me understand and stay calm. This is my time to pray and meditate on my next steps.

In conclusion, life comes with its own ups and downs. I know some people feel no one is happy all the time. That is true, but when things are calm, I try to find the joy in those moments I am not going through a storm. Things happen in life to all of us, and I choose to create and see the joyful things that bring me happiness. 
It is so important to surround ourselves with positive energy no matter what is going on in the world. Besides, I spent so many years wondering about joy, peace, and happiness. I figure why not pursue it and see what happens. 
There is no need for me to pray and go to church if I am not going to believe in something better for my life and those around me. 
I started the Joyful List as a way to stay focused on the small things in life that matter. It's not about the mundane items such as clothes and cars, but rather God, Family, Love, And Others. 

Hope you enjoy my list...Until Next Time I will see you with another Joyful List.

What Are You Joyful About On Today?

xoxo, see Ya In a Bit!


  1. I am joyful for enjoying decaf coffee, a good service at church yesterday and this awesome nutella sandwich that I just ate!!!!

    1. It is good to have small, med and large things to be joyful about. Yes to Nutella:)

  2. Wow, this was so refreshing to read. I love how you and your family have a special type of bond and how you share tid bits about you life.

  3. it's good to be joyful about the little things in life because those tend to be the things you remember most and bring a smile to your face.


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