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Try These Unproven Tips To Having A Stress Free 2018

Oh, hello, New You!  We have just embarked on a brand new year, 2018 has made its grand debut. Surprisingly this is the first time I did not write down twelve pages of self-inflicted resolutions. You know the ones that say I will eat right, and I will work out at the gym 8 times a day per week. Knowing doggone well, it's only 7 days in one week, right?  In other words, forget the bondage of keeping life rules. Try these unproven tips to having a stress free 2018. 

Let's face it, its' not easy to write out a year's worth of plans, with work, family, and all the other things life throws our way.  In reality, who has time for all that stuff. I do not, but I do have time to focus on things that matter every day in my life. 

It's Never Too Late To Start Over
I didn't create this quote, nor do I take the saying lightly. The core of never too late and starting over is a valid statement we all can use. 
2017 is gone, and this is the best time to start some things over or get some things straight in life. I can't prove this tip will work for everyone, but I can say when I started some stuff over in my life. Things did work out for the best. Tip: If today begins off rocky, you can always start over again tomorrow.

You Are Alive
Not to sound insensitive, but someone did not make it to the year 2018. If you made it, that is a great reason to start enjoying a stress-free day. I plan to take advantage of all my time left on earth. 

Start connecting Greatness and Destiny
10 people can climb Mount Everest and yell your name out to the angels above. Shouting, you are destined for greatness. It will mean nothing if you do not believe it yourself. This quote is not a New Years' resolution; it is more of a lifestyle. 

Write Down and Make Plans
Now this will contradict everything I said before about writing things down. After I get the basic affirmations down in my life, I will move on to writing in my journal. Yes, I have a real journal, and I do write my thoughts down. I strive to enjoy a happy and stress-free life. If you need to write your plans down, by all means, get to writing, just do not forget to make those ideas move in your favor. #keepmoving

Small Steps
I am the first to say making small steps in life ain't never hurt nobody. Just because you need to take baby steps does not mean you can't carry significant leaps and bounds first thing in the morning. That' a real-life goal for me, rejoicing in my small steps.

Letting The Past Go
It's easier said than done. Letting go of pain and disappointments can be a never-ending cycle. It's easier said than done.
For my own sanity, I am learning to close the gaps in my past. One way I do this is by not allowing anyone to talk to me about things that make me feel uncomfortable. Making time for those things that are important, such as God, family, and friends. For the most part, I can not change the past, but I can work toward a good future for myself. Yes, I said that. I speak into my life, and no one or nothing can take that away from me. Try speaking good things into your life even if things are going in another direction.

Just Do It
Nike has the best slogan in the world to me. Just do it, no seriously only do the things that you want to do in life
Doing new things is on my list of things to accomplish in 2018. If I fail, it is ok but what if I do not fail. All I can say is let's get like Nike and just do it.

No Pity Parties Allowed
I promise to let go of any pity parties. You know the woe me parties that we all sometimes like to have. It goes like this. Nothing good ever happens to me. blah blah blah
Who cares, no one. I can attest to that. No one cares and when the pity party is over.  The problem will still be around nagging and dragging you down. Cancel all pity parties indefinitely. 

Practice Being A Postive Friend
I would love to say get rid of all your gossiping, nagging negative friends. But that would be all types of wrong because they are entitled to a fair chance to change. Hear me out I know your goals for 2017 is not to lurk, sift, and talk about people. 
But, you didn't notify your family or friends before changing your phone number, either. Now no one knows what they have done to you. This is the year of change, but keep in mind you made changes, but the ones you love have not. Try telling everyone around that you are making some new life changes for the better. If things do not change with your old circle. Then exercise your right to delete, block, and alter your friends. That may sound harsh, but it is time to start enjoying a happy life by any means. I'm excited to see your life and dreams go full speed ahead; trust me. I will be rooting and cheering you on. 

Relax More
Stop sweating the small stuff
Doing more non-work related things in life
Keep my emotions and attitude in check
Get  more involved in church
Add little exercise such as walking 20 minutes a day
Living a simple and easy-going life

In conclusion, I am going to strive for the good things coming my way this year, and I hope you will find and discover new things that will bring you and your family peace, love, and joy! 
These tips may or may not work. Use them wisely :)

Until Next Time!

How do you plan to be stress-free for 2018?


  1. I really need to start taking small steps myself! I for one like to try and tackle the moon in one day and it often times just leaves me feeling defeated! I am trying to practice one thing at a time so that I can actually see the progress that I am making!

    1. At least you are learning early, I older and I really do practice this now. :) have a good day.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I really love that. I should definitely take account into my future plans more often


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