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My Raw And UN-Cut 50 Before 50 List

Image:My Raw And UN-Cut 50 Before 50 List (50 things I want to do before turning 50)
I am taking a Midlife Break to have a little fun.
This does seem a bit weird sharing my raw and un-cut 50 before 50 lists with you guys. But I feel like we're friends and I love a good read when it comes to someone else's business. So here goes nothing. You Have been warned :)

I heard a person should have done everything in life by the time they are 20. For example, you should have your dream job, bought your first home, and have traveled to at least two countries. Well, I have done only two of the three, and we sold one of them (our first home).

Since I am a rebel, I choose not to go by the rules of life, so here's my list in no particular order.

Number 1: Go To Paris, London or The United Kingdom For My  50th Birthday.

Number 2: Learn To Belly Dance For My Husband

Number 3: Eat Sushi (Ugh I May Have To Pray about This One)

Number 4: Get more Tattoos ( Got My First One At 40, More On That Story Soon)

Number 5: Fly To New York For Lunch (Seriously)

Number 6: Stay Focused & Pray Harder

Number 7: Get Involved In Community Service (Helping The Homeless Because Someone Helped Me)

Number 8: Buy A Sky Rise or Condo With Private Entrance & Personal Service ( I prefer smooth  living now) 

Number 9: I want to attend A Super Bowl Game

Number 10: I want to still be married to my young husband unless he gets too old for me :) #sorrybabe

Number 11: I want to sit through a full Opera performance without falling asleep. (When those lights go down I'm out) I will do better before I turn 50

Number 12: Meet Tina Knowles (that woman and her corny jokes) too funny

Number 13: I want too still be blogging ( If yall will listen I will keep babbling) :)

Number 14: Take A 7 day Cruise To Alaska

Number 15: Visit A Nude Beach (look I will be 50 let my eyes see what they want to look at)

Number 16: Call a few people and hang up in their faces ( I just want to be petty for one day)

Number 17: Attend More Local Events & Conferences 

Number 18: Stop holding grudges (it is a few people I can't stand), but they don't like me either :) Just kidding (wink wink)

Number 19: Dirty dance at our local skating rink

Number 20: Go Bunjee Jumping 

Number 21: Take A Hot Air Baloon Scenic Ride

Number 22: Do A Prank On My Husband (I will Leave For The Weekend) Let Him See How He Will Miss Me.

Number 23: Deep Sea Dive ( And Not Worry About My Hair Shrinking)

Number 24: Buy A Few Rocks Off The Moon

Number 25: Invest In Something That Only Requires A 50 deposit ( I do not like to play with my money)

Number 26: I want to always be reinventing myself 

Number 27: Always Have Fun

Number 28: Make sure my grandkids never, and I mean never call me granny. ( I am Honey B) 

Number 29: Join a confident woman's club ( Not an old woman's club )  There is a difference :)

Number 30: Write A New York Times Best Selling Book 

Number 31: Retire From Doing Hair ( I low-key kinda hate it)  lol not kidding
I can't wait to tell a few cheap clients how I really feel :) about them and their dang hair.

Number 32: Invest In A Boob Job and Booty Tuck or Lift whichever one I need first.

Number 33: Start Yoga ( I hate the treadmill)

Number 32: Get Lip Injections ( I already use lip plumpers, so it's ok)

Number 33: Learn how to  use social media 

Number 34: Buy My first sports car in fire red.

Number 35: Go camping without our phone, computers, etc.

Number 36: Embrace the fact I never accomplished a lot in life but who cares #imhappy

Number 37: Go horseback riding.

Number 38: Dye My Hair Pink ( Even at 50  I want to be seen) :)

Number 39: Eat At an all you can eat buffet until they turn the all you can eat sign off! 

Number 40: Be on TV ( and not for going to jail)

Number 41: Ride first class, eat coconut shrimp & fart quietly

Number 42: Meet Oprah ( I owe 22 dollars for a magazine I ordered when I was about 18 or so) I may have filed bankruptcy I cant remember.

Number 43: Just Kick Rocks ( literally) 

Number 44: I am completely out of breath on this number:)

Number 45: I want 26 inches of blonde braids after I remove the pink hair color

Number 46: Stay At Disney For a Week with My Family

Number 47: Go back to Vegas.

Number 48: Go To New Orleans and stuff my face with Beignets.

Number 49: Right about now, I don't give a crap because I plan on doing me :) and I plan to

Number 50: Keep smiling and enjoying life by any means necessary

There you have it my 50 before 50 lists raw and uncut.

Hope you enjoyed knowing a bit more about me?

How do you plan to live the best parts of your life?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

P.S I am 46 years young, so I have 4 years left to do some fantastic things on this list and then some that are not mentioned.