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My Struggle With Thinning Lips And How I Plump Them Without Getting Botox

Image:My Struggle With Thinning Lips And How I Plump Them Without Getting Botox
My Struggle With Thinning Lips And How I Plump Them Without Getting Botox

One of the coolest things about getting older is the sudden drooping and thinning of your lips. Yeah, scratch that no one at any age wants to deal with a sudden change in appearance. That is why this post was such a hard battle to write. My struggle with thinning lips started in my late thirties, but my obsession with plumping and botox began when I turned forty years old.
After a few visits to the Dr,s. Office, I decided Botox may not be for me at this time in my life. Besides the cost averages around $100 - $1,000 depending on the area you live in and how much the physician wants to sell the unit/vials.
Tip: I had to factor in the clinic visit. Also, most of my appointments would consist of me needing botox in other places such as my eyes, etc.
Now I know what you are thinking why didn't I check Groupon for a coupon. Because I use Groupon for my leisure activities and maybe a foot massage here and there. But when it comes to my face, I wanted to look up a Dr. and do a surprise pop in to ask random questions. Like I said earlier it is never a single lane.
It never failed I would go to the clinic for a consultation. I could get the botox but not without getting other suggestions. Such as we could plump those lips, but you may also want to pop those jaws and other areas. In other words, the botox will look great if you do these other things with it.
The dilemma was real and confusing. 

Most of the time I found myself looking in the mirror contemplating another flaw when all I wanted was my lips plumped. The funny part is most of the women I saw getting lip injections looked half my age. Seriously, a lot of women want the Kylie Jenner booty lip look. (no pun intended) 
Only a few of us will admit it. 
On a lighter note, it is nothing wrong with a little sexy pout action going on. I am all for the Kylie look I am no hater. :)

After a few attempts to get Botox, I finally found the best underground secret that was better than eating chocolate cake butt naked. Ok, I am lying nothing's better than cake, and I mean nothing. 
It took a little time, but I stumbled on something that gave my lips a buzz that was out of this world. #lipplumpers

When I first started using plumps, they only came in clear or a pale pink color that was glossy with a sticky texture. Now the array of styles are outstanding. I have become a hoarder of all shades from nudes to light browns.
When it comes to brands, I say try all or choose at least three that work for your skin and lifestyle. I have tried them all from low prices to high-end process, and I always fall back onto my top five and favorite ones. 
To be honest, when it comes to cosmetics it is all trial and era. What works for me may not toot your fancy. Just know the lip plumping game is in high demand so you will find one that will make your toots feel happy.

When it comes to any lip creams, plumps or serum, always do your research. Although there are a million products available on the market my top five are The Sexy Pillow Talk XXL, Buxom, Too Face Injection, Lip Freak Balm and NYX last. 

When I want a light lift with a little sting, I use the NYX. It is low in gloss, and it doesn't burn. I prefer an intense feel because the lips will swell faster.

The Sexy Pillow Talk is glossy, and it works. I can wear this one without applying any lip color, Within minutes I can see my lips swell. This product has a  natural flower infusion, and it stands by the XXL effect. 
When it comes to an array of colors Buxom has at least 20. So, there is a shade for every skin tone.  Buxom is my go-to hands up and down. I have it in a nude brown (lights down)which is also glossy yet gorgeous.
The best part is the colors do not run or bleed. There is no need to apply any other color. 
The two faced lip injection will set your soul on fire. It is more of a lip stain to me. I have it in pale pink. Once I apply to my lips, they will appear colored and plumped. I will wait about five minutes before adding a pink lipstick on top. 

Tip: When it comes to anything that will make your lips swell always test each product out first. Some product expands quicker than others. Also, some products have a sharp snake bite sting. Don't be alarmed that means its working.

If I had to choose, I would pick purchasing over the counter lip plumpers verses getting botox. That is the truth. 
Most people can't even tell my lips are thin because I plump.

Side Note: Sometimes lip plumpers can leave your natural lips dry. A simple trick is to add a moisturizer before using. Trust me it works. Do not use a scrub, doing so may cause unnecessary pain.

In conclusion: Having thin lips is a personal thing I wanted to fix. It has never been a life or death thing for me. I can live with my tiny lips. But since I have found a few safe alternatives it has become a simple fix for me to do without surgery or needle injections. All opinions are my own; I use every product shown. Yes, I have a slight addiction. 

Would you use over the counter lip injections?

Until Next Time....See Ya In A Bit!


  1. I never thought to use a limp plump! Im kinda considering it and maybe tring a berry type color! I think that'd be so cute! I wish I could wear the pinks though! Its best I just stay in my lane! ha!

  2. Hold up, hold up now! So, you mean to tell me I can get plumper lips without having to break the bank. Sign me up I need them juicy couture lips lol hahaha

    1. lol head over to your local beauty store. Have fun:)

  3. I enjoyed this! I'm old as dust and my lips look like sand paper taped together no matter what I did just like you i didn't want injections it's just so unnatural. I love the tips and I will invest 💄👌

    1. Hey now do not be that hard on yourself. Small steps to make look and feel younger is at arms reach in any store now. Yes get you an small lip plumper and I am glad I said no to Botox for now:)


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