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Obsessed: A Few Things Purchased In February

I can not believe we are almost to the end of February 2018. The time is going by so fast, it feels as though I just packed away our Christmas tree. Anywho I have a few quick bits and pieces to share with you lovely people.  At least two of the items you will definitely want to covet into your own home.
It is no secret my lifestyle is a colorful one. I love the bright orange, yellow, and red decor. With spring being right around the corner. I have been gathering all my new throw pillows and colorful pieces I want to add to our home. So, when I walked into our local dollar tree and saw a rainbow color set of plates, bowls, and teacups. I was super excited and knocked off my feet, and each piece was only a dollar.

 I have an orange set I paid almost 80 dollars for, so I will not complain when I spruce up our place in a few weeks. If you want to add a little spice to your table setting for spring and summer, run out now and grab you a set of these. You will find them, and the quality is impressive. Besides with a little imagination and adding other pieces, I can make a beautiful table setting.
I am genuinely obsessed with this dollar find. If you want to see how I decorated our dining table with solid orange tableware  click here
Side note: I change the design twice a year, but the color and style stay the same.
Another obsession is chandelier tassel earrings. You cant go into a store without seeing the stringy soft and fluffy styles everywhere. I will admit I pick up every shape and color I can get my hands on. These in the picture came from H & M. Trust me, you can find them on every street corner in the world. Seriously walk into any store, and you will see them just dangling and looking at you and your earlobes. :) 
The best part about these earrings is I can dress them up or down. I can wear them with a Sunday dress or toss on a long sleeve blouse and a pair of denim jeans. 

 When it comes to my lifestyle, I can be a bit over the top.  A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter ordered her some clothing from LuLu's, and  I saw these wild low quarter boots. I will be rocking this winter, spring, and summer. Another style of look will be coming. These are on my obsession list because they are sexy, and I am smiling right now with them on my feet. The detail on these boots has a rocker chick type of vibe. The front end has a super pointed toe, I did go up a half-inch because of the pointy ends.
Now in my house, it is no secret we are collectors of cute and sometimes weird things. One thing I love is a good book and an odd-looking coffee cup to drink my coffee or tea from. 
I think it may be more of a personal fetish than something I have to do. 
When it comes to books, I want a quick and easy read sometimes when I am having breakfast before work. 
These were finds from Urban Outfitters, and I can spend hours in that store shopping for unique and cool stuff that will make you smile. :)

You can also check out my daughter's favorite list if you would like to see more recently loved things
Carey is my oldest, and she is the reason I fell in love with Urban Outfitters. Now I can't stay away.
Moving forward, my latest obsession is our new popcorn machine. We have a lot of movie nights as a family, so that means a massive amount of popcorn comes through our house. One day I was surfing on Amazon, and there it was a big red family size popping kernel machine. But, without hesitation, I added to my buy now cart, and the rest is history. I have yet to use it, but on our next family night, it will go down over here.

Last but not least, I am obsessed with family time and enjoying life in small bits and pieces. One thing we love to do together as a family is visiting the local museum. A museum is a place where everyone can enjoy and learn something new and exciting. Most of the time, its free or it may cost very little to enter. The museum in Dallas, Texas, is open to the public, but underground parking runs about 12 dollars.
I love learning about other cultures and touching weird-looking artifacts. So, if you ever get a chance to pack up the family and head out for a fun day at your local museum.
There you have it a few of my recent purchases and obsessions. 

Which item did you like? 
Also, stay tuned to see how I decorate with my dollar tree finds. 

Until next time see ya in a Bit!


  1. Now one thing that stuck out to me in particular lol is that POPCORN machine! Umm I love popcorn and that is something that I might just have to take off of your hands lol

    1. Yes, get it. I will be using mine for our family nights at home:)

  2. I love the dishes, boots and earrings .. well let's say the entire post I loved. I can't wait to see those beautiful dishes come alive on your table.

    1. Hey T214diva thank you and have a great week:) I am back:)


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