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Simple Ideas To Add To Your Morning Routine

Simple Ideas To Add Too Your Morning Routine
 Self-care is so overrated. Yet we all need to find balance and do better for ourselves. It is easy to book a spa appointment, sometimes I  want to skip the lines and people, stay home and do it myself. Am I wrong for feeling this way? 

As I become older and sometimes grumpy, self-care has been my top priority over the last few years. Honestly, I did not realize how easy it was for me to take care of myself.

Now I can walk into any beauty store and purchase everything I need for a spa treatment at home.
I think most of as women put so many other people first that we always put ourselves on the back burner. By the time we notice we need time for ourselves, burnout may have settled in.
There is nothing wrong with going to a spa, but I have learned I can bring the resort to my own home.
After dealing with people all week at work, sometimes I just want one lazy day to myself. Am I wrong to feel that way? 

My simple  Self  Care Routine Starts Like This:

Create Ambience

Light a candle, incense, or just boil a pot of water with your favorite cleaning supplies in it. Such as fabulous or pine sol. 
I love to grab a novelty mask or anything I have on hand that will help my face to feel rejuvenated. If I have nothing close. I will go to my kitchen and use some honey for a quick mask. If all else fails, try using an egg. It is perfect for softness and an added protein.

Grab Your Favorite Cuppa 

When I want to relax and loosing up, I grab a cup of specialty tea instead of coffee.
Warm tea settles my stomach so I can remain in a calm state of mind. Since I have been drinking tea, my bowels move more. So add any tea or lemon water for a moment to relax.
I usually get up before my family, but on Monday's I will start my day when everyone leaves the house. So, around 10 am in the morning is when I can get butt naked and jump up and down in my bed with the joy of being home alone. If you do not like either drink, warm water with lemon is fantastic, or just forget calories drink a coke. :) This is your day girl do what you want to do.
After my tea time, I love to organize my workbooks online and read my favorite magazines.  
 I love flipping through the pages to stay inspired to live a better lifestyle. 

 Now I have to admit I love a little mess here and there. Around 11 am is the time I indulge in a little Young and the Restless. I hope I am not alone? :) So, if you love a little mess from time to time, let me know what happened last Friday because I missed it? Hey, don't worry, it's healthy to catch up on your favorite soap opera or tv show. 
 By twelve, I give my face a thorough cleanse, and I always moisturize with my rosehip oil or my organic sunflower seed oil. Trust and believe my face feels soft and magical.
 By 1pm, I love to dab a little makeup on my face. Sometimes I may only use face powder, lip gloss, and lashes. I like to keep it simple.

Treat Your Feet
In between nail time. It is entirely ok to freshen up your own toes and nails at home. I love going to the beauty supply store and grabbing a few colors of polish to keep on my nightstand. You never know when I have to polish and go.

I have shared this secret a lot on this blog. I love to do my own toes and nails in between my regular foot massage. With spring approaching, I can't wait to break out my orange and bright yellow colors.

The last thing I do at home is to find something to wear. I keep slip-on dresses because I love to grab one and go. Today that is what I am wearing a quick pull overdress and denim jacket. On my self-care days, I try to get out of my sleepwear. It is from my experience when I slouch all day, I feel sluggish and irritable. On days when I am not leaving the house, I put on a t-shirt and maybe a pair of jogger pants.

 After doing all of these things at home, I am now ready to head out and explore the city. A part of self-care is when I can do something I want to do, even if it involves window watching or shopping. I use my day and downtime any way I see fit, and I do it without guilt or shame.
This is the time I go to my favorite bookstore, the candy store. I will even test out new makeup. When I am by myself, I can take my time and buy the things I want in peace. 
 Treat Yourself
 Most of the time, on my day off, I never eat dinner at home because I splurge on my own 10,000 calorie lunch. No, seriously, this is the day I go ham and have a big fat burger and milkshake. Hey, remember self-care is doing makes make the individual happy, right? :)

So there you have it a full  Self Care Routine. It's not perfect, but it is my reality.
What is your self-care ritual? Please share to inspire others. 

Until Next Time...See Ya In A Bit! New stuff coming this week:)


  1. I couldnt agree more about bringing the spa home!!! Nothing wrong with a bit of TLC!

  2. That was a nice little run down of your routine. I really love your COFFEE before TALKEE mug lol

  3. Thanks for sharing your routine! I can't say that I have a routine but you are inspiring me to create one! I love how you take care of yourself throughout the day doing things that make you happy and then at the end of the day you make dinner for your family.. bringing things back full circle!


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