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Judge My Style: In A Short Midi Skirt

Judge My Style
The one thing I have learned at my age is finding the perfect outfit that is age-appropriate can be a little daunting. In other words, if a woman is of a certain age, preferably over age 40, she can't wear nothing over the knee or anything with belly showing. Don't worry, I will never squeeze my body into a crop top unless I lose 20 more pounds. 
But, I will celebrate with all the women who are brave to wear their midriffs out and about. As for me today, I am trying to decide if I should strut my stuff in a denim skirt that  I've recently found in the teen section. 
 So, today, I need you all to casually judge me wearing a cute and sleek midi.
The other day I was strolling down the isles of Target minding my own business when I saw a denim skirt and denim off the shoulder top, calling my name from the rack.
Now I am not one to gossip, and I surely do not like to critique other women and their styles. I only wonder why women can't wear what they want?

 Now, in reality, a woman can put on anything she wants, but if she wears something a little risky when does it become age-appropriate.

Quite frankly, I think most of the clothes that are sold in the stores shouldn't be for tweens or teens? Some younger folk clothing needs more length and fabric. That is my opinion only. 
I am not a hater at all.:) I just want to wear a short skirt sometimes without feeling I need to be 21 to wear what I want.
I said all of that just to say this one thing. While I was tiptoeing in the teen section, I did have a slight feeling of guilt. Should I be in this section trying on teeny-bop clothes? The side of my brain said to do it, girl, while the right side of my mind said to buy it and surprise one of your daughters with it. 
Well, let's just say I didn't feel the need to surprise anyone today.

I bet my colleagues will have plenty to say because I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who feels older women shouldn't wear off the shoulder clothing.
  You can read that post right here.
So, I wonder how many stares I am going to get when I show up to our church gathering this weekend wearing this high thigh assemble. 

Ok, this outfit may be a bit much for the church committee to see. But, I know it is age-appropriate to wear for a date night or shopping with friends. You be the judge, should I keep or diss?

In Conclusion:

A woman of any age should be able to wear what she wants without being ridiculed. I love to play with clothes, sometimes I get my style right and sometimes I know it may not have been a good choice.  Not because I can't wear what I love, it could have been the cut of the fabric or the style in general. Either way, the choice is all mine. Except when I ask for the judgment.

Outfit Deets
Shoes-2 years old

I love all women who wear what they want.

Would you wear a mini skirt at any age?

Leave the comments below. Please share it if you like. Sharing Is Nice:)

Until Next Time ...See Ya In A Bit!


  1. hahah I'm always trying to wear clothes that are appropriate for the church committee! It's just a southern thing I guess! But you look amazing in that outift! I'd wear it and Im young!


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