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Midlife Notes: Ending My Complicated Relationship With Aging

Image:Midlife Notes is where I keep my thoughts and record memories of my life as I age. The good the bad and the ugly. Today I am ending my complicated relationship with aging. Midlife Notes

Midlife Notes is where I keep my thoughts and record memories of my life as I age.

 A page took straight from the pages of my midlife notes.

Who has the time? Or better yet who has been keeping up with the minutes and seconds on the clock?
That has been the dreaded conversation I have been having with myself for the last few years. As I write in my journal, I am jotting down a few notes. The first ones are facing the fact I need to end my complicated relationship with aging so I can focus on the beauty that is inside and out of this world. And the second one is focusing on the things that matter the most. You know those right now moments the ones you may never get to re-live again.
The one thing I changed this year was to stop making everything so complicated. It was at that moment I began to live and smile again. 

When I was in my twenties, every day felt as if I had a lot of time left to flounder. Now my younger years have turned into my mid-year. 
As I sit here at this moment, I do not know how the hours, minutes, and then seconds have slipped by me. 
When I start to worry, I ask myself, is life this complicated? 
I think not, but it sure is a little scary being close to the 50-year mark. 

I may never be able to explain this dilemma, but it does feel like a never-ending dream. Most of my friends say it is ok to feel a little anxiety and anxious about getting old. But it took a few single moments by myself for me to be ok.

My colleagues have told me In another ten years; I will be flying off the wall, jumping out of planes, and finding crazy stuff to do. Well, I must be on time I am ready to trade everything in now for a pair of jet skis.

What's Happened In The Past Stays In The Past
When I turned 46 years, I told myself it was ok to age, and I still believe that. The complication came in when I was alone with time to ponder on unmeaningful things. The question that rose the most was, Am I living a fulfilled life?

I am not talking about having a job, health, or even money. More or less, is it too late to change the course of my life?  Is it too late to grab life by the horns and sail the seven seas?  Are their even seven seas in the world? Can I start a new career or lose the ten pounds I have been trying to drop since I was in my thirties? Oh gosh, I am aging faster than I am typing on this blog. 

The funny part about this story is as I type, I can read how foolish I  sound.

Honestly, working on midlife notes was my AhHa moment. Yes, I had it that feeling of I need to make a change and a change right now.

I continue to tell myself it is ok; you are getting older, so leave the past in the past. 

How I Planned The Break Up With My Self Doubts
#1 Start A Diary or Journal
Believe it, or not everything in life needs a solid plan to be successful. So, I started keeping a book filled with my thoughts and feelings. It has been a great eye-opener, and I encourage anyone who is reading this blog to start one. It is mind changing.

I am on a mission to change the way I see life and aging. 
As I write my daily notes, I started shifting my focus.  I concluded it was time to end my complication with growing old. It isn't that serious, and it is ok to age even if I am scared out of my mind.
There is nothing to be afraid of.

Self Encouragement
#2 Less Worry & More Doing
I can not change one minute of my aging process, but what I can change is the way I view this old life of mine.
Today, I end any self-dought or fear of the nature of being in the middle. Starting tomorrow, I will start a new page of self-discovery.  Branch out and try new adventures, before quitting my job and jumping out of an airplane. Be honest about my feelings when I am feeling sad or overwhelmed with the numbers game of aging.

*Call A Friend Who will Hold Me Accountable 
* Seek Professional Advice If I Need It
* Stay Focused On The Things That Matter
* Try New Things 
* Live In The Moment, Not In The Future. One Day At A Time
*Enjoy The Now Not The Later
*Find New Hobbies Or Try A New Trade
*Stay Focused
* Do Not Give Up Before It's Over

Life is about finding new ways of living. I am positive at this moment in time, it is never too late to start something new or over. 

As I close out my Midlife Notes, I am officially closing out my complicated relationship with aging.

I AM FREE...To Age Gracefully :)

How do you deal with age?
Do you keep a journal?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie
Living In my Truth


  1. At night I usually think about these things. I find myself in my late 30’s looking back at the things I’ve done and still haven’t done and looking to the future at what’s ahead of me and I think to myself, I need to experience all that life has to offer now and enjoy what I have now while I make plans for the future.

  2. I agree but we still have time to start and do new stuff:) Girl I am lets do it:) No matter what stay on your visions and dreams.
    xo tangie


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