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From The Closet To Donations

A Little Closet Clear Out And Donation Haul.    Just as much as I love frolicking around in a thrift store. I love it, even more, when I can clean out my messy closet and donate things to a worthy cause.
A Little Closet Clear Out And Donation Haul

Just as much as I love frolicking around in a thrift store. I love it, even more, when I can clean out my messy closet and donate things to a worthy cause. Last week I spent the better part of my evening trying on and tossing out the clothes and handbags that were not fit to give away. I try not to give to charity clothing items that I have excessively worn, torn, or look like pure rubbish. So, since I have organized everything, I thought it would be great to show a little haulage. Oh my goodness, I believe I have gained a few pounds here and there. But, nonetheless, here goes nothing.
As you can see, I did not try the jumpsuit on because it was a little too tight.. I wore it once and tossed it back in the closet. I have a terrible habit of buying two things that look almost identical because I picked up another one that has flowers and prints on it. As for this outfit, it will be going to donations.

I have the cutest long flower dress that just can't make the cut in my life anymore. It used to be too big now; it fits me like huggy the bear. I love a well-fitted dress but not to the point where I can't breathe for long periods. So, without trying to do stomach vacuums, this springy outfit must go also.

Now there are sometimes I make no sense when I pick up an item that doesn't fit my style.  Trust me when I say just because something is on clearance doesn't mean I should pick it up. But, it is hard to walk away from a 10 dollar deal. I love a good print, but this one was not a good fit for me. Besides, it was a little too big for me. 

I am a firm believer if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. Ok, ok, I stole that famous slogan from the late Johnny Cochran.
 While going through my jean collection, I found some items that I should have tossed a long time ago. So, all my denim is making a transition into a better place.

Moving on to my shoes. There was a brief moment in my life where I thought all fashion was for everybody. Oh, boy was I wrong. A year ago, I went on the velvet shoe craze. Yes, I bought all the space looks in purple, grey, and black. The funny part is I looked cute, but my feet would hurt like crazy. So, guess what I didn't return them, but instead, I placed them in the back of my closet until today. These will be the first to go, and I know my feet will thank me later.

Also, I have a habit of buying shoes that look cute but have a lousy arch.  I have learned some lessons over the years about shopping and buying the things that I really need and want.
I went on a purse purge also and cleared out a lot of my handbags. Some I have had for years and some I bought and never used. I will never understand why I will buy something but pull out my same ole' purse to wear with everything. Ok, I will admit I have a purse fetish. It's a woman thing that I can not deny.
It was a joy decluttering my stuff, it gave me a sense of freedom. But, the high light of my day is when I can give back to my community by donating to a thrift store, or women's shelter.
There is no better way to bless someone, and I always find good quality stuff with I go back and shop.
So, the circle of life is always a good thing. And I guess its time to buy a few new clothes for myself. Hey, it is never-ending.. have a great day.

Have you guys donated anything lately? 

Until next time see ya in a bit!