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Hello Friday

Morning Babbles  Good morning guys this post will be a bit small and sweet. It's Friday heck Yeah! So what are you guys planning for this beautiful Memorial Day weekend? Blog By Tangie Bell
Morning Babbles

It's Friday, heck Yeah! Can you feel me dancing in the streets as I write this post? Ok, I am not really dancing..but just roll with my happiness at this moment. 
Now that I have calmed down let's get this day started:) 

Good morning everybody. This post will be a bit small and sweet. But, you know I have a few plans up my sleeves for my family.
So what are you guys planning for this beautiful Memorial Day weekend? 
I have a lot to babble about this morning, so let's get this party started.

First of all, I will be at my daughter's (Chloe's) school volunteering in her classroom. It is not much, but it's helping give one teacher a break. Actually, several parents will be joining to provide four more teachers a much-needed break from our kids. P.S. hold on teacher's school is almost out for the summer.

Upon leaving school today, I will be preparing for our weekend madness. Nothing significant, just backyard barbequing. I am still unsure if we are going to have it on our porch or go to the park. Either way, we will be dressed in our country clothes so we can eat all the food possible. In other words, I will be wearing old clothes that are befitting to waste food and sauce on. 

Yes, It Is That Serious!

If you are wondering, my food list will be:
Smoked Sausage
Baked Beans
Cole Slaw
Hot Dogs
Sweet Rolls
I will repent for eating all of this later. :)

That will be on Monday.

I discovered my kids have a three day weekend, so I have already informed them, my free radar is up and moving. Ok, I know I must spend a little, so here are some of my family's random things we will be doing this weekend.

We will definitely be going to our community pool. We have the cutest little area in our neighborhood, and we will be taking advantage of that. Heck yeah, it's free. 

Besides, they sell half off snow-cones after 5pm. So you guys know I am all in. A few hours splashing in the water Moriah will never notice we didn't go to splash mountain. Nonetheless, its a vacation right in my backyard. 
We will most likely ride into the city to watch the fireworks. Whose ready with me?

Sunday is church day and movie time. 
I know I know we love movies, and I love the fun we have when we go. Don't worry, I grabbed some 5 dollar tickets off Groupon so we can see any video we desire at any time. Last week we enjoyed Rampage with The Rock as the star because of The Avengers being sold out. So, you know what that means, yes, we will be sitting in that movie after Sunday service.

I am not sure how I will be squeezing time in for Rico, but I will come up with something, so stay tuned for that. :) 

Saturday will be all about laughter in the kitchen and be prepping the food with my girls. 

Oh, did you notice I told the last day of festivities first? 
There you have it, my morning babbles about much of nothing.

What will you guys be doing this Memorial Day weekend? I would love to hear. Maybe you can inspire someone else to get up, get out, and enjoy this beautiful weekend.

On that note:

Until next time see ya in a bit!

xoxo Tangie

In conclusion, I would love to salute all the veterans who fought for this country.  I am so clear on the meaning and the real reason we all get to enjoy the freedom we have today. So, thank you all who have served and are still serving. In remembrance of those who have lost loved ones.


  1. I will be working!!! But save me a plate for after work!

    1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Daronza:) Girl it looks as if it is going to rain. Ok...Do not work to hard. kisses from our fam. Have a good weekend. :)

  2. How nice of you to be volunterring to give those teachers a break! They def need it to carry them on into the weekend! You're gonna have alot of fun! Also happy memorial day!

    1. I was going after the mommy of the year award..but helping others is so much better:) lol naw it was fun:) We are about to eat good this weekend!

  3. Goodness if you’re gonna be doing all that good cooking you might as well drop the location on where we will be feasting lol jk :) I hope you and your family enjoy this holiday weekend!! #BeBlessed

    1. awwww thank you:) I hope you and your family have a great weekend also:)


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