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My Basic Shopping Advice: Tips, Budget, Clearance Rack Finds

Image:My Basic Shopping Advice: Tips, Budget, Clearance Rack Finds
My Basic Shopping Advice: Tips, Budget, Clearance Rack Finds

I am the first to admit when it comes to shopping, I can miss the mark. But, when it comes to my style, I have become a pro at loving my choices, even when it doesn't make sense. 
I am not a professional stylist, nor do I keep up with the latest trends. But, I do have some great advice and personal inspiration that will kick up any woman's shopping experience.
As I have become older, I've noticed the type of clothing I love to wear every day can be expensive.  I no longer can shop in the teeny-bop section to save money. (No pun intended) :).

To be honest, when prices are incredibly high, it can be frustrating to find a complete outfit without spending the light bill money.
So, I have compiled a few of my shopping, tips, budget, and clearance rack finds. 
The first thing I discovered about myself just recently was my bad spending habits.
Whatever I saw, I would buy, and over time, I only collected a lot of mix-matched items. Nothing in my closet made any sense at all. My life was full of print from polka dot to flowers. Nothing wrong with those types of items, but I had no goal or point of directions with that style of choice.
Being off balance made me always feel the need to buy because I didn't have a complete outfit that I could put together. 
Image: Shopping Advice, Budget and Tips: Woman Wearing White Dress

One day I decided to keep a clothes journal, and it changed my life and the way I look at shopping. Let me stress there is nothing wrong with shopping, but not having a clear direction can be disastrous when trying to build the perfect outfit.

The first thing I had to address about myself was my budget.

Facing My Budget Fears
That was and still is the hardest part about shopping for me when it comes to making a stable budget. In my journal, I list the amount I am spending for the month and what style I am going for at the moment. My choice of clothing typically stays the same. 
But, what I wear in the winter differs from the color and style in the spring, summer, and fall. Everyone's budget is different, but a good solid plan can accompany and make for the best shopping experience.

Image: Sales Ticket With Price Reduction

Where To Shop
Are you an online shopper or do you like to go inside the store? Well, to be honest, I prefer online, but I have discovered I have been missing out on some in-store sales. Lately, I have been penciling in the days and times I want to go inside the mall and browse. Here is a quick rundown, Mondays and Tuesdays in the morning are great days and times to shop. Seriously, that is when you will find even lower deals from the weekend. 

Don't Be Shy Shop The Clearance Rack
No matter when I go to the store, I always head to the clearance, rack, last call rack, or this is it rack. That is where I find the best deals on top-notch clothing my body size.  The other day I went into Macy's and racked up. I do not know about anyone else, but when I can find a dress that was marked 99 dollars now, it has 84% off tag. I know that is a lottery win, and I am all in for winning the excellent stuff.

Shop When It Is Quiet
If I am shopping online or in-store. Having a clear mind and quietness is vital.
Example: When at home, shopping in the privacy of my room is relaxing. When it is quiet, I make better clothing choices, and I can spend hours looking and saving things to my cart. 

If I am strolling in the store, I want to be there when the clerk opens the doors. So, I can walk around in peace, get the help I need, and try on all the clothes I desire.
In my experience, when a store is jam-packed with people and noise, I tend to impulse buy or not try on my purchases.

Being Responsible
Facing my fears and being responsible when it comes to shopping are two different things. I learned that quickly. Not being accountable for how I spend can and will become costly. So, I focus on the things that make me look and feel good. If I second guess the price and what the item is worth, I just put it back.

TIP: Ask the clerk for the days of the store sales. Most of the time, they will spill the beans on the exact day you will get 90% off of your clothes. Now that is responsible, smart shopping.

Make A-List
Making a list was a game-changer for me. If I need new panties and bras, I will set aside a day just for those items.
One thing I have learned is when I try to buy clothes, shoes, and personal garments in one trip, I spend way more than intended. Believe it or not, shopping for underclothes can be time-consuming. Even if I purchase the same thing, I only focus on those items for that day. 
That is also the time I buy all my body sprays and perfumes. If you are wondering, my list goes like this.

1: Shopping For Make-Up Day
face wipes
new foundation if needed
make-up remover
Swipe Test All Products

2: Clothes Day
Try-Everything On

3: Personal Items

4: Shoe Day
heel for church
Must try On everything

When I look at my items on paper, I can see how fast I can spend money without prioritizing.

Knowing My Style 
Last, but most importantly, knowing my style and what works for my body. I have ten dozen magazines around my house, and I want to try everything I see on another woman. I am just honest right here. Looking back over my life, some of my clothing choices have been downright ridiculous. Today I will admit that. Nonetheless, I will try something on that seems weird, but I know my style and funny or not it fits I will buy it.

In conclusion, I've had some crazy shopping experiences, but along the way, I have learned how to budget and shop for quality clothing that I find on sale.

There you have it  My Basic Shopping Advice: Tips, Budget, Clearance Rack Finds

What would you add to this list?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

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  1. I know thats right about finding your own style! For the longest I always saught after outfits that did not work for me but now I know how to dress my own body type!

  2. Mrs. Babbles those were some very informative tips that you provided! Thank You that was really needed,I always find myself wore out when shopping with no plan!? And nice pictures by the way!!


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