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The Earrings That Compliment My Short Hair Style

A Little Earring Haulage
I am a woman that changes my hairstyle often. It comes with the territory of being a hairstylist, I can never make up my mind on anything, including the way I wear my hair. 

One minute I am rocking my short hair with the highest blonde color, and the next, I want long blonde extensions. The battle with my look is always in full motion, but I love the versatility.

The same goes for the earrings I wear on a daily bases. One second I want to wear colorful and flashy the next I want chic and straightforward. 

Thank goodness I can have it all. Today I put together a few pieces from my summer collection that I wear with my short hair.
When it comes to styling my ears, I want cute and comfort. There is nothing worse than wearing a pretty earpiece, but your ears are hurting with pain, and nobody has time for that.

I will be wearing my hair in two styles this year short and long. This week I have been wearing my natural hair to work. 
My clients often ask where I get my earrings? So, I decided to make this post and share a few of them.

I am not into tiny studs. I do not know why, but I love the new look of the big ball and small back ball look. I have them in every color. I adore the marble looking pair to strut my look. It's a simple yet stylish look on any age woman. You can find this style at any mall outlet, I got these from H & M.

There are times I love to have a dangle look on my face for the day. If so, I grab anything that has a chain look for that rocker girl effect. I am also into the big circle with the long bar-style earrings the moment. The look and style are not too much, and it pairs well with any outfit.
I am ashamed to admit I am an online shopaholic. I find a lot of jewelry for the ear when I am tucked away in my bed, sipping on hot tea. This is when I stroll the net buying stuff. 

 How cute are these velvet looking earrings? They are lightweight and super fly looking. 

Ok, I may be going a little bit overboard, but they are the cutest things to wear with a simple maxi dress. A quick search on my computer and I found these evil babies at She-In.

Last but not least, I have a love and hate relationship with metal. But, Urban Outfitters, Zara, and EarthBound have ever let me down. When it comes to unique and abstract pieces, They are a few of my go-to places. One way I play up my short hair is wearing a long and short earring in each ear, it looks a little bit mysterious. 
 When it comes to my short hair, the weirder the earring, the better it looks. That is only my opinion. 

In conclusion, my style and look changes with the season or my mood, so I am often trying new things along the way. 
This week I wore my short hair, next week for Memorial Day I will be wearing my hair extensions, for our outside activities. Trust me, its a woman thang:).

 Ok, I will be honest my real hair will sweat to a natural curl pattern, and I don't have time for that if we play volleyball or go swimming. I'm just saying, so please don't judge me. 

There you have it, my collection of earrings for short hair. I have more and will do it later. Also, I will share some styles with my long hair soon.

Good Bye Have  A Blessed Day

See Ya In A Bit!

What type of earrings do you wear long, short, abstract, or none at all?  Please share I would like to know. I am nosey like that :) 


  1. Both of the Silver Dsngle earrings are Off The Chain, they are extremely cute! I would definitely Rock those for sure....!?

  2. I'm about to start stepping up my earring game in a minute!!!

  3. I love the small ones you always wear:)


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