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The Joyful List: 5 Simple Things

What brings you joy every day? I am learning to take care of the small things in my life that brings me the most enjoyment possible. I used to think doing big things in my life is what made me happy.

What brings you joy every day? I am learning to take care of the small things in my life that brings me the most enjoyment possible. I used to think doing big things in my life is what made me happy. Now I know its the small things I do even if you do nothing at all.
 So, here are the joyful list recaps of all the things that ultimately bring me joy.  I've added each one to my inspiration board of things to keep my focus.


One thing I love is when I take the time to rejuvenate myself at home. I always share this little tip. It brings me great joy when I can do my spa day at home. This time around I got down to the nitty-gritty. My feet played a crucial part of my self-care. 

 I took three hours to do my pedicure, and it was marvelous. First, I did a sugar scrub.

Brown sugar
and a few sprinkles of coffee
I soaked my feet, and I took a  buffer and scrubbed my crusty heels smooth. It was comfortable, simple and relaxing. I used things I already had at home.
Then I spent the rest of my time painting my toes and putting on press on nails. I usually use all black polishes and nail tips. But for the summer I will be trying other colors and styles such as white, pink and stripes. 

My family is a big part of my life. It could be because they all still live at home, so I am stuck with museums and frolicking around at the local zoo. I can't complain because I low-key love it. This month we went to the museum and spent some free time together. It was no biggy just a quiet day together .doing absolutely nothing except enjoying art and talking about childhood stories.

Let's focus on how my kids love to stop and pose for a picture. 

Another joyful moment is when I can hang outside with my team for family games. I must add my husband is a cheater and I hate to lose. So, we never can come to a middle ground on who wins the games. If I can have the final say, I am always the winner, and I am sticking to that as my truth.
I am so here for the spring and spring and summer. Since the warmer weather has started my family and I have been to the movies every chance available. We love movies, and we act up every time we go. The matinee showings are my favorite time to go because we are a large family. No joke I love saving money. Whose with me?

I never get a chance to cook breakfast throughout the week, but last week I was able to whip up a batch of fresh and warm blueberry muffins. It was no biggie I just put on my superwoman cape and rolled out that dough girl:)
Ok, I am lying, I snatched opened a box of instant muffins mix, added milk and tossed in the oven for about 20 minutes. In no time I had created pure magic in the kitchen, and I will never tell my family it wasn't homemade.

One of my best moments this month thus far is spending Mother's day the way I wanted to do it this year. With family doing absolutely nothing and honestly that was one of the most joyful times of my day. I know it seems mundane, but with the hustle of work and being a mom and wife. Any quiet lazy days are alright with me. We all are mommy's every day, so I salute every one of you.


Last but not least I was going to share this with my favorites but decided to talk about it now. I have been focusing on reading books that uplift and inspire. A few months ago I stumbled across this little book titled 365 devotions for living joyfully. It is not a sit-down and read each page type of book. I read a page a day to stay encouraged and motivated. It is nothing serious, but it has been thought-provoking for me in my life.  

I want to live a more fulfilled happy and joyful life. I now understand I can't find joy in other people or things. 
I have to become a joyful person within myself. It is that simple.
 I've discovered when I feed my mind positive things I feel good, and I want to do good. Another thing I've learned over the years is to protect the parts of your life I wish to be joyful. 
I am a work in progress, and I believe in living a peaceful and happy life.  It is taking time but my complaining and sad days are getting smaller each day. 

In conclusion, Life is short, and I am choosing to live the best parts of it by any means necessary. There you have it my 5 joyful and straightforward things.

What are some things that bring you joy?

Do others see you as a joyful person?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!


  1. That was an amazing read! I love the 365 Devotional and how you enjoy spending time with your family as a Mother and a Wife!!


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