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Two DIY Earrings: Make It Under 5 Minutes

Image:Items Needed To Make Earrings

I am so excited to be sharing with you guys two DIY earrings that you can make in under five minutes right in the privacy of your home. There is nothing I love more than shopping for accessories, earrings, rings, necklaces, etc., but what I do not buy, I will DIY. 
All materials and steps are listed below. 

When it comes to making jewelry, the possibilities are endless. When it comes down to doing my projects, I prefer quick and stylish with a professional look. 
Tip: When doing DIY's, they should always look as if you just purchased them from the store. I will share a few reasons why, at the end of this post.

Image:For this project, I will be using premade bead bracelet strings, along with light bulb and antique trinkets.

For this project, I will be using premade bead bracelet strings, along with light bulb and antique trinkets. All items can be gotten at your local crafts store. These came from Michael's craft store in which I spent my own money.
Image:Light Bulbs To Make Earrings
You can find many small medium and large pieces that are perfect for making earrings and necklaces. The parts I have chosen are very lightweight and works well as a dangling accent to a woman's ear and style.

Image: Beads Used To Make Earrings
The jewelry beads and chains I will be using have clasps on each end. That is great because all I had to do is add each item to one end and an earring hook to the other. You can remove the end clasps, but I like the way it looks, and I was going for a mix metal style. preferably a none complete look was my direction

Image: Step by Step To Make Earrings

Step One
Gather Materials

Step Two
Open each end and add the balls or item purchased on each end

Step Three
Add earring hooks and close with plyers

Follow the same steps when making the light bulb earrings:) It is easy peasy and very fashionable.

Image: Earrings Complete

When using bulbs for making your items to wear. Make sure they are plastic and not glass.

Other Known Facts About Making Your Own Jewelry
Not only is jewelry fun to make, but it is also a great hobby. When I am bored or have nothing to do on my day off from work, crafting has become my go-to for happiness. Not to mention, it is an excellent way to collect some cool pieces that can turn into beautiful works of art.

Although I am not a Doctor, I do find it calming with my anxiety episodes. When I do not want to go outside or be around other people. I grab my basket and beads so I can make stuff.

You Can Sell Your Items:
I have said this before, sell your jewelry and make some side money. Places such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc. allow you to set up your own storefront and sell your heart out. 
Yes, it is that easy.

Teach Others:
One thing I love about doing crafts is the teaching side of it. Sometimes I purchase beads and string just so I can show other people how easy it is to do. The best part is I know I will never run out of ideas. Now that is the best part about sharing and teaching something. 

In conclusion :
The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to making earrings, necklaces, etc.
The colors and styles are endless. I show the basics, but you can create the masterpiece. A few items from the craft store can turn your jewelry vision into a world of adventure. Or it can give you a fun way to relax. Either way, you win. So go do something great!

Which one of these earrings would you wear?

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Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xoxo Tangie


  1. I really dont know which pair I like better! The turquoise is a perfect summer look but the lightbulb is cute as well!!! I love em both! By the way this DIY looks super easy!!

  2. Oh wow!! That is an awesome DIY.....great job girly!!!!!

  3. Lol your DIY's are amazing, makes me think about making my own and selling some as well


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