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Weekend Recap: Festival Fun , Relaxing Without Apologizing

Oh hey, guys, the weekend is so over, and I am not happy about that at all. I would love to enjoy a seven-day end of the week of festive fun and doing nothing with my life. LOL I know there is no such thing in the real world.   But, hey a girl can dream, right? Seen first on Bits and Babbles City Diaries
Morning Babbles
Oh hey, guys, the weekend is so over, and I am not happy about that at all. I would love to enjoy a seven-day end of the week of festive fun and doing nothing with my life. LOL I know there is no such thing in the real world.
 But, hey a girl can dream, right? 

 Before I start my day off babbling, let's take a moment to see what I realized this week.

Today, I realize Life is supposed to be enjoyable, and when I can find those moments in my life, I am all in for it. 
So let's jump into today's crazy blog.
Anywho my weekend started early with my family glued in front of the television watching the Royal wedding.
Watching the royal wedding was a big deal for me because it brought my whole family together. We were all cuddled up on the sofa and waiting in suspense and with excitement in our eyes.
 I have never been happier for a woman as I have been for Meghan Markle. She has gotten her Prince, and the whole world got to witness it with her. 

I love a real-life romance story. Rico was almost late for work trying to catch every inch of it all. 

Lately, I have been making time for the fun in my own life. Discovering it is a good stress reliever by penciling in a little self-time. Who knew?
 My family wants me to be apart of all activities outdoors. Let's me say I wasn't ready for the sun beaming down on my hair extensions. I usually make excuses, but as of late, I have been bouncing around enjoying life's little moments. 
The two smaller kids went to a five-hour camp, so I went to the festival with my two oldest daughters. I've been trying to eat a little healthier, but I need to toss that right out the window.
The last few weekends, my fam has been wanting to get out and eat this that and the other. Last Sunday for Mother's Day I ate Corn dogs, Frito pie, Soda, cotton candy and this weekend we did the same. Somebody, please pray for me? Lol :) 
My oldest Carey made me walk it off while buying jewelry, amongst other things. 

Yes, it was hotter than two skunks frolicking around the city having fun. But, I was happy to be apart of the madness.
I knew better than to get on another ride, but my girls challenged me by calling me chicken. So the pressure was on. I will never back down, but in reality, I should have sat down.
Trus me when I say I got off the ride smiling but my tummy was still churning upside down. Nonetheless, I will never let my children see my defeat. I am petty like that. :) But, it is all in fun.

I think I am over it and I will be sending all my kids the memo. By the time we made it home, my body was ready to hit the shower and go to bed. Yes, that would have been goals, but I cooked a big dinner while the girls played family games. 

In conclusion:
My morning started out at 5 am and ended at 10 pm. I know that was a rather long day, but I finally got to do what I wanted to do, and that was nothing. My weekend was not exciting at all, but it's my story, and I want to document it for my memories. The festival was not my highlight, getting out and enjoying fresh air and sunlight. #itsthesmallthings

 I used to wait for the big moments to happen in my life, but I soon realized I wasn't enjoying the small things that were happening.
I say this all the time, life is not perfect, but we can create the ideal moments no matter how big or small. 

 Most of the time, when I have a weekend off, I stay at home and catch up on laundry and do my hair. Lately, I've been saying to myself: forget lingering around the house twiddling my thumbs. 
It was a little breezy with a mix of the hot sun which turned out to be the best weekend for festival fun and relaxing. 
There you have it my weekend recap and adventures in the city. 

What did you do this weekend?  Did you watch the Prince and Meghan marry on Saturday?

My Outfit 
Gingham  Off  The Shoulder Top- Wal-Mart
While Stretch Capris-Target
Sandals: 5 Below
Necklace: Thrift Find
Talk about budget:) That's Me!

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!


  1. Y'all looked like y'all enjoyed yourselves! Now, you're making me hungry now that I seen Lemonade and Corndogs on the sign in the picture lol

    1. It was fun. I am all about enjoying life at this point in life:) have a great day and thank you!

  2. haha!!!! We have been quite adventurous this summer! All that matters is that you enjoyed yourself and got to have some "me-time"!