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How I Plan To Look and Feel Youthful

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 Good morning darling people. I know as women, we talk a lot about outer beauty. In the aspect of which color lipstick fits our skin and what outfit to wear today. Lately, I've been thinking more about my inner beauty and how I need to take care of the spiritual me. 

What I Never Knew About Being Forty Something

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If I knew then what I know now has become a phrase in my life. It is one I often repeat to my girls when they are joking around.
How many times have you said that to yourself? I've lost a couple of year's worth of counting. 

It Takes Me Two Minutes To Cleanse My Dirty Eyelashes

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 Hello beautiful people, this was not my scheduled post. I bumped it up due to a slight request from a  reader. I know sometimes it looks as if I have on a new set of eyelash weave every day. But, let me assure you I don't. I call myself a master at keeping and reusing any and everything possible. And my eyelashes are no exception. All I do is clean the glue and reuse. Oh but wait there is a small method to the madness.

Why Older Women Should Wear Off The Shoulder Clothing

Image: Women wearing off the shoulder dress. Bits and Babbles by Tangie Bell: Being Forty-Something
When it comes to embracing my body, I sometimes miss the mark. By all means, anyone can plainly see I am not 20 years old and wearing a size 2. Yep, those days left over 25 years ago. Besides, I am not a fashion icon, but needless to say, I have something essential to shelve out. And it's all about women of a certain age wearing off the shoulder clothing. Yikes, what's the age limit when it comes to showing a little skin.

How To Make A DIY Antique Inspired Necklace

Image:Sharing a tutorial in complete details how to  make an antique necklace.

 A DIY Inspired Piece
I realize I am just a southern girl who loves jewelry, earrings, necklaces, and more. But I get excited when I see something I can make that is unique and fits my ever-changing style. The other day I walked into the craft store looking for one thing and stumbled upon something that made me stop clean in my tracks.

The Trick To Aging Happy

Are you aging happily? Are you putting yourself first, second or last? I know this may be a touchy subject and I hate it so dearly myself. But the truth is we all will get old someday, and there will never be a good time to talk about that scary thing we call Aging. Image:

Are you aging happily? Are you putting yourself first, second, or last? I know this may be a touchy subject, and I hate it so dearly myself. But the truth is we all will get old someday, and there will never be a good time to talk about that scary thing we call Aging.

How To Apply False Eyelashes To Wrinkled Eyelids

Image: Do you have wrinkle or hooded eyelides? Do you want to wear falsies to enhance those eyes? Well, I will be sharing a quick tutorial with pictures and sharing my story. Hope this inspires you to get back out there and live your best and beautiful life. Eyelash Beauty Tutorial , Tips and Ideas

How To Apply False Eyelashes To wrinkled Eyelids 2018
Good morning darlings so glad you stopped by. Today's beauty bit is all those eyelids. Do you wear falsies? Would you like to know how easy it is to brighten those already gorgeous eyes you have? Do you struggle with hooded, small or wrinkle eyelids? Well, it doesn't matter if you do or don't my basic technique will inspire you to grab a set of bat wings and spice your lookup. Tip: You do not have to wear makeup to look amazing when wearing eye weave and today I will be sharing with you how I add false eyelashes to my wrinkled eyelids. Yikes!

DIY Midi Finger Rings: Teaching Teens A Summer Side Hustle

Image: Hand wearing midi finger rings
Happy Sunday I am back with another quick DIY. This time it is perfect for adults and teens because the creating of styles are limitless.

Summer 2018 Grown Up Bucket List: Things To Do , See And Try

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Oh hello, summer so glad you are here. Although it has felt like you've been around for weeks already due to the early heat waves here in Texas. I do not know about you guys, but we've seen lots of 100 degree days. With that being said I am amping up my bucket list this summer, and yes it filled with all the good stuff for us grown-ups to do. So get ready to kick the bucket into to summer fun and relaxation? Here goes nothing hope you can find something in my crazy list that is 

Everything A Woman Needs To Know Before Wearing A Bodycon Dress

What I Wish I Knew

Have you ever ordered something offline then crossed your fingers in hopes the item was exactly as the picture?  Well, I have, and that is what happened to me two weeks ago, I went online and ordered a few maxi dresses. But, to my surprise, I received one outfit in my delivery package that made me say, "Wow," my body will not look good in this one at all. 
After a quick search on Google, I discovered it was a  bodycon outfit. 

I am so embarrassed about discussing this matter, but here we go.

The Power Of Starting Over


Make A New Beginning
Do you want to start over something in your life? Well, there is no better time to do it than today.  No matter how young or old you are. Now is the time to start utilizing your right to stop, drop, and start over. 
 There is power in starting over, and it is never too late to do so.
All of this sounds good, right? But how do we get up enough nerve to use the power that is within us to start over again and again?