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DIY Midi Finger Rings: Teaching Teens A Summer Side Hustle

Image: Hand wearing midi finger rings
Happy Sunday I am back with another quick DIY. This time it is perfect for adults and teens because the creating of styles are limitless.
This weekend I had the opportunity to work with a few young people in a jewelry making class. I was in charge of teaching a side hustle that could bring in income for a young adult who wanted to work from home doing the summer months. 
The task was for me to create something simple that could turn into something extravagant. Another function was it had to be cost-effective and affordable for the youth to purchase using very little money. 

So, I came up with something really cool that got the classroom juices flowing. I showed them how to take a tiny bag of beads a few junk charms and make little finger rings. 

Image: Showing items needed for midi ring project: beads, scissors, 8 inch cord and charms

Image: showing example of a finished midi ring

Items needed for this project: Beads, Scissors, 8in stretch cord, and charms. (Optional)
The first ring I made was for the thumb, and it caught all the attention of the students. Right away two of the children was yelling I can see the vision before I could even finish the project. All of a sudden they were tossing out all sorts of ideas and styles to make their rings look excellent and profitable. 
Image: Showing step by step the process of cutting rings
This method is the same as making arm candy bracelets,. You can see that here.
But you can make a more substantial profit by making smaller finger rings vs. selling bracelets. I've seen small rings for midi fingers selling from 8 to 20 dollars or more at local markets. So it is very profitable as a side project or hustle.

How To Make:
Take the 8-inch stretch cord and string your beads, charms or anything you want to use. Place around the finger to make sure it fits. Cut the cord and tie in three tight knots to seal. That is all. 

How To Profit:
Last but not least this is my favorite part, how to make money off something so small. I told the class when you find a skill that you love you can sell one bead on a chain for 40 bucks if you believe in your craft and come up with a good strategy. Here is the breakdown.

See The Vision:
If a person makes 100 finger rings. (which I may add is very easy to do). If they sell each ring for a minimum of 10 dollars that will turn into a profit of about 1,000 dollars. Yes, it is that easy.

Who will buy:
Anyone will buy. I do a lot of market and thrift shopping, so I love to buy from local jewelry makers. I've paid 30 bucks for something that wasn't big as a thumb ring.  I have never been to a market that hasn't been packed with eager people like myself who came to shop. Also, I bought things I know I could have made myself but I love putting back into my community and into other people. So never worry there will always be people buying. You can bank on that literally.

Other places to sell items:
I expressed to the youth if you do not face to face sell persons. Do not be afraid to set up your Etsy shop, eBay or Amazon. A private site is just as good.

How to be different:
One question I was asked by a student was how I can make my project look different from the person next to me?
 Ok here's the deal the method is the same, but the designs can be completely different. Imagine having a signature name using crystals, wiring and any other delicate piece you can find.

I used beads and charms only as an example. A person can use seed beads or smaller to make adorable jewelry. No two people can make the same unless one steals the idea.

I encouraged each student to get creative and make something for me to grade. No joke everyone came up with some unique looking stuff. I wish I could show you guys their work, but it is for a summer profit project.

At the end of the year, we will come together to see who made the most money off their summer side hustle.

A Little Cheat Sheet:
Try selling to family, friends and the first lady of the church :)

In Conclusion:
The summer is here, and most of our children will need something fun to do. They do not have to sell jewelry to learn the craft of making jewelry. It is, in my opinion, creating small pieces of jewelry is the fastest and easiest way to keep teens busy. The beads I used are for illustration purposes only.

If all else fails, this is a good family project also. It's fun, and it is teaching the kids how to use their hands for something good. And I can get with that.

Would you wear finger rings?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie


  1. You know what! This was so informative! I like that you showed me how I can make a profit off of this! So good!

    1. Yes, I have been teaching this for a while. Its fun and gives the youth something to do. Thank you!

  2. Interesting post <3

  3. hello dear! I'm glad I'm on your blog :) I come to read, you write very interesting and inspiring. I really like your post and I can not wait for the next one :) I had to translate words because I speak and write and I read in Polish but I understood a lot :D
    kisses from Poland :*

  4. This has gotten me so inspired, for the life of me I couldn't understand why stores make us pay almost $20 for some mini rings. But, oh now thanks to you Darling I can DIY it now! Thank You so Much <3


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