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Everything A Woman Needs To Know Before Wearing A Bodycon Dress

What I Wish I Knew

Have you ever ordered something offline then crossed your fingers in hopes the item was exactly as the picture?  Well, I have, and that is what happened to me two weeks ago, I went online and ordered a few maxi dresses. But, to my surprise, I received one outfit in my delivery package that made me say, "Wow," my body will not look good in this one at all. 
After a quick search on Google, I discovered it was a  bodycon outfit. 

I am so embarrassed about discussing this matter, but here we go.
I am a woman that loves to wear loose and flowy clothes. So, I was a little thrown off when one of my dresses had more of a bodycon fit. After trying it on and looking in the mirror over thirteen times, I realized it hugged my body like a glove. 
At first, I wasn't too happy because I waited a week for this arrival now I may have to return it.

It took the next few days before I decided to take the dress out of the closet and try it on again. This time I went on the hunt to find the items I needed to make it look age-appropriate and more appealing to me.

I have nothing against wearing tight and fitted clothes. But, I am 190 lbs at 5 feet 7 inches, and I know my body when it comes to wearing such items. Let's say I do not look like Kim Kardashian, and neither do I want too. But, I made the best out of a situation, and here's what I learned about my body after wearing my first body-con dress.

#1 Under Garments:  When I first put my dress on, I had on a thong, and it was not cute at all. It looked as if I had to big jiggly water balloons on under my dress. I burst out in tears because who knew a dress could make you feel so unattractive. 
It took me two more hours to figure out I needed better underwear underneath my dress. 
So, I went to target and got a black bodysuit and viola my belly and backside were snatched in. I have never worn an undergarment before. So I was amazed by how it is holding all my goodies together. 

#2 Know The Material: My fabric of choice is linen and cotton doing the summer months. The bodycon I have has a springy drop-down feel to it and is very clingy to the body. Not my personal feeling at all. 
With a few adjustments, I was able to maneuver myself well. If you are a woman of a certain age, then I would like to suggest trying on a few different textures and styles. I prefer long dresses, but the bodycon does come in midi and other lengths as well. The material is tricky, so try on different forms.

#3 Wear With Confidence: The bodycon dress style is not for the wimpy nor the shy girl who has never worn form-fitting clothes. Although I wore a black bodysuit underneath my outfit, I still saw a small amount of my stomach pooch showing from my belly area.

Yes, I was a little discouraged, but my husband said it was barely noticeable. 
I must add we were 15 minutes late for dinner, and I couldn't trust his judgment, because hunger pains will make a man lie. :)
Nonetheless, I was standing in my mirror, trying to figure out the dress. Then it hit me. I am the queen of accessorizing, so why not add pieces that will make me feel better. I knew I needed to build up my confidence to go int this dress so I could have a good time. Without pulling and tugging night. This next step was my "You Look Good Moment."

#4 Wear The Right Accessories: Yes, honey, you need to get the right handbag, shoes, and maybe a necklace. It depends on the look and cut of your dress. When it comes to spice it up, just have fun with it. 
First, I tried on flats, and it didn't quite like to look good for our casual dinner. So, I went for the sleeveless half jacket with rhinestones, a frilly clutch bag, and open granny shoes. 

And there you have it, I was able to change the entire look that made me feel good about my body. I never thought I would wear a fitted outfit, but after a few new undergarments and restyling, I found a new confidence that I never knew I had.

#4 Age Appropriate:
 I am not big on what's for any age, I am more geared toward my love for it. It is no secret I am forty-something, but I do feel a woman of any can wear a tight dress. When it comes to dressing your age, I toss that notion out the window. To me, fashion is whatever a woman wants to wear, no matter if she is 18 or 118 years old. I'm rooting for inner beauty because that is what makes the outer beauty shine.

Other Thoughts
No one has the perfect body, and when I wear something, I wear what makes me feel good. I wanted to tell this story because I looked in the mirror and I didn't like what I saw.
 It is not the clothes we wear that makes a woman feel bad; its how we see ourselves. 
For the most part, the dress was and is gorgeous; how it fits my body made me second guess myself. For that, I am ashamed of myself. Here's the thing I believe in body positivity, and I think a woman should wear what she wants, no matter her size. 
At the end of the day, clothes do not make the woman, the woman makes the clothes. 

In Conclusion
I always say life is to short to be worried about things that can be fixed. I was sent the wrong dress, but in the end, I made it work for me.
Would I buy a bodycon dress...Probably not? Nonetheless, It sure felt good to wear one on that night.

 I'm not sure if the bodycon is a trend I absolutely love yet. But I think it does compliment a woman's body when worn with confidence. And that is all that matters.

Would Your Wear A Form-Fitting Dress At Any Age?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit

Outfit Deets
Dress-She In
Shoes-Forever 21
Handbag -Target

Purchased with my own coins:)


  1. hahahah this was soooooo funny!!!!!! Ima have to try me a body con but now I may have to invest in Spanx!!!!

  2. Beautiful outfit!!

  3. Aweeeeee I love that you're happy with your dress


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